best router for spectrum 400 mbps reddit

best router for spectrum 400 mbps reddit

category 5e and higher allow faster speeds than category 5, Is the NIC of your devices gigabyte capable, Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router. This may not be as affordable as the Google WiFi but it makes up for it in other areas. There are so many premium features in this device that I’m wondering where to start. Keep in mind though that this doesn’t come cheap; it’ll set you back at least $300 and sometimes it pushes close to the $400 range after taxes + shipping are accounted for. Combined Wi-Fi speed of up to 1900 Mbps, you are getting good value for money here. Before we talk about the specific specs in detail, it is important to have a passing understanding of wireless protocols. Design: I don’t know if you like military movies, but I love them. Everything we do today is done online: work, entertainment, socializing, gaming… other stuff, too. When I connect the Nighthawk to the Spectrum Modem, the most speed I'm able to get through it is 200mbps. If I turn off access control my download speeds double to 500mbs per second. have you configured your ipv6 in the nighthawk? Netgear is renowned for its state of the art, cutting edge devices, and this unit perfectly epitomizes that fact. The average household probably has printers, desktops, and other devices that rely on a wired connection to a router. Also, you can factory reset the unit. Connectivity issues, at times, devices on your network may lose their internet connection, yet appearing as though they are still connected. MU-MIMO stands for Multi-User- Multi Input Multi Output. If you have more than two devices using these two bands, then the bands will be forced to switch between these two tasks, effectively splitting that band’s effectiveness between the devices. Design: besides having four high-performance antennas that enhance Wi-Fi signals, this unit comes with, at the back of the device, four Gigabit Ethernet ports. Wireless routers these days offer a wide variety of features, all of which are aimed to provide stronger, better, or wider coverage. Premium features: phew! Have you tried adjusting the speed settings on your nighthawk router. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. It’s fast, thanks to its power-pack dual-core 1GHz processor and Wi-Fi speeds of up to 3.2 GHz. John, the name of my friend, about four months ago, decided that he had enough of renting his ISP router. However, this has a limited range, unlike the Google WiFi. This uses 2 Ethernet ports to provide you with significantly faster throughput, sometimes up to 2Gbps. This router is AiMesh compatible so you can cover more area if you have another Asus WiFi that’s also AiMesh compatible. I'm on the latest version of the Firmware, the update says there are no new versions available. Using the numbers obtained from TrustedReviews’ testing, we see that at about 2 meters (roughly 6 feet) you get about 450 Mbps, which is likely way more than you’re getting from your IPS. Meaning, you will count the cost; you will do your research. But what else does the MG7550 brings to the table? That said, you want to buy a router that runs at no lower than 800MHz. No need to worry about modem and router compatibility, the MG7550 is a modem that has a powerful built-in Wi-Fi router. That’s definitely bad, and likely lower than what many internet services provide, but it’s still enough to game on or watch Netflix (both require around 5 Mbps at their lowest). The one pc is getting 585mbps. At the back, you can find 4 LAN ports and a USB port for all your files. However, if you have multiple devices in your home and you want to enjoy wireless internet, then you will no doubt need a router to perform this task. We don’t recommend using this as mesh though, since its performance isn’t outstanding compared to dedicated mesh routers. Possibly, this is the best router for spectrum buying guide you will read anywhere. And what I love about this feature is the option to designate your gaming traffic on one lane, another tick in the box for gamers. I would also check the max speed settings for the 2.4 band and 5 band. Out of the box, it comes with the main router and 2 mesh points that act as extenders. And lastly, this router lets you set up a personal VPN server to browse the web and access files securely unlike the Linksys AC5400 (one of its strong competitor, also considered as the best Linksys router). I guess that explains why so many predators have ruined our kid’s lives before they can make well-informed decisions for themselves. @plemans So the speed issue is not a double nat, because when the router is connected to the Spectrum Modem, the speeds do not change. Two years’ warranty, if you had any doubts about buying this combo, then the generous two-year warranty from Motorola will erase your doubts. Unlike some other well-decorated routers featuring on this list, the MG7550, in terms of features, falls behind. It’s a feature that comes with high-end routers. The main downside is that each unit only has 1 LAN port-- if you’re using more units, this might not be a big problem. Lastly, it doesn’t feature the traditional square slab with antennas pointing upward design. I had it on the Verizon FIOS fiber network and it had no problem handling the gigabit connection and enabling PCs connected to it as well to have those speeds. The most secure router that covers 2,200 square feet. Traffic meter is also disabled. You’ll have to stay really close to it or needs to be at least in the same room to get the best connection .This is also limited to the 802.11ad protocol. Sounds like you? And in addition to that, you have the luxury to monitor and manage this feature from your smartphone. If you’re on a tight budget and your home wireless needs aren’t demanding, then you can choose one of the budget-friendly routers. And seeing that this has over 24,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.1/5 rating, it’s certainly worth considering if you’re looking for the best router for the money. And if your router does not have, based on your network need, enough USB ports, then you will have a problem. Speaking of area, this mesh router covers a larger area than the Google Wifi; 2 of these can cover up to 4,500 square feet while it takes 3 Google Wi-Fi’s to do the same thing. This router also lets you choose which devices can have access to the internet. But who cares about that? And a few weeks back, I received a call from John stating that he had just bought a router, and he needed me to come over and help him to configure and connect it to the existing modem. Q. But the rule of thumb is to choose a router with at least 4 Ethernet ports and is dual-band (has both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz frequencies). What I like about this router is that it takes everything high-end and placed it in an affordable package. And more importantly, the product you are contemplating to buy must walk the talk. Me: John, we have a big problem; your expensive router cannot work with your modem.”, Me: “your router isn’t compatible with your ISP; I suggest that you get it changed.”, John: “say what! But above all, the most impressive thing about this router is the generous two-year warranty. And again, if something goes wrong with a combo unit, you will have to fix the entire unit. Keep in mind, a good internet connection is about 150 Mbps; and many cities in America don’t even have that. And this router reminds me of fighter jets getting ready for take-off. In terms of price, the Linksys ES7500 is on the lower Spectrum of the scale, but don’t let this fool you. Still, in the real world, you won’t really get anywhere near that speed– with this or any other router– unless you’re connected to it with an ethernet cable. Aside from that, this also supports beamforming technology. So, to reinforce your need to buy a third-party router, here are seven reasons why you should fire your ISP’s modem or router and get your own. Or, what about six 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports and one 10-Gigabit LAN SPF? It has enough premium features to keep everyone happy in your household. Help is greatly appreciated. And if you’re a parent, routers that support Parental Control is essential as this gives you full control over all devices connected to the router. All in all, this router will more than satisfy the wireless demands of the average household. Yet another thing that makes this appealing, especially for most parents, is the parental control feature. Now, just imagine how cumbersome that would be; and a sure ingredient for a congested network. features a really aggressive design. Let’s check it out. Here’s the catch, you will miss out on loads of premium features and benefits that your ISP’s modem or router cannot offer. With almost 4,000 customer reviews on Amazon now (4.2 out of 5 stars), this is definitely worth mentioning in this best wireless router roundup. However, it’s worth noting that the USB port is a USB 2.0 port so don’t expect blazing fast performance when using a flash drive as a hub for all your files. You’re either a loyal customer, just signed up, or contemplating joining the Charter Spectrum family. Jaw-dropping Wi-Fi speeds of up to 7.2 Gbps, no price for guessing the reason why Pro gamers love this router. And today, the Spectrum technitian whas here and connected Spectrum Router and showed me im getting 400 mbps on the wifi, but when i switched back to my Netgear router WIFI went sown to 200 mbps - ITS driving me CRAZY (-: Just replaced the CAT5 Cable from Modem to Router to CAT5e and still not getting more then 200 mbps....My router is set for 5gHrz / 1300. please start your own thread instead of hopping in on a different thread. If you’re looking for the best budget router of 2019, nothing can beat the, Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Computer Routers, Important Features to Check When Buying the Best Wireless Router For You, Furthermore, the 802.11ac protocol and 802.11ad protocol also utilizes the. But not to worry, I am your designated guide. Personally I would stick to only using the 5ghz band if possible because its speed cap is over 1000mbps. Maintain high performance, with its 1GHz dual-core processor; this router will keep everything in sync on your network while maintaining peak performance. And if you are interested in the weight of this unit, it’s 5.9 lbs, and it has dimensions of 12.4 × 10.4 × 7.5 inches (19.05 cm). Not only that, but I highly recommend that you get a router with least DOCSIS 3.0 USB ports. And if there were ever a prodigy of unrivaled performance, this has to be it, period. Specifically, you can filter which websites the device can only have access to or block inappropriate websites and even pause WiFi access real-time. Overall, it’s a great router if you’re a gamer; how could it not be when it looks like something straight out of DOOM. For instance, most routers nowadays are at least dual-band, meaning they have two bands that can run concurrently. I also checking speed with my iphone which is iphone X. It’s worth noting that there are also tri-band routers.

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