galatea app points

galatea app points

These short stories end up being overpriced. Maybe it’s the immersive part of story reading I like or the sound effects while reading each story or even the fact that the stories are short so your anticipation is high when the short stories end, but this is the best app ever. I’m an avid reader and while I enjoy a chapter a day because it gives me a little break from school monotony.

Not even going to lie.

I have to wait ANOTHER 24 hours before I’m able to read the next chapter. Some things I would like to see different: 1.

Request the features you'd like us to work on next and we'll make sure we continue to create a product you love. In this release, we made performance improvements. Well you can comment as much as you want but you can only get a point a day. I think that the amount of how much points you need to unlock one chapter a bit much. We've been squashing bugs and taking names!

I’m a big fan of reading books with different styles that are put into it. Good job! Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Other than those complaints, the app has some interesting stories and, of course, the immersive aspect of this app, if you’re into that.

Books lack this with all its words on one page which makes it overwhelming, (mostly when your reading a bit book like Harry Potter and see not only a whole bunch of words on one page, but a whole lot of pages). • The stories can be downloaded and read offline later Read Immersive Stories from various genres The Galatea App brings you must read stories, including: • The Millennium Wolves, a werewolf love story filled with passion and mystery • Colt, a motorcycle romance full of passion, jealousy, and bad boys • The Arrangement, an intense billionaire romance with an unexpected twist • Alpha Kaden, a werewolf romance … But in order to see the next chapter you need 10 points. I found a couple of these stories on kindle for $3.00. Working with a team of over 20 Hollywood screenwriters, GALATEA adapts original stories on Inkitt into unique immersive experiences for readers by enhancing them with chat fiction, sound effects, visual effects, and haptic feedback.

Would be nice if you could bank chapters if you dont finish one in the time tell the next chapter is open. I would also give the reader the opportunity to start at whatever portion of the book they would like and go on from there if they already read a certain portion of the book before. I would like a more user friendly home page.

With a quickly growing user-base, who consume over four million episodes per month, posting your work to Inkitt gives you the chance to work with GALATEA in redefining the reading experience for everyone today.

I’m super amped to try and get more books onto Inkitt and hopefully onto Galatea as well.

Bug Busters!

I think most people here hit spot on the annoyance of waiting until the next day for access to the next episodes. I’m an avid reader and while I enjoy a chapter a day because it gives me a little break from school monotony. With visual and sound effects, vibration, and chat stories, you'll feel like you're part of the story.Snoop on your favorite characters by reading their text conversations and messages. UNINSTALLING. Great news, that bug we hope you didn't notice has been fixed. Now as for the wait time you only unlock one chapter per day at a certain time. Publishing through Galatea first and foremost brought my stories more exposure.

You need to make money... but let’s figure something else. It's a new reading experience that is more immersive, interactive, and engaging than a traditional book. Overall I have enjoyed the book I’m reading but I may not Fast forward to today, I’ve finished about thirty chapters and cannot get enough. Galatea with problems like these email ain't going to work I would like this sorted out.

I think Galatea might have something there. I’ll be honest, I started reading this book because a book I read on a different platform( Adam and Evie) was on here and I didn’t get the chance to finish it.

Maybe have some sponsors where you can watch some ads and in return you get a point.

but the wait time is ridiculous. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

Personally, I like to read these like of stories and get lost in them and read to the very end.

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This is my opinion. The book that caught my attention is good, exactly what I was looking for.

If so, when will more come? One way to facilitate that is to simply load the timer chat from the “bottom” or most recent messages, instead of making people scroll through about 4 months worth of comments.

I’m an avid reader and love a good paperback and my kindle but wanted to try something different. But still get the same results.

You can’t purchase additional point unless you are on the last page. And now with most recent update, points for ads has been completely removed. Another great thing about Galatea is the sound effects and music that are personalized for each chapter.

This story is so beautifully written, especially compared to other story apps. The subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before your subscription is expired. Advertising on Instagram for the story on the app led me to the story on Wattpad (which pointed me to the app), but then I scrounged for it on the Inkitt website (which pointed me to the app). You want more content now? The Millennium Wolves has me hooked!!! It’s 30+ chapters.

In this release, we’ve added a new way to earn free points. One episode a day was never intended to give me my reading fix, so now I read a few stories at a time. The app was developed by Inkitt.Find more information about Inkitt, our writers and readers community as well as on our Inkitt free reading app for iOS with fiction books and novels by emerging authors on https://www.inkitt.comBy using Galatea, you agree to our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines available at and to our Privacy Policy available at* Prices are equal to the value that “Apple’s App Store Matrix” determines is the equivalent of the in-app purchases in $USD.

Just for you. But it only alows 1 chapter per story a day. The amount of money you have to pay (if you don’t want to wait) for the next chapters, can equal the price of a whole book and yet you still only get a few chapters?? Two things that I personally think should be improved are the ways to obtain points (you need them if you don’t want to wait for the chapter to unlock) and the time length of the story.

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First of all, if I could give this app a 4.5 stars instead of 4 I would. Read new swoon-worthy romance, heart-stopping action, and fantastical adventures in the world’s first immersive fiction series app.

Listen to exactly what they’re hearing and watch your screen change as they enter a new environment.

You asked, we listened: Dark Mode is now live inside our stories so you can read them anytime, anywhere!We've also upgraded our recommendations to help you find your next book obsession. I would give this app a 4.5 because of the way it captivates you how the app has the music in the background that makes the reader feel engaged with what they are reading, and have the reader also feel apart of the story. There’s no way to see how many points you have unless you open up a chapter and your at the end of it. Also I found it really annoying that if you miss a day of reading then you only get one chapter and not two or however many you missed.

I believe there needs to be a balance. Please come up with something. What I dislike is the point system.

SHENZHEN DONGXIANG CULTURE DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. Start To Read-Fantasy Fictions & Romance Novels, Cookies help us deliver our services. And I understand as an app developer that you need to find ways in order for the reader to still come back to the app, but I feel like if you set up the app in a way where you could trade in points for the amount of time you take away( there would be a limit ) that would be better or you could lessen the amount of points you need ( let’s say 5 ), or have a flash pass that you can purchase with the amount of points that you have. Get the grooviest deals delivered straight to your inbox.

I think, maybe, Galatea team could put like a flag on the covers of unfinished books that tell you that they are not finished.

I try to avoid as much as possible. This changed my life. Frustrating... the w8 time for a new chapter is ridiculous, and the prices for skip expensive, in reward system for get points you need about 4 days to unlock only one single new chapter in only one single book without wait. This is a pretty good concept, very similar to the new thing Netflix has of only putting up two episodes per day of a series. This is just me personally, but I feel this would make the app even more enjoyable.

Working with a team of over 20 Hollywood screenwriters, GALATEA adapts original stories on Inkitt into unique immersive experiences for readers by enhancing them with chat fiction, sound effects, visual effects, and haptic feedback.

*Day 5 of points for ads still not working. Galatea Top Reads: # Millennium Wolves # The Arrangement# Broken Queen# My Sexy Stepbrother is a Werebear # Alpha’s Call.

Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled. Hearing the text sounds is so realistic.On the other hand I would definitely prefer this app if you could either read 2 chapters/episodes at a time or have each episode longer.

Galatea may also make points available to you in connection with your use of the Services. Not even going to lie. But for me, when I find a book I like, that is exactly what I do. I love how captivating they are with the sound and even some haptic stuff as well.I think it makes the app really original that way. Galatea is so much more than reading a book or a novel on your smartphone. I love supporting the new authors and reading more then one book at a time. I was planning on keeping this review short but it ended up long.

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