gel stain problems

gel stain problems

Should we rub down with the mineral spirits, let dry, and then use the gel stain? I applied pre stain to door after sanding down to bare wood. Or else the 180 grit sandpaper may damage the wood itself. stain is dry to the touch but when you rub the wood with a napkin it is staining. I took the advice above of applying another coat and wiping down and it worked! I took the wipes and wiped off the excess stain. I was sure to read and follow the directions very carefully. 6 Months Pregnant . I enjoy helping people to solve their problems through my website. Hi Alan, Any blotch-prevention program starts with evenly sanding to 180 grit on face grain, and to 220 grit on end grain. I stripped my cabinets and applied three coats of stain, but the cabinet doors still feel sticky after two days of drying. everything looked great. Glad our solution worked for you! How do I take off the first color? The sheets got stacked and basically glued together by the undried products. How can i prevent it from dryng out? My problem is that when I apply the next brush stroke of stain adjacent to the one I just wiped off, I am left with about one eighth of an inch streak of brighter stain between the two areas. One of them is blotching because of the type of wood you’re using. As a result I’m getting a sticky surface that won’t dry. Voila!!! I plan to wait overnight (about 12 hours) and then I’ll apply one last coat– sparingly & “care-ingly”! Time will probably not make the tackiness go away. Once those are gone, apply a gel stain or equalize the wood density with a washcoat. Will a gel stain over our tacky surface dry appropriately if we try that? Don't lose your project to a motley mess at finishing time. Waiting about hr between coats. Help, My wife used oil based stain over a non-sanded painted table. It looks great! Usually, only one coat of stain will get the work done for you. Or is this do Pain right in the a$$, but take a green pad (like you would scrub dishes with) and scrub that whole floor! Apply the washcoat generously to a test board until the spongy areas and end grain become saturated. My project was paper and mod podge over glass. I read every comment on this thread and the thought of re-staining or using mineral spirits to strip the stain off and start over were daunting. My kitchen table stains easily so my goal was to touch those areas up, but I gathered in order to do that I would have to touch up the whole table. I instead used lemon oil furniture polish on everything and wiped it all down and it took the stickyness away and now I can move onto reupholstering….my advice, use lemon oil and save yourself the time of restaining. There are many stain thinner available on the market. You may be using finer sandpaper than you should. Hi Crystal, Finding out the main problem or at least having a general idea will help you enormously on the fixing job. But only target the areas that have a lighter shade than you actually want it to be. Hi Ben, I tried many of the remedies listed in this trail. first, will new poly seal over the poly and dry to a non sticky finish. I used semi transparent stain on an old deck that I had power wash and sanded the day before. Here are some common problems you may face when you try to finish the wood stain project. I’m running out of time to complete this project! When it was all dry to the touch and smooth I started to apply varathane professional oil based clear coat. I sanded the underside of a mahogany drop leaf table. These were done a day later. Thank you so much. I LOVE RUSTOLEUM !! This time, after one night with the fan blowing, it was dry to the touch. Just remember to use a tack cloth afterwards to pick up any left over steel particles on the wood. I don’t want to take the chance and stain the whole cabinet door right away due to the fast drying time. Hi. Since I still need to live in the house, I’ve had to stain every other tread so I can still go up and down. If you only need a small amount of glaze to fix the blotching problem, wipe off the excess stain as you would on bare wood, allow it to dry, and apply two topcoats (photo below). We bought a house and found hardwood floor under all the carpets, so naturally we pulled up the carpet and stained it. It looked really good but someone in the know said come fall I will see problems with it. We applied the first coats with a cloth. Making mistakes like having drips and streak in stained wood is very common, even with experts who have long term experience. I LIVE IN A MOBILE HOME WHICH MY CABINETS ARE PRESSED WOOD. All Rights Reserved. Also used brush to apply each coat. I found a great deal on an antique dinette set. I use many kinds of tools almost every day at my workplace. The Clorox wipes only took so much effort and a 20′ square took 2-1/2 hours. Thanks in advance. I’m staining my floors and staircase with your stain. Apply An Extra Coating of Wood Stain To Even Out, 5. Scrollsaw, Carving, and Decorative Projects, How To Make A Translucent Transom with Veneer, Brighten dark areas with portable lighting, Can-do solution to hearing your cell phone in the shop. Any other suggestions! So, I think after reading this article and comments I neglected to wipe off stain properly during coats. I TRIED THIS ON A SAMPLE DOOR BEFORE PROCEEDING. We replaced old stairs with the kit you buy at homedepot, we stained, looks great but stairs are still sticky It left foot marks, its a high traffic area, we have not yet put on shine how do we remove foot marks?? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. p.s. without being absorbed. After waiting a couple of days for the stain to dry on my newly built floating shelfs I did some research. Is using mineral spirits the only option left? I decided to refinish bottom cabinets. I don’t like the coverage. I googled and found all kinds of complicated fixes. Your question was answered in the second hour of our June 2nd Homefront radio show. The floors and stairs had been painted and I have removed all the paint. Thing I have to do a few coats on to get color out of? Even the experts sometimes face this problem. What can i do to tone it down a little? No need to sand it and repaint all over again. Required fields are marked *. I love to write about tools, home improvement, and DIYs. A washcoat (a store-bought wood conditioner) reduced the growth ring contrast caused by a light walnut liquid stain on this pine panel. What do I need to do? If after the application of wood stain some area meets your target but some area looks lighter than it should be, then this is the step you must follow. I don’t know if oil or water stain was previously used. Should we try a brush? One came out with a wonderful reddish tone and the other did not, more brown. Read your article, added a coat of stain and took a towel to it and it pulled it off beautifully. I came home and started scrubbing with the Clorox wipes — it worked!!! we have had a few customers with stained cothing during food trials. The chemical stain is completely dry and looks great, but the smell is terrible and I just woke up with a sore throat. The first time I did it I put it on too thick so i had to strip it and resand. If you find some areas that are darker than what your target was, then the solution to this problem is simple. Should I be concerned about this?? But it was a LOT of work. If you need a darker glaze to cover up the blotchy areas, use just the tip of a dry, natural-bristle brush to distribute the stain (instead of wiping it off) until it's an even color. We built a desk using new wood. The only thing is it is a little tacky, but not wet – sticky. Please help!!!!!!!! I am going to put a skim coat on and take a t-shirt and try that. Let us know how it comes out. My husband and I are staining a dresser for our baby due in March. I put pecan satin minwax stain and poly 1 step on cubard doord. I allowed each coat to dry for 2-3 hours as per the insrtuctions and then let it sit overnight. The surface of the floors is tacky and you can scrape the stain off with your finger… We have a 8 month old baby and I’m concerned about the fumes of the unabsorbed stain and if she crawls around on them. Hi, Thomas, SOLVED: Is Ground Termite Treatment Enough? Thanks again for posting this. Keep working on the dark areas and wipe it off with rags until it reaches the colour you want. The first coat looks great (though some areas look a little more dull than others). Thanks in advance.. Nancy, Do the same process all over again until you’re satisfied with the result. Then apply it on the wood again with greater speed to prevent any specific area to get darker than the rest. If applied too thickly, they won’t dry properly and will remain tacky to the touch. I’d put stain (Minwax Penetrating Wood stain) on our wood floors to darken some scratches and then wiped it off as the hardware store person told me to do. Thanks for sharing your experience, Cynthia! For even surfaces, using an orbital sander is the way to go.

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