clock calculator light puzzle

clock calculator light puzzle

I know some might say 333 but that’s if u add the all bulbs but each bulb is a bracketed equation on its own and bracketed equation between them are always multiplied unless there is a operation symbol which this not have. If we see 1 bulb then we will say there is one bulb. Look at a clear picture of the puzzle and you will see the clearly differentlt shaded bulb threads. Sanjeev K Yadav and Paul make interesting observations regarding the number of screw threads on the light bulbs. =(3*4)^3 this is pretty basic and tells you everything. Clock Calculator Bulb Math Puzzle: Image Source: This math puzzle is really interesting and is viral all around the world. He has been quoted in various websites like TheQuizz, Couponwish, and few more. Line 1:  (6/8)x + (6/8)x + = (2/8)x = 21 s 1 bulb=10 +5 ticks =15 or 9 + 9 (12 x 12 x 12) = 15,561, C:  It could indicate division rather than addition, as Adrian Albright and JJ suggest: 9 + 9 (12/24) = 13.5, D.  It could indicate both multiplication and division:  9 + 9 [ (12 x 12  / 24 ] = 63, E:  Or it could be bulb^blub x bulb, as Allen Wilkins suggests:  9 + 9 (12^12 x 12) = 80,244,904,034,313. So, what I’m seeing is, there really is no definitive answer because the rules are unstable per each person’s interpretation. Regardless of all that, the answer definitely is NOT 333. Who makes this crap?! Fake News! When we see 3 bulbs, we should interpret is simply as 3 bulbs instead of adding any operator in between. There’s one last mystery to solve, and then all will be clear. March 1, 2017. X 9. Once you have the answer then scroll down to compare the answer. In base 7:  1,234 fine divisions comprise 1/3 of 30 = 10 . We work hard to deliver the valued content for our audiences. G:  Treat calculators as each displaying one 4-digit number, rather than four 1-digit numbers. In this puzzle, we have to find the solution of clock + calculator x bulb. I actually did something different with the calculators. Just like bulb is y and the rays z so you get Translating to base 10:  466 fine divisions comprise 1/3 of 21 = 7   Next, we are going to find the Bulb value. Calculator + Calculator +Calculator = 30, 9oclock + 9oclock + 3oclock =21 puzzle answer, we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. As indicated by first condition, 9’o clock + 9’o clock + 3’o clock = 9 + 9 + 3 = 21. Do try to be smart. As several have said, alternative solutions are possible while adhering strictly to images and logic. Ritesh Kumar is a Tech freak with an experience of 5 years in the industry. So there are 46.6  divisions per unit. But, perhaps this puzzle is a chimera, to keep us sheeple occupied during this Corona Plandemic? 9+9*1728= Solving brainteasers are fun way to keep yourself engaged in boring time. =1728, Full equation on last line is: I am an IT engineer. 1 bulb =0 + 3×5 ticks =15 or @2020 - All Right Reserved. Calculator: 1+2+3+4+5 = 15 / or 1+2+2+4 = 9 The large ones have 3 threads thus 3 x 5 rays =15 each. 9 + 9(12/24) = 13.5, D:  Or it could be bulb^blub x bulb, as Allen Wilkins suggests. It should be just counting as we normally do instead of adding operator in-between. 9+9*12^3= I think the answer to this puzzle could also be 9. The Clock Calculator Bulb puzzle answer is 333. - YouTube Their values are not same. Translating to base 10:  466 fine divisions comprise 1/3 of 21 = 7  So there are 66.571428571428… divisions per unit, Line 4:  1,224 in base 7 is 459 in base 10  459 fine divisions  / 66.571428571428… divisions per unit = 6.894849785408  in base 10 9  +  6.894849785408   X  36  =  257.214592274688. GadgetGrasp – The Internet Newspaper for Technology, Gadget, Mobile Phones, Entertainment is a news organization serving the audience from across the Globe. 5 rays with 3 lines of thread = 15 Discover the estimation of one clock utilizing the main condition. Explanation: First equation has 3 clocks, first 2 clocks are clocking at 9 and next one is at 3.

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