belews lake history

belews lake history

I've never won a swimsuit competition, but a wet suit will teach humility to even the most well-sculpted swimmers. The one tiny piece of property that affects the character of the lake the most is the man-made hot-water discharge canal that flushes water used to clean the plant and returns it superheated into West Belews Creek to Belews Creek. "The creek gets a lot of pressure, but there are a lot of bass that come back in here.". "You can fish shallow with a spinnerbait or topwater because they can be anywhere from shallow water to deep water.". The only thing is, fishermen will need to get used to fishing light baits in deep water in heavy current — often in excess of 3 or 4 mph. Frazier, four members of the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office and I boarded the sheriff department's boat and cast off at Carolina Marina. In an email Sunday to Superintendent Sharon Contreras, school board member Anita Sharpe asked for a full accounting of the costs to the district and records of any reimbursement provided. Lakes for Vacation and Recreation In the fall, the foliage around the lake is fiery and vibrant. If he doesn’t find fish shallow, he’ll back off and fish a Carolina rig. A man-made reservoir, Belews Lake covers 3846 acres behind a rolled-earth dam. Belews Lake is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in beautiful north central North Carolina. This is an area where he regularly sees packs of bass cruising the clear shallows, which he’ll fish with a topwater bait or a floating worm. Our initial mission was to look for a wallet that had been lost off the dock a few years back, but I was too caught up with the newness of the experience to worry about it. When he's not working the beat, Frazier runs a local dive shop and teaches scuba techniques to civilians and emergency workers. "They get out on this place real good in the fall. The reservoir was built in 1973 to provide cooling water for Duke Energy's Belews Creek Steam Station located downstream. On went the oxygen tank and weights to aid sinking. Greg Drumwright, a Greensboro pastor who had also led a march to the polls in Greensboro on Friday. "But even in the clear water, you can catch bass shallow all summer and winter.". "I fish all around it, sitting off the edge in deep water and throwing up on top, working all around, trying to find all the stumps. The upper third will be stained to dingy; the middle will be stained to clear, and the lower third will be clear to extremely clear. It took until 1978 before scientists figured out that a massive fish kill of nearly all species had taken place because a poison — selenium — had leaked into the lake as a wastewater by-product of the power plant’s cooling system. It clings so tightly that it practically reveals individual freckles. On my left side was Frazier, who has trained scores of novice divers. "When the leaves are off the trees, it sticks out like a sore thumb," said Richardson, who fishes the cove on the left side of the point all the way back to where the feeder creek disappears into the woods. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. Three members of the dive team, including Sheriff Sam Page, were the first to hit the water, kicking up a cloud of leafy sediment as they disappeared beneath the surface. The irregular 88-mile shoreline, mostly undeveloped, is filled with coves and bays. In a small cove of Belews Lake, a hidden world unfolded in front of me. DISCOVERING A HIDDEN WORLD IN BELEWS LAKE, Election Day live: Follow updates and comments on the national elections here, At home for homecoming: L.A. filmmaking couple produce documentary 'love letter' to N.C. A&T's fall classic, Police use pepper spray on protesters — including children — marching to Alamance polls, Raleigh pastor accused of urinating on airline passenger, Secret Service requested Guilford County Schools buses used at Jill Biden rally, school official says, Tree crushes house near Rock/Guilford border, no injuries, Guilford County breaks records in new cases and daily hospitalizations, health department says, Report: Hackers took personal info of more than 43,000 GTCC students, Death of Greensboro man being investigated as a homicide, police say, 2 people shot at Four Seasons Town Centre. He could handle the mighty waters of Belews Lake pretty well. Free and open election coverage when you register today! The fish consumption advisory was lifted in August of 2000, and Belews Lake was removed from the list of impaired waters. He feels like the lighter weights of the first two rigs will make for a better drift and more bites. After a short ride, we pulled up near a dock in a small cove. Sleeps 8. The main channel runs right past the end of it.". BA, Belews also fishes "opposite" of what many fishermen would expect. !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)? It’s got a lot of structure on it — rocks and wood. In a small cove of Belews Lake, a hidden world unfolded in front of me. My adventure began at the suggestion of Rick Frazier, a High Point police officer whose passion is diving. I was feeling pretty safe. It’s not unusual in the fall, he said, to see "wolfpacks" of 3- and 4-pound bass roaming in 2 or 3 feet of gin-clear water, chasing down any minnows that darts into their path.

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