albino discus for sale

albino discus for sale

Visit our resource center and FAQ pages where you can find everything from setting up your new aquarium tank to caring for and feeding your fish. Home; Shop; Shipping Info; Care and Feeding; About Us; Customer Feedback; Contact Us; Shop. The purpose of this cookie is to check whether or not the user has given the consent to the usage of cookies under the category 'Necessary'. New November stock has arrived All stock are current and posted with pictures below. Soon you will have a beautiful overstocked tank like me haha, Mate I baught my first 6 discus of Kelvin and almost lost them 3 times, if it wasn't for his support and fast replies, now they are growning happily, hand feeding they are literally pigs will eat anything and have them breeding at 9 cms, you made the right choice going with oz discus . Snow white 6in Out of stock. Some may exhibit a vertical bar through the eye. Select options Select options Details. Highest quality discus fish for sale. High quality aquarium fish at the lowest prices online and shipped right to your door. Overnight shipping on all orders. 4 Bar Tiger Fish 8-10cm / 3-4" (1pc) $222.89. I'm really glad we didn't give up on the hobby and walked into your shop. Premium fish and great knowledge. Sure, we back our shipments with a 100% live arrival guarantee just like everybody else does- and we carry through on that commitment EVERY time- but we also go above and beyond to ensure that your discus babies live the longest and healthiest lives possible. Most Popular Products. Very happy with the quality and the service they provided. Albino Melon Discus. We also devote ourselves to helping each customer to set them on the right path in starting their Discus journey.'. 38 in stock Add to Cart. This is a beautiful discus and the yellow/gold body contrasts well with it’s white face. We offer the world's largest selection of artisanal vintage and wild discus fish for sale. Albino White Butterfly $ 129.00. Highly recommend Kelvin from OZ Discus. We specialise in top quality Discus from Asia, and are the Offical Importer and Distributer ofIP Discus Diskuszucht PiwowarskiUnique Discus.Dickson LimColor FishHao DiscusTropic WonderDr Teoh. Quick View. Independent. Additional information; Reviews (0) … Snow … WE STILL HAVE OUR They are still the same discus that you were able to purchase on my old online store! All photos you see on our products are Discus we have in store and we do not use any stock photography that misrepresent the fish. Quick View. ... Albino Super Red Currently Unavailable Read more Details. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. A box will be able to ship 8-10 larger discus and 12-15 small. The Blue Turquoise discus is a vibrant blue discus with thick striations and vertical bars as a common trait. Red Snake Skin 6-6.25in Out of stock. All discus that are 3″-3.5″ and priced at $49 are eligible for lot pricing. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through our site. A lot has changed with the look and feel compared to the old store, but it’s all about the Stendker Discus I sell, and those haven’t changed a bit. Wild Blue Cross X Curipera Potential Pair. Search for: Search. David Was great to deal with, responded to all inquiries quicker than I deserved…, I highly recommend JCFishes for your discus needs. Our sizing is total length-end of Your previous orders and purchases are still here! $69 flat rate shipping nationwide, $49 flat rate shipping in California for 1 Quick View. Definitely OZ discus, Kelvin Chang is great to deal with and their Discus are top grade. Once there, you can click on the photo again to have a closer look at the Discus of your choice. At Myrtle Beach Discus, we pride ourselves on not only providing our customers with the finest discus in the world, but also the kind of legendary support that our “Fishers” have come to expect. No matter what happens you have a customer for life. 1 Million percent OZ Discus and Kelvin has given me nothing but the best customer service as well as beautiful fish. Arrive Alive Guarantee Our New Shipment has landed and are out of Quarantine!! November 2020 Stock List Welcome to our Discus Shop Acclimating 300 new arrivals! It has enhanced my love of Discus keeping and it is fair to say I am thrilled with the quality of Discus I have bought there. Blue Angel 6in Out of stock. Over 30 diffrent strains. I have quite a few from him and were shipped with no issues. Thanks again, Kelvin Chang. Almost gone. The cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies. Red Snake Skin 6-6.25in Out of stock. Rare and Grand Champion Discus Fish Store. 5 Tank Mates for Discus Fish, © [2019] [Discus Direct] - WordPress Theme by Kadence WP. Go see them; you will not be disappointed!“–Chuck Forro, “Just received my order of two to round out my 120g. WE WILL CONTINUE FLAT RATE SHIPPING! Additional information; Additional information. A very beautiful coloration of white and striations of red that that may mimic a white/red carnation pigeon or red eagle. Not sure what to do about it? discus fish live. 1 of if not the best supplier of Discus in Sydney. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. You know when you buy a Discus from us, you are looking at a strain that farms have spent many years perfecting. Albino Lucy 8-8.5in (Male) Out of stock. Purchase 6 of our $49 3-3.5″ discus for $234 or purchase a 3 lot for only $132 plus $69 nationwide shipping. tanks in prep for shipment. The discus are packed with so much care and great support from Kelvin and the team. Too often we see customers' complain that their local LFS stocks: -Sick Discus-Misrepresented Discus-Below average DiscusWe strive to import only the best from Malaysian and German breeders made available to you in Australia. ....Thank you kelvin,,,, Damn !!! Quick View. The Basic Aquarium for your Discus Fish Cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of our website. You can now choose to log in with either your username OR the email address that you used when registering your account. Free shipping on many items ... Golden Albino Discus - Pair. Chicago Discus gift certificates are available throughout the year! If we don’t answer the phone please leave a message we will reply as soon as possible. Absolutely incredible! For shipping cost: make an account, put the Discus you want in your “basket”, go to checkout and BEFORE you pay you also will get the shipping cost calculated. Quick View. another box is needed to fit your order, it is an additional shipping charge. 6 in stock. I highly recommend OzDiscus for the quality and range of their Discus, and can vouch for their customer service both before and after your purchase. Shipping cost is Independent. Did you know your Discus Strains? Acclimation Guide Local Pickup. them. A very beautiful coloration of white and striations of red. Your account is still here, but you will need to request a new password in order to log into your account. OZ Discus is independent and this allows us to source select strains from the worlds most renowned Discus farms. 2-3" Red Turquoise Juvies. Quick View. However this option is sold as “ASSORTED” and we can’t make promises. It does not store any personal data. Quick View. I bought a couple of 3″ discus to round out my tank and they are spectacular! Our breeding pairs are selected from the finest purebred strains. Copyright © 2020 OzDiscus | Powered by OzDiscus. LOAD MORE DISCUS. Our Shipping Policy Get the best deals on Live Aquarium Discus Fish when you shop the largest online selection at The best way to order Discus is off our website. Please make a note in area provided while placing your order. © 2020 Golden State Discus. Our Cookie Policy Your IP address will be collected for consent logging purposes only. Order online or give us a call Shipping to your door or Curbside … Developed By @AlexWhedbee. Select options Select options Details. The Royal Red Cover has a red color form and will change color in certain lighting conditions. Visit our resource center and FAQ pages where you can find everything from setting up your new aquarium tank to caring for and feeding your fish. Add to Cart. Search for: Home; Shop; My Account. May exhibit vertical bars. FLAT RATE CALIFORNIA SHIPPING- ONLY $49! However you may visit Cookie Settings to provide a controlled consent.

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