cheapest international shipping reddit

cheapest international shipping reddit

No need to go figure out international shipping rates when eBay will do the work for you. The only eBay international shipping option available through GSP is USPS Priority International mail. It seems the shipping always kills any savings. You can then continue and print the label. We've never had a problem with the downsides to First Class International shipping. At this time we do not use the eBay Global Shipping Program. You can use USPS Priority Mail international but the cost is significantly higher. Next, you will ship the item to a US shipping center in Kentucky. Flat Rate envelopes are ideal for shipping single books, while medium and large Flat Rate boxes work very well for larger shipments. I like TheBoxery on eBay. Hi, we’re the Ginterts! Buy directly from the manufacturer. In a few short steps, you have successfully opened up your item to millions of buyers across the world. The tool is also 100% freeLet me know if you have any questions, always happy to help. Our advice is to let the eBay shipping calculator do the work! Sorry I know this isn't directly relevant but I'm having trouble sourcing 12x12x8 and 4x4x4 boxes that beat Uline's prices (factoring in shipping cost). Check Walmart. I have no problem with uline, especially if I can get free shipping or if I'm on a trip and can stop by a warehouse. I’m trying to figure it out now, that’s how I found this page. I see, I may remove an item if it's expensive. Same with Quill, when they have coupons they're as good as anyone else, sometimes better. BUT today all SAL shipments are blocked. That's a killer deal and it looks like it ships just as fast as Uline. It protects sellers better than shipping direct to the customer. Amazon the US giant webstore will deliver most of their products throughout the world. Once your label is printed you will need to sign and date the bottom of it and then tape it on your package just like any other label. Press J to jump to the feed. We’ve done international shipping both ways, direct and GSP. You'll be able to toggle between USPS, FedEx, and UPS. I'd be happy to spend more and save annually if I could find the right deal. We do not increase the package weight so that we make extra money on eBay shipping. In the last 4 years, we have only had 1 problem with shipping direct to the customer, where the package got lost in transit. Pick the cheapest shipping company for domestic, international, and LTL shipping. You can ask Amiami for a shipping quote before you order though. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, × Log into Ship2Anywhere Close +61 3 9917 3043 or 1800 303 384. In the second drop down box under the words “Services” you will want to select “USPS First Class Intl / First Class Package Intl Service”. Thank you for your question. This is the easiest way to ship internationally. I don't have much experience shipping from the US to Japan, since I live on the Japan side. Enter the parcel tracking number and press "track". Thanks for the great advice! The point was to give less risk for sellers. We have never excluded any locations because we have not had a problem with any of the countries we have shipped to (and we’ve shipping to a lot of countries). Package Information. The shipping center manages your shipment after they receive it. I buy their boxes and it’s reasonable. We did this about a year ago and have seen positive results. We always offer “USPS Priority Mail International” as the second option in case someone wants to pay to get it faster. Here is what your USPS First Class International label will look like: This is by far our best eBay shipping tip! If you want to restrict certain countries, you will want to click on “Create/edit exclusion list” under the “Excluded shipping locations” section. When you are in your listing (whether revising or creating a new listing), scroll down to where you see “Add shipping details” as seen in the screen shot below. You should then have a box pop up that looks like the image below. This is where you will fill out your package dimensions and weight as usual. Thank you. Next, if you desire to offer an additional shipping option, click on “Offer additional Service”. USPS Media Mail is a great shipping option for shipping books affordably and reliably. eBay rolled out the global shipping program (GSP) in 2013 in an attempt to streamline the eBay international shipping process. In fact, there has been some times when we have accidentally over charged on shipping and refunded the customer the difference. Only shipping that isn't suspended atm is DHL. We list just about every single box manufacturer and distributor in the US and make it quick and easy to request quotes. You will pay domestic shipping costs to send it to the shipping center. While doing it this way is a benefit to eBay (streamlined shipping, insurance is included, tracking continues after it leaves the US boarder), it may results in less international sales because who wants to pay double for shipping. It’s extremely easy to set up your eBay listings to accept international buyers. USPS Flat Rate boxes are another solid option if you’re looking for the cheapest way to ship books. You will now select which shipping methods you want to offer. Hey, listen, I know I'm not the best, but I don't think I'm worse than Uline. This walkthrough is great and very informative. If you do not see the “International shipping” options as seen in the image above, you will want to click on “Add or remove options” (circled in red below). Many sellers fear jumping into the world of eBay international shipping. Otherwise you can call your local box factory and see their prices. The only difference will be when you click “Purchase Postage” you will be directed to another page for the customs information. Thanks! I buy a lot of boxes from The Boxery via eBay,, A place to discuss tactics and success stories of buying things for a low price and selling them for a higher one. I saw a thread here featuring Uline's coupon for free shipping on orders over $500, but most people in the thread were just trashing Uline. Fear of the unknown. This is by far the easiest way to calculate shipping for eBay. We offer GSP for priority packages but buyers seem to always pick the cheaper First Class option. We desire to charge the customer actual cost for shipping. Press J to jump to the feed. You’re very welcome… glad it helped you and happy selling! So are the ways you can reach them. Once you have selected your excluded shipping locations, click on “Apply”. GSP is fine only for Priority Mail International packages. This post may contain affiliate links. As long as the dropdown box under “International Shipping” says “No international shipping” you can be sure that your item is only being offered domestically. You also have the option to charge an additional handling fee if you so choose. But honestly nobody beats there pre owned section. Here you will see the “U.S. We will share more about the eBay Global Shipping Program in another blog post. It puts my mind at ease after just having my first international sale on eBay. In the drop down box that says “No International Shipping” you will want to select either “Flat: same cost to all buyers” or “Calculated: cost varies by buyer location”. Once you click on “Calculated” in the drop down box, you will see the below screen shot. We hope this step-by-step, visual guide helped you. My father usually uses USPS to mail things to me. Enter package origin and destination as well as shipment details to see a full list of rates offered by small package carriers like UPS, Fedex, Loomis Express, Purolator, and more, as well as over 40 LTL carriers. Discussion. Depending on how much they can consolidate, it would likely be around $36-50 maybe. As we stated above, the cheapest international shipping from USA in our experience has been USPS First Class international.

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