dc fanfiction lemon

dc fanfiction lemon

This attribute affects the amount of damage a person can inflict on another with hand-to-hand combat, bladed weapons, or blunt objects. "Likewise.

I didn't have to bury myself in books and writing to increase my INT and WIS but instead, my actions alone could increase them. I could tell that he was brilliant, yet it wasn't until recently that something happened to have caused him to want to exhibit that brilliance. We never really had a cordial relationship but for whatever reason, he was being bitchier than usual, this city tended to have that effect on people. I took the time to quickly lament the fact that I had decided that I didn't want to train in water magic because in my own words "it wasn't too interesting to me." Penelope Young. Naruto/Harem.

"Hopefully a good cell is ready to your liking, Two-Face.

Nevertheless, these values could be worked with and I could always increase them by training.

Hello readers! Dexterity also plays a major role in pickpocketing, stealth, use of weaponry and the ability to dual-wield weapons properly. "This won't stop me!"

It felt pretty good to have someone to talk to especially when your work started to get more tedious, but it, in the end, I managed to get a lot done and complete my objective for the day. This was seeming less and less like some fucked up hallucination and more and more like something I should genuinely be concerned about. My hand flew through the notebook, and pages were full within minutes. "Normally cats eat birds, but I'm hoping it's the opposite this time, Naru," Selina replied as two kissed for a second and panties were pulled down her legs. I really could not say whether my situation was favorable or not, yet I also couldn't sense any malice from it. No scales. I could train my strategic capabilities while having fun at the same time. The clown turns his back around once more but was soon pulled down by the hero and fight was going on. "Dad! Lightning Palm (Active) Lvl 1 [90.68%]: Lightning Palm generates an electric charge to your hands. Your Body And Soul Was The Closest And The Most Suitable Environment For Us. It still didn't help me win this damn game though...l looked at the time on my phone and commented offhandedly, "It's kind of getting late...but I won't mind keeping you company if you want?"

Let's dangerous together," Catwoman whispered back with a purr leaving her mouth and licked her lips. I honestly didn't even bother to think about how this even worked, I was just glad for the added convenience. I hope you all enjoy and I'll try my best to make as little grammatical mistakes as possible. The bird-themed hero stood back on his feet as his right arm was being healed up and saw the clown was down. She shook her head before sizing me up again as if I was new to her. Why, my dear delusional Young Knight of Gotham, it hasn't even begun!" 1% of the Strength stat is added to the HP regeneration rate. It wasn't that I didn't believe that he could take care of himself, but the streets of Gotham City at night on a weekend was not a place you wanted to be, especially when you lived in a less hospitable part of town. Farewell Will. I couldn't just believe them at face value cause for all I knew they might want to take over my body. He counted a punch coming at by moving and jab hitting the gut, causing the thug to grunt before being getting a hard-right hook punch to the chin and lights out. Red Robin grabbed Two-Face by the throat before slamming into the ground and punched his lights out. Going into the shadows, the bird-themed hero took the five thugs down one at a time before moving towards the two-faced person himself. Who knew talking to a Cosmic Being would be so exhausting?

She seemed so sure that this wasn't some spur of the moment one time moment of mine...not that she was wrong. However, common sense didn't apply to magic, did it? Now the bird-themed hero can deal with the clown himself and end this tonight. Harley Quinn (DCAU). This was insane! The bird and cat were one now, starting a new path in their relationship. Big mistake as the hero brought something out and fire his cables. My grades were alright and while I was constantly maintaining a 3.0 GPA it still wasn't the greatest by any means. I had to say that I think I kind of looked badass; what with the sparks dancing all around me (even though they hurt) and the occasional stray spark that jumped from the water. My stray thoughts shattered as I felt a pull in my gut. "Thank God, Imma have to check the expiration dates of my food-WHAT THE HELL!" A common street thug with no redeeming qualities. The clown falls with his clawed hands impaled into the wood and now was open for a beat down. "NARU/SELINA!" "Let's get ready to tango," Joker said as he starts to fight and swing his massive clawed hands at the hero. Wisdom (WIS): The Wisdom attribute determines the person's common sense and perception.

Needless to say, she enjoyed the thrill of triumphing over me and in that way time flew by. I could now understand why I had not been going into hysteria as soon as this shit had started. Volcana (DCAU).

I assumed that Will might have had repressed hatred or something since he never really talked about what his parents were like. Thankfully the letters disappeared and I breathed a sigh of relief. We Represent The Concept Of "Growth" Not Just For Ourselves But For Our Host As Well. "You wasted the antidote on yourself," Joker said before throwing the hero across from him and into a caged fence to be zapped, but the hero stopped himself before that happen.
You won't suffer inhumane torture and/or death, HP: 250/375 Regen: 1.11% (4.16) per Minute, MP: 35/687.5 Regen: 1.23% (7.56) per Minute. The Tumbler will take us there.". "If your name's not on the list, you aren't going in. The need for sleep is removed, but it is recommended you sleep when critically damaged. I couldn't identify her with her back turned towards me so I squinted my eyes as I futilely tried to see her at a better angle.

It was your plan, your goofy clown!" Joker was upset as he started to swing his clawed hands at the hero, but Red Robin was fast and dodged those attacks like they were nothing. This place always left a mark on even the most hard willed individuals, and that was more often than not a terrible thing. "Can't balm me, Selina. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. My people need me! I had to wonder why she would want to work here of all places "Excuse me, ma'am, may you please point me to where I could find books on the Natural Sciences?"

I might be able to leave this shithole after all, as long as I did well enough in college. fanfiction, harleyquinn, flash. While in any other circumstance they weren't really special, for my particular purpose, they were a godsend. I wondered what he meant as growth though? Leave it to Gotham fucking City to rain during the worst time of the day. With a smile on her face, the beautiful Redhead walked me out of the library. I felt as if most of the police force in Gotham would be better off just merging with the local gangs so they wouldn't be forced to put up this facade of authenticity. Who knew my roommate had such a sense of humor? Your HP and MP have fully recovered. I was snapped from my thoughts as I heard the obnoxiously loud and irritating voice of thug one. "Try not to misplace or damage the books.

Check. How the hell did Barbara Gordon have those kinds of stats? After 5 seconds I realized that I had no clue what language this thing was even in and just based on the diagrams I could tell that I wouldn't have understood it regardless.

My vision suddenly became clearer-it was the feeling of suddenly gaining a new sight. I couldn't even explain it. The last one threw a few punches but missed and the allowed the hero to strike at the openings, shocking and soon knocking the last guy out to leave only two people in the room which he puts his bo staff away. Hey, welcome to my DC - Gamer story. Mercy Graves (DCAU). I didn't even care anymore. It was just too fucking funny for me NOT to laugh. I was donning my Batgirl Costume, my red hair now soaking wet from the rain. The bird-themed hero keeps on fighting and listening to the madman.

The bird-themed hero took out his bo staff and started giving the thugs a good beat down. Speaking of Batman aka Bruce Wayne, "I wonder if I should tell him about Will…..Nah that's a terrible idea. Talking about our lives was how we usually broke the ice. You have gained 100 XP and +1 stat point(s), Thug 3 defeated.

"I mean it is Gotham City we live in so…" I replied while scratching the back of my head. This is all New Earth centered stuff, so no New 52 here. The foreheads touched and could feel that their partner was ready for another round or two, having an idea rising up.

The young hero fights with ease and calm that mirrored his teacher's own fighting skills on great levels. Every street corner you had to look in all the cardinal directions before keeping your head low and moving on. The thing about Gotham was that 60% of the people were poor, 30% were homeless, 9.99% had decent homes, and 0.01% lived lavishly in their obnoxiously large mansions with rows of butlers and handmaidens to tend to their every need. Joker shouted before jumping into the ring. I take back what I thought earlier and needless to say, I was shocked (No pun intended). He was visiting a diamond store and bumped into Selina when she was looking at the next place for her heist. My lips twitched in a sorta smile. I couldn't say I was surprised when he found himself surrounded by 6 thugs and I was starting to wonder how he had survived for so long around here, but then again this might have been his first time staying out so late. Joker shouted as fights the strength off but was soon pulled down into the ground.

Barbara said being happy for her old man was safe. Of course, it was never fixed, but it was the only thing I could afford so I was grateful. His name isn't even worth getting remembered. I more or less knew of his circumstances and I had never pegged him as someone who would spend hours on end studying for anything. Of course, this wasn't every student and teacher as other people wanted to escape the streets.

Compared to before where I could spend hours studying and still not understand a subject, as long as I had this new ability, I would be duly rewarded for my hard work which was one of the main reasons why I was happy. I continued to study with renewed vigor and visibly noticed the increase in my reading and writing speed. It was no surprise that the mana around me felt...tainted for lack of a better term. Do you? Your increase in INT and WIS is a reward unto itself, Failure: No reward. The next big thing was the value of my stats.

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