father robert mazur

father robert mazur

For, during the 1980s, there was a time when Robert Mazur didn’t exist. The Most Reverend Bishop Mark L. Bartchak The high school chorus teacher creates new music for all kinds of instruments. I told that to Bryan Cranston, and he laughed, but really I was playing myself when I was undercover. Actor Johnny Depp has lost his libel case against British tabloid the Sun over allegations he was a 'wife-beater', Follow our live updates as Trump and Biden spend their final campaign sprint in battleground states. “My thoughts and prayers are with all survivors of sexual abuse and their loved ones,” Bartchak said. It was his brainchild, Operation C-Chase, which led to more than 100 indictments and a tab of over $500 million dollars that was paid by the deadly Colombian drug organization. Read about the real man behind the mystery. After reporting to Loreto, I headed to the lobby. I would do 180s on highways. “What attracted me was being able to get information that no-one else could ever possibly get.”. “Listen, Bob. At this point, a surveillance team wasn't going to be able to save our lives. They'd only be able to find our bodies quickly. Whether it was moving money for drug cartels or dealings with Iran during the sanctions. But I had done, and could do, a lot of the things Bob Musella was professed to be able to do.”. In one case, it seized more than $8 million in crime proceeds. ABC teams share the story behind the story and insights into the making of digital, TV and radio content. [Mazur's previous undercover work led to the conviction of Charlie Broun for money laundering on behalf of international drug trafficker Bruce Perlowin. Mazur was given undercover training and spent more than a year constructing a sophisticated front with real businesses to clean money for the cartel. “I was law enforcement officer in the traditional sense for more than a decade,” Mazur tells me during the promotion of The Infiltrator, a recently-released crime drama film that stars Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston as Mazur. Alan E. Thomas, pastor of St. Joseph Parish in Bellwood and vicar general of the diocese, will continue his duties and also serve the cathedral and Our Lady of Fatima. Born January 31, 1963 in Altoona the son of Bernard Jr. and Viola (Hollen) Mazur. But when you’re in the meeting with someone who appears like a normal, intelligent person and he coldly tells you that, “You’re risking much more than money, you’re risking your life and that of your family’s,” That’s not a statement you can be prepared for. St. Louis de Montfort Religious Education IMPORTANT UPCOMING CONFIRMATION EVENTS ♦ Thursday, October 20th at 7:00 PM— Mandatory meeting for parents and Confirmandi. I'm too emotionally exhausted to continue my training. Each of the men were escorted to different floors, and promptly arrested. Bishop of the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, Rev. After Mazur was ordained in 1976, the Cresson native taught religious studies at Bishop Guilfoyle High School. But I never forgot what side I was on. They started laughing, thinking it was some kind of joke. Usually in these cases the U.S. government will go to a large bank and ask them to help us with our operations by creating a fake account. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'mensjournal_com-incontent_6','ezslot_5',121,'0','0']));I think that the director Brad Furman did a great job capturing what the paranoia would be like sometimes. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest adventures, workouts, destinations, and more. The agent tells me that, in the most simplistic terms, the trainers appeared to look for people who had a very defined idea of right and wrong – those who saw the world as black and white. I'll have about $2 million that I will bring to you, some to transfer and some to invest. As I let go, I saw that Alcaíno had followed me. Home3. It is a tightrope walk, fraught with all kinds of dangers, as this story reveals. "From the Editor: The Man Behind the Mystery,". ", Topics: When Kathy came down, Casals drove us to a lavish meal at Il Cortile, a high-end mob hangout on Mulberry Street in Little Italy. Following the arrests, they were all trying to cooperate to get shorter sentences. Joe [Casals] can do more than drive. There's a lot of money to be made in China, Mazur says, through both legitimate and illegitimate means, and Australia should pay attention to the issue, especially given China is a top trading partner. We have the capability and opportunity to do big business together.”, “You and I share a lot of traits. Sometimes we don’t realise that’s going on, but it does everyday – and people need to know that we’re working to stop it.”. Did I know about it? I appreciate how you treated me. However, there were obviously a couple of instances during the film when, on set, I had to tell Bryan that I’d never say that, or do that. They were able to infiltrate these nefarious circles, all the while carrying a briefcase containing a state-of-the-art recording device. As an undercover special agent for the U.S. Customs Service, Mazur played the role of Robert Musella: a wealthy, mob-connected businessman. Mazur became a part of this shadow world in order to pull back the curtain. How did it feel to know you were getting close to busting them? When they were corrected, they had the FBI lab put in stamps and dates for all of the countries, to make it look authentic. “This comes as part of an ongoing investigation into alleged misconduct involving a minor, which occurred years ago,” diocese spokesman Tony DeGol said in a statement about Monsignor Robert C. Mazur that was sent out to news media late Wednesday afternoon. The true story behind Robert Mazur's undercover work leading to one of the biggest drug busts of all-time, and a blow against Pablo Escobar. “I assure the faithful of Altoona-Johnstown that I remain committed to protecting children, to supporting those who have been harmed and to helping our diocese find healing and peace.”. As we neared Manhattan, I joked about how Queens reminded me of the tough neighborhood of my youth. “I would have made a terrible undercover agent as an 18-wheeler truck driver, because I’d never driven an 18-wheeler truck. One of the statements that really got to me was when they said, “Why are you picking on us? Copyright 2020 - Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament - All Rights Reserved. “I was law enforcement officer in the traditional sense for more than a decade,” Mazur tells me during the promotion of. “One such instance was when Bryan is talking to his boss, and she says ‘Mazur, why are you even doing this?’ and he says ‘Because I want to make this world a better place for my kids’. If he spotted surveillance, we stood to lose everything. Now he has warnings for Australia. There was an air charter service, a Cessna Citation jet, a jewellery chain with 30 locations on the east coast, and even a brokerage firm with a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. “I had many of the same core features and talents as Musella,” says Mazur. Author of “The Infiltrator”, a memoir about his undercover … I've let you get close to my personal life, including my future wife, as a sign of trust. As we dodged New York's infamous potholes on our way to Manhattan, Casals pulled off the expressway onto the back streets of Queens. In a split second that felt like a century, I turned to Alcaíno and said, “An old friend. It is a message we need in 2020. John McIntyre of Hollidaysburg attends … "The bottom line for them is to transfer the value out of Australia to another country and so in the process of doing that, if they can avoid regulation, and do it where there is no regulation organised crime will do that. And I obviously learned to how effectively build a long term undercover identity.”. Then they helped coach me through hiding that money, like suggesting I open a number of cash-making businesses to hide the trail. But that wasn’t always that case. He was standing at my shoulder. Before Casals drove him off, Alcaíno instructed us to meet him at 8:30 in the lobby of the hotel, where he would pick us up for dinner. Alcaíno was still feeling out our partnership. The next morning, at breakfast with Charlie, I gave him a vague overview of the operation. Don't forget to follow us via our social media profiles and keep up with our latest news. Religious Education "We've seen examples of accountants who have facilitated money laundering through the establishment of company structures and bank accountants accompanying them, and businesses that buy products made in China and export them back to China," Cook said.

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