brian kelly cnbc

brian kelly cnbc

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it! Only a few months ago, Kelly purportedly stated that he’s so confident in BTC and its crypto-cousins that he’s placed approximately 90 percent of his wealth into digital assets. In line with this, Diginex has announced the launch of, the first of its kind digital asset exchange platform. “It’s better than gold at this point because we had the halvening, and when I look at the Bitcoin cycles, the bull markets tend to cluster around the halvenings, and so we’re tracking right along like the 2016 halvening cycle, and that would imply that sometime in Q2 2021 you’re looking at a Bitcoin price of 50,000. “So, you know, I don’t think saying $20,000 is that outrageous when it’s already been there. It doesn’t mean that bitcoin can’t go lower, but this is by no means the funeral for bitcoin.”. CNBC Fast Money host Brian Kelly … The central bank will then examine the findings carefully before making the final decision whether to launch the national digital currency. So, we’re on our way to a bullish cycle like 2016. “You might question me on the $50,000, but that’s a year from now.”. Similarly, her average salary is estimated to be $1 million. Also, the crypto community simply does not exist on CNBC. We use cookies to give you the best online experience. ―Melissa Lee, Host, CNBC's Fast Money "Whether Bitcoin is a currency or not doesn't matter, according to Brian Kelly. He is an expert in global financial markets, macro-economics and digital currencies.
When choosing between gold and Bitcoin, Adami chose the first option and repeated the name of the precious metal several times. has lost more than 78% of its peak value of approximately $44,000.

In an interview for CNBC’s show “Fast Money”, Brian Kelly took a bullish stance to make a prediction about Bitcoin’s (BTC) price.

All Rights Reserved. Do you feel Brian Kelly has exhibited irresponsible behavior in some way? Since then, Bitcoin saw gains the likes of which were hardly even imagined, nearly touching a peak price of $20,000 in December 2017. Follow Huobi Token had a tough start of the week. Prior to BKCM LLC,  was co-founder and Managing Partner of Shelter Harbor Capital LLC and managed the Shelter Harbor Capital Global Macro Hedge  Fund. The Internet Inventors’ Trilemma; How Can Blockchain Help Solve It? But for the CNBC audience, whose financial doctrine carries a strength of history and generational clout not unlike that of institutions such as the Catholic church, the likelihood of running off with the latest cult leader is slim. Kelly had a one-on-one with Senator Rand Paul in 2015 after a heated interview with Kelly. The famous Chinese cryptocurrency reporter, Colin Wu, spooled the market players with the speculations that the Chief Operating Officer of Huobi, Zhu Jiawei, was allegedly under investigation. Kelly believes in what he preaches, but unlike a true preacher, there is zero intrinsic value to his platform. The podcast speaker jokes that the asset has not entered a “bear market,” but is stuck in an “as*hole market,” and that the bear has come down crashing at 15,000 miles per hour.

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