emotional labour essay

emotional labour essay

The self is constructed and modified upon the social group the individual identifies himself or herself with. Consequently, this pattern of behaviour, which of itself is gendered, is reflected in their tacit rejection of emotional feelings at work (Sprati, 1992). A court case involving customer service workers sued the company because they were required to smile even though they were sexually harassed by customers (Grandey, 2000). Emotional labour have increasingly significant to business nowadays. Albrecht, K. and Zemke, R., 1985. From such arguments, researchers like Hochschild (1989) believe that emotional labour detaches employees from their true feelings because they have to exude mixed emotions, which may not necessarily reflect what they feel. The salesperson did greet me when I entered the shop but his face was gloomy and most importantly without a smile. This study examines the emotional labor process, operationalized as surface acting and deep acting, as performed by hotel employees in Sabah, Malaysia. Organisational culture consists, "Of symbols, beliefs, and patterns of behaviour learned, produced, and created by the people who devote their energies and labour to the life of an organisation". professional specifically for you? The keyword in the two papers is emotional intelligence. Discuss the role of endogenous pacemakers in the control of circadian rhythms [AO1 8 marks, AO2 16 marks] An endogenous pacemaker is an internal biological clock that controls the way. It also highlights the experience gained during this same time. Emotional labor as a potential of job stress. With the rise of the post-industrial work, there had been a significant increase of the service sector during the late 1900s (Hochschild, 1983: Pg.9). The expressions of positive emotions by service employees also influence outcomes that are prominent to the role occupant like financial wellbeing, mental and physical well being (Rafaeli & Sutton, 1987). In this project, however, staff and their reactions to the emotional demands of the job are the main foci of attention so it is felt that this is a relatively minor problem. Wouters, C., 1989. He was explaining patiently the feature of the device to me with a pleasurable tone and his smile never went away even it took a long time to explain to me. Monthly progress updates to supervisor and Head office contact. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 October 2012]. He also insists that Total Quality Management (TQM) have affected customer care programmes, which the main focus is on customer satisfaction. Emotional labour requires displaying an enormous range of emotions; from optimism to sympathy, urgency to friendliness, frustration to empathy to anger and many more. Emotional labour may inflict adverse impact on emotional labourer, but there are also researches that show the other ways round. Bryman (2004, p.104) states that the creation of... ...Discovering Emotional Labour "The Growth of Emotional Labour in Management and Labour." 301 certified writers online. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Emotional contagion as an explanatory in research on customers service. The researcher will follow the framework utilised in his MPhil research (Sandiford 1997) and outlined by Spradley (1980). Surface acting focuses on one's outward behaviour, deep acting focuses on one's inner feelings (Hochschild, 1983). Emotional labor. Healthcare workers are expected to be pictures of strength to the patient and their families. Hochschild (1983: 163) suggested that woman have "a weaker 'status shield' against the displaced feeling of others" (Cited in Erickson & Ritter, 2001). 10, pp. Key research objectives 1. "The Growth of Emotional Labour in Management and Labour." Studies from Pugh (1998) as cited in Grandey (2000) showed that there is a direct relationship between emotion shown by bank teller and customer contentment. and "How do Workers creatively negotiate, build upon, and negate these parameters? Pugh, S.D., 1998. In lord of the flies there is a traceable descent from civilisation into savagery. (2019, August 12). (1996) ‘Rambo Litigators: Emotional Labour in a Male-Dominated Occupation’, in C. Cheng, (Ed. ) When such an outcome occurs, the service providers (who may be working many hours in a day) may perceive the customer’s response as inappropriate and therefore react by showing anger towards him. There are also ways to minimize some of these stressors. This way, the current social order in the labour market prevails because when the social entity (worker) is passive, selfish, and constrained, social inequalities occur. And, most prominently, in a new book by Gemma Hartley, titled Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women, and the Way Forward, based on her viral Harper’s Bazaar article of last year:. Relatively little seems to have been written about other service employees in pubs, although these people are in the front-line of the service encounter, and as such, are likely to be able to offer valuable insights into emotional labour. Displaying emotions that are not felt, creates a sense of strain, resulting in what Hochschild (1983) termed as emotive dissonance or cognitive dissonance. ’ Journal of Travel Research, Vol. Macdonald, C. L. ; Sirianni, C. (Eds. ) Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a university student. There used to be two kinds of labour, which were ‘physical’ and ‘mental’ but with the explanations of Arlie Hochschild, emotional labour is now one of them. August 12, 2019. https://ivypanda.com/essays/emotional-labour/. We are no longer a nation of builders, but a nation of servers. ...ET AL., LEADING WITH EMOTIONAL LABOUR, 2008 AND BROTHERIDGE AND LEE, THE EMOTIONS OF MANAGING, 2008. Essay, 9 pages. Beyond those required for everyday sustenance, the actual material worth of any product is considerably inconsequential compared to its potential emotional value. Emotional labour could be seen as the management or display of appropriate emotions while working, requiring ‘one to induce or suppress feeling in order to sustain the outward countenance that produces the proper state of mind in others. Among the most popular among current TV programs is the Tyra Banks Show which is taped live in front of a live audience in New York. However, there has been an increasing level of standardisation in some areas (with more standardised wine lists, menus, and accommodation offers, such as weekend breaks), and a central reservations system was increasingly used for accommodation. The company has a relatively ‘soft’ type of branding, with a number of individual outlets of differing character, each supporting a wide customer base. It starts with rules being ignored and cruelty towards unfortunate members of the group and ends with death and the burning of the island. Nursing Inquiry, [e-journal] 8(2). Company Registration No: 4964706. Emotional labour is the control of a person's behaviour to display the appropriate ' { ,''o emotions (Chu, 2002). So far, this paper has demonstrated the ability of women to be better performers in jobs that require intense emotional labour. The structuralism concept mainly focuses on investigating the macro-social aspects of emotional labour and people’s understanding of the concept (in the organisational setting) (Rowen 2003). Gender is implicated within these social norms, which vary by culture [18] (Steinberg & Figart, 1999). Research Design This will be an empirical research. Therefore, phenomenology researchers consider the emotions of employees as an attachment of their moral and individual perceptions of the world. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy. Reference this. The implication for this observation centre on the wider societal expectation of women to perform better than men do (in occupations that require intense emotional labour). Emotional exhaustion is a "specific stress-related reaction," and is a key component of burnout (Maslach, 1982 Cited in Morris & Feldman, 1996). (1994) also found that employees expressing positive emotions are often more appreciated and receive favourable evaluations and better pay than those with negative expressions. Bryman (2004, p.122) suggests that the incurrence of bad effect of emotional labour is dependent on jobs environment. Noon, M 2010, ‘The shackled runner: time to rethink positive discrimination,’ Work Employment Society, vol. Women stand the best chance to lose by experiencing a “glass ceiling” that limits their chances of occupying other employment positions in the organisation (such as high status jobs). First Conference on Emotions and Organizational Life. ...The Emotional Roller Coaster Introduction (150 words) Though emotional labour is a rather modern phenomenon it still occurs in the profession of nursing which has been around for centuries. It has also been associated with withdrawal behaviour and decreases in productivity (Cordes & Dougherty, 1993; Jackson, Schwab & Schuler, 1986). The three healthcare workers in this case must practice emotional labor by displaying compassion to an ill patient or their family (McShane, Von Glinow, & Sharma, 2011, p. 161). Display rules may seem more useful in the study of the subject, especially from a behaviourist point of view, but to fully understand their nature and impacts, actual feelings, cognition and physiological state should probably be examined as well. Fetterman (1998:1) described ethnography as ‘the art and science of describing a group or culture,’ relying largely on participant observation (observation by a field-worker who takes part in the daily life of the society being studied) for data gathering, although numerous additional data collection techniques are available to the ethnographer for triangulation purposes. The research will be analysed closely by reviewing their arguments and findings. If you need assistance with writing your essay, our professional essay writing service is here to help! Grandey, A.A., 2000. Bryman (2004, p.103) emphasizes that emotional labour is capable of creating performative labour. Hereby, the service agents simulate emotions that are not felt by the latter. Hochschild, A 1989, The second shift, Viking, New York. This is of some concern given the considerable size of this part of the hospitality industry - it has been suggested that pubs represent the third most popular type of eating out establishment in the UK (Mintel Publications 1991). Dissertation to be written using plain English, 12pt Roman, double spaced, Harvard Referencing, bound in maroon cloth covered boards with gold lettering. The case of call centres that have become a new organisational phenomenon nowadays is greatly emotionally gendered. NursingSchool.org, n.d. Nurses by the number. "individuals who define themselves in terms of social groups and idiosyncratic characteristics whose display rules are discrepant with those of the organisational role are more apt to experience emotive dissonance and self-alienation" (p.99). As we all know, getting a deal on something of adequate quality is often more desirable than paying full price for high quality. The gendered dimension of emotional labour can be illustrated through Rafaeli & Sutton (1989) three norms, namely, the social norms, the occupational norms, and the organisational norms. Hey (1986:43), for instance, suggested that the female bar staff member is expected to be a ‘sexually provocative, friendly, sympathetic, and ‘mature’, experienced woman’, while male bar staff ‘wear dark suits, bow ties, shake cocktail mixers and are monstrously efficient. These dynamics have a serious consequence on the performance of an organisation because it may increase employee turnover and eventually inhibit organisational performance. “Emotional labor happens in any workplace where workers have to compartmentalize their emotions (we’re all human, we all have emotions) while at work,” says Laura Handrick, human resources staff writer at Fit Small Business.

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