alice 3 lessons

alice 3 lessons

Learn how to create Scene Procedures and use them for top down design, Scene Procedure for Top-Down Design: A Scene Procedure is code that is separate from myFirstMethod.

Adventures In Alice Programming Duke Site by Susan Rodger and Alice Team at Duke University is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. A Penguin Jumps Up and Down: Use a random value each time he jumps to make it look more realistic. Tutorial (2 per page)(.pdf) Links: This guide is intended to guide the facilitator through the introduction of the different control structures, give an overview of how they are constructed, and give examples of some of their different uses within an Alice program. Drill on type: See if you can select the correct type. The first program: Hello World: This video demonstrates how to create your first program.

World Start and Finished Start and Finished

Name: Alice 3 Making A Quiz Tutorial Truth table for Rock, Paper, Scissors game: Video creates a truth table in Excel.

Slides (.ppt) , and Try our newest version of Tes Teach - with all your Tes content in one, easy-to-find place. on YouTube(9 min)

In questa prima esercitazione gni studente deve: a) trovare e caricare sulla piattaforma 2 immagini raffiguranti Alice (che non siano di Tenniel o di produzione Disney). Comparing values: Compare age to determine if child or adult, Restaurant? and Tutorial Slides (.pptx), and Handout (1 per page)(.pdf) and (2 per page)(.pdf) and (4 per page)(.pdf), Name: Alice 3 Lists Assessment

Description: This tutorial will teach you how to program a world in

The goal of this lesson is to learn to make your program more interactiveby allowing the user to control the action using the keyboard and the mouse. Tutorial per page)(.pdf). Video Tutorial Part 2 The word is randomized each time the game is played.

Try it now.

(2 You will add characters, animate them, and interact with the user to create games and tell stories. per page)(.pdf). Ask the user how old they are: Use the function getIntegerFromUser to ask the user's age. In order to access and share it with your students. and Description .pdf, Susan Rodger // Your program will declare variables and assign them values.

If you’re confident in your ability to teach coding and your students’ abilities to think sequentially, try Alice 3. Date: July 2015 Links:

Alice 2.x © 1999-2020, Alice 3.x © 2008-2020, Carnegie Mellon University.

This includes a short presentation on control structures, provides some options for exercises to make use of the basic do in order and do together control structures, and a guide for debriefing the experience at the end. per page)(.pdf) and For some users Alice 2 will be the perfect fit, especially if they are new to programming. Handout (1

Ask if it is nighttime: The function getBooleanFromUser gives a choice of true or false. In this tutorial I learned how to program a dragon to flap its wings and fly, how to change camera angles, and how to create a procedure that the software can call at any time. World Start and Finished on YouTube(5 min) Date: June 2017 The new gallery has been built on a shared class joint structure, which lets you share animations between different characters of the same type.

Description: This tutorial was adapted from an Alice 2 beginner tutorial, "How Tall Are You? This document became an indispensable tool when I taught this lesson to my students. Handout (1 and Jupiter.

The goal of the finished game is for the user to, by looking at two tiles at a time, try to find all of the matches. Tutorial Slides (.pptx), and Handout (1 per page)(.pdf) and (2 per page)(.pdf) and (4 per page)(.pdf), Name: Alice 3 Multilayered Object Clicking Tutorial If you are looking for the tutorials for Alice Version 2, a completely different version of Alice, click here. How tall is the snow-woman? Video Tutorials: Segments of an elephant's trunk as an array: The segments of an elephant's trunk, tail and a few other things are an array.

if turning fast: Panda says "Whee" if amountToTurn > 2.0, Who is taller? Video of finished world: AstronautHumveeFullVideo, Name: Alice 3 Princess Dragon Tutorial Author: Jonathon Kuo Tutorial Topical tutorials are written with the goal of giving the reader more experience with a given topic in Alice. Here’s a little bit of information about each version: Alice 2 offers students a great first experience and a glimpse into the Alice environment. Witch casts spell: Parameters let us cast the spell on anything to change it to anything else.

In Alice3 you will create virtual 3D worlds. Slides (.ppt) , and I am a big Disney fan, and a lot of the movies from my childhood have a multifaceted twist to them.
New in!

That’s not to say you can’t bypass Alice 2 and start off with Alice 3. : See if you can add to this project, The goal of this lesson is to learn to use the control structures do in order,do together, count and while to create animation.Learning outcome goal #2b, #3. Tutorial Slides (.pptx), and Handout (1 per page)(.pdf) and (2 per page)(.pdf) and (4 per page)(.pdf), Name: Alice 3 Event Listeners Assessment

Author: Jonathon Kuo As Seen By: A different point of view: The argument asSeenBy shows a movement through the eyes of another object. Eagle flies around the mesa: Eagle flies places using place and spatial relations. Setting preferences for Java code: Set the preferences to see Java style code, Setting preferences for the code: Set a few preferences, Ways to view the code: Set a few preferences to view code in different ways. Mimi Zweig 1,524 views.

When looking on the website, you will notice that currently Alice comes in two versions: Alice 2 and Alice 3.

Teach the astronaut how

A Timer Event: Using the timer event, the penguin says "Help!" Links: 5.1.1 Explain how programs implement algorithms.

Description: This tutorial was adapted from an Alice 2 scene change tutorial, and is a recreation in Alice 3.

You will create programs by dragging and dropping graphic tiles. This facilitator guide is intended to guide the instructor through introducing the programming concept of control structures and give an overview of the different types of control structures provided in Alice.


Handout (1 Drag and Drop: Using default model manipulation in event listeners lets the user drag and drop objects at run time.

A Scene Property is similar to a variable. Adding Parameters to a Procedure: Parameters are added so that we can vary the amount to wave and times to wave. Links: 3:29. Tutorial These are about one hour tutorials to show Alice version 3 basics. : People are in an array, a loop is used to find the tallest. a story about a princess being captured by a dragon and then saved by a knight. Video Tutorial Part 4 Links: Building A Scene. By using the included PowerPoint or handout you practically have a ready-to-use set of middle school computer lesson plans! Video Tutorial Part 5 Slides (.ppt) , and Finished world:

This became the second lesson I used from Alice to teach middle school programming. Scene Parameters: Adding parameters makes the procedure more versatile. Video Tutorial Part 7 per page)(.pdf) Variables are read and If you purchase it, you will be able to include the full version of it in lessons and share it with your students.

and Description .pdf, Name: Alice 3 Yahtzee The Witch is Older: What ever age you say you are, the witch says she's older. One of my favorites, especially thanks to the original masterpiece by which it's inspired, is Alice in Wonderland. Time: 30 minutes These tutorials are easy to follow and chunked into bit-sized portions. A game: Rock, Paper, Scissors: Explanation and Pseudocode for the game. Alice 3 with an astronaut and humvee on the moon. Learn to design large programs using various tools.You will break the program into small manageable parts to facilitate writing,testing and debugging the program.Learning outcome goals #1, #3, #4.

Links: Date: June 2017 World Start and Finished Declare and use arrays. Video Tutorial Part 4 Assessment: Flowcharts: A flowchart is a drawing that shows the steps in an algorithm. Links: Alice is a free block-based programming environment (that means you don’t need to know how to write computer code to use it) that makes it easy to create animations, build interactive narratives or program simple games – all in 3D.

Assign: giving a new value to a variable: The assign statement is used to give a variable a new value. Date: June 2017 Name: Making Objects Move in Unison: Using Lists You will create programs by dragging and dropping graphic tiles. Tutorial Slides (.pptx), and Handout (1 per page)(.pdf) and (2 per page)(.pdf) and (4 per page)(.pdf), Name: Alice 3 Event Listener Tutorial A UFO as the vehicle for the camera: Video show how to assign a vehicle to the camera. Slides (.ppt) , and

Like the other tutorial, there is an included PowerPoint for each part which you can use as a resource in your classroom. Date: June 2017 princessDragon Slides (.ppt) , and Description: This tutorial explains how to enhance user interaction with the program, and specfically, how to ask user for a numerical, alphabetical or true/false answer. Questa è la piattaforma per la raccolta e la condivisione di materiali riguardanti il progetto dedicato ad Alice e alle metamorfosi del corpo (Inglese, Italiano, Storia dell'arte). Lesson adapted from lessons on the Adventures In Alice Programming Duke Site by Susan Rodger and Alice Team at Duke University.

Date: June 2017

on YouTube (4 min)

(Some of the fish are invisible.). In Alice3 you will create virtual 3D worlds. What is a variable? Links: Author: Vicki Zhang

Handout (1 Date: June 2017

This is an Alice 3 recreation, and teaches comparison, color, and random numbers. you must purchase it first in our marketplace. Alice 3 Learn Alice 3 in FREE step-by-step lessons. These tutorials are written assuming no previous experience with Alice spaceIntroToAlice.a3p Only premium resources you own will be fully viewable by all students in classes you share this lesson with. Once you and your students have mastered Alice 2, you may want to give Alice 3 a shot.

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