ftp by age and gender

ftp by age and gender

I’m a 68 year old male that usually ride around 4000 to 5000 miles a year with most of the miles being pleasure riding. He really loves the structure of it and the fact that there is no guess work about what to do. The second part is about the cycling performance that you want to achieve and the parameters who determine this (like air resistance and climbing resistance). I rode a 100 mile TT last year in which a rider from a club near me rode 4hr 15min for 100 miles at 71 years young. 63 year old here. If you stick with it, the gains will come. If you ride for mostly for pleasure it’s even less important - although I guess if you’ve recently bought a PM you are somewhat interested. I ride about 5000 miles a year doing two structured training rides and two outdoor rides, usually endurance or hill orientated, of longer duration a week. I too was wondering what the average FTP was for a rider in their 60s. FTP is what it is. So for me hitting even 3/w/kg is a big first target. Any help will be greatly appreciated. We like tools, which use Pro riders. Compare Fastest Rolling Tires at Any Speed. many “it depends.” But here’s a quick and dirty way to estimate what your FTP based on body weight, age and gender… Step 1. From May - October I rode outside for pleasure and started round 2 of TR in November with an FTP of 172. The first part is about your human engine (your power and weight) and the parameters who determine this (like training). Corrections are made for age and sex. The Bell curve of cylists - how fast are the average TR users. You can adjust this value to see the impact. hopefully that will change as I get used to trainer riding and interval training. Usually in the spring after a full training cycle I am above 300 FTP. Your cycling power is mainly determined by jour body weight in kg and your FTP (your Functional Threshold Power), in Watt/kg. I recently purchased Garmin Vector pedals and would like to know what is a realistic FTP for my age. I compete in road and CX and do a little one to one coaching. Especially in the mountains your weight is a large determinant of your FTP You will require a bottle to keep the water with you during... Cycling pump is one of the essential tools you must have if you are riding on the road bike. I have aging knees and struggle with recovery that seems to get worse every year. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. So if you are 90 kg , 300 Watt is much more attainable than if you are 60 kg . The table shows the total impact of both factors. I am 34 and weight 88kg - down from 101 this year and have ftp of 234. If you are a sprinter or an endurance cyclist, you can see the impact. I just like to ride little and often, little means a least an hour a day , maximum is 3hrs in a day.

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