emp attack 2020

emp attack 2020

Again, if you can’t go directly into the lowest range, try gradually shifting down. Since Clinton took over from Bush in January of 1993 the hiring policies took a severe left turn and hired predominantly for social or political reasons. CISA Director Chris Krebs said the agency’s highest priority is to mitigate threats associated with EMPs: Zerohedge.com reports: “Over the last year, we have collaborated on the footprint and effects of threats to EMP across our national critical functions with inter-agency and industrial partners and have developed sustainable, efficient , and cost-effective approaches that will improve the nation’s resilience to EMPs,” said Krebs. "If China arms its ICBMs and SLBMs with hypersonic warheads designed for Super-EMP attack, then Beijing could, virtually overnight, transform its relatively [allegedly] small nuclear deterrent into a giant killer, capable of flying below U.S. radars and outracing U.S. reaction-time to deliver a HEMP 'Pearl Harbor.'".

A new report from the Department of Homeland Security said the agency is continuing to prepare for a potential electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack ahead of the November election. Grinding only what you will need for the next day or two of baking. “That is why DHS is taking these contingencies very seriously, working diligently to mitigate our risks and equipping our state and local partners with the resources they need to do the same. An independent group advocating for the hardening of America's electrical grid is warning China has developed three high-tech weapons and harbors a mindset to use them in a nuclear first-strike that would cripple the United States. Appearance=>Jawn Options=>Article Settings=>Article Ad Code, Twelve books to add to your prepper library, Small things can have a big impact in a survival situation, Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats for your prepared homestead, Preparedness skills you should master before a disaster, growing threat of China launching an attack on our electrical grid, water-proof Faraday bag that protects your electronics. “EMP attacks are part of the emerging threats to our nation and they demand reaction,” said Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli ‘s Senior Official in Response.

First and foremost, there are already predictions of chaos and cheating surrounding mail-in ballots which are not likely to be completely counted by the end of election day. CISA has warned that an EMP assault could “disrupt, degrade and damage the technology” that is incorporated into critical infrastructure systems. You will undoubtedly wish to add more tools to them, but those are the basics you need to have.For gardening – if you can afford it get your hands on a wheel hoe like the antique Planet Junior.

Authored by Peter Pry, op-ed via The Hill.

It’s a significant concern for many governments, including the government of the United States.

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