catalina 25 specs

catalina 25 specs

The only obstacle may be some large log booms often anchored in the harbour. These flip out to scoop the air coming over the cabin roof and will be very useful in really hot weather since the cockpit itself is almost draft-free. On the positive side, the cabin is as roomy and bright as any 25-footer could be. Where the CY Team has done a review, we connect you to that expert viewpoint. D   No further information availabale. Instead, Grew negotiated a contract with Chris Craft to build two cabin cruisers - the Catalina 25 and 28. H   ferry terminal; the ferry runs to Thetis- and Penelakut Islands. . By Katherine StoneThere are places and things that we read, hear and dream about, that are on our “bucket list” to cruise. Old-time yachtsmen would be outraged at the amount of space devoted to it, but for us regular folks it will be a blessing. E   There is no hood or fancy dash console; everything is set into a simulated wood-grain plastic molding. Photo 2 - The after deck is wide and deep, easy to step into and self draining. A   Logo "Catalina 25" Molded Plastic . In the past there have been small boat builders and large boat builders, but certain relatively new market conditions in the industry have made it more profitable for many small boat companies to expand their lines to include small and medium size live-aboards. W   Most of the time it is in reference to a bygone era of better, and it’s used to lament the sorry state of what we have today. G   O   The only clue that the boat is an inboard - the swim platform covers the transom - is a mild buzz at full throttle from one of the hatch covers. J   I generally guess something in the neighbourhood of 34 miles per gallon for this type of boat, and perhaps others will get that type of fuel economy with their Catalinas, but this one did 6.0 even. Even the head has a wide expanse of glass which greatly improved its ratings. Ask Andrew: High temperatures – and not just ... Winterization Isn't Like Your Dad Did It: Modern Methods For Modern Boats, Bold Sea Stories – Prizewinning Nonfiction, Marquis Yachts Adds Outboards to the M42 Series. It's “getting up close" that really makes the impression with the Chris Craft, and it's a very good impression. Sail Sale! Offered By: Executive Boat & Yacht Brokerage. The Peterborough Canoe Company was formed in 1892 and began production the following year after building a new factory complex at the corner of King and Water Streets. H   Ask Andrew: Boat electricity – a look inside. She was built between 1971 and 1991 by Catalina Yachts (United States) with 6662 hulls completed. Mast Height 33.0 ft. Sail Area 270.0 sq. We have asked our friends at various dealers and manufacturers to help us assemble a one-stop online resource to experience some of the most interesting boats on the market today. The inboard transfers some vibration to the hull through the stuffing box, but at lower speed the engine was as smooth and quiet as the best stem-drives. Chris Craft inboard (General Motors V8) that puts out 225 horsepower. Catalina 25, 250, Capri 25 International Assoc. google_ad_slot = "4644513769"; Get occassional updates about google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; //-->, Need a boat moved and wonder who to call? T   Great choice! Catalina Yachts Note. Ballast 1,900 lbs. J   That’s fine only for jumping off. The head is excellent, but even two more inches would improve it, particularly in a 25-footer. C   U   S   This weight distribution helps keep the bow well down when planing; the careful hull design suits this engine well. Sailboats for sale, Sailing Texas classifieds for current sailboats for sale. B   Placement of the engine several feet ahead of a stem-drive location changes the boat's running angle, planing characteristics, and roll resistance. The cabin windows all slide and have screens, as does the deck hatch. R   E   There are folding seats available at $298 each, and this gives seating for one at the helm and one in the companion-seat. D   ... Incredibly versatile, the Gill's Pilot Jacket is an essential jacket suitable for a multitude of ... Use of this Site constitutes acceptance of our, Ontario Boat Builders: Peterborough Canoe. At that rate I recorded an almost unbelievable 6 miles per gallon of fuel. K   So, what better way to spend our time than looking at interesting boats and going aboard in a virtual ride or tour. Renowned designer Mark Ellis developed the original Limestone boats. /* Photo Gallery Sky Left, 160x600, created 9/13/09 */ Harbourmaster Harmen Bootsma, who has been the cheerful, welcoming presence here for a couple of decades, is ready to catch your lines. The windshield gives excellent visibility and has two full-width vents for the two forward sections. Specifications:Length - 25ft 4inBeam - 9ft 9inWeight - 4,600 lbsFuel Tank - 50 gallonsFresh Water Tank - 8 gallons. It topped out at 32 mph doing 4,000 rpm and would cruise effortlessly at 3,000 rpm doing 24 mph. $5,900. O   It’s wide and deep but easy to step into, self draining and almost devoid or ornamentation. Catalina Capri 25 is a 24′ 6″ / 7.5 m monohull sailboat built by Catalina Yachts between 1980 and 1986.

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