gillies range bus crash 1987

gillies range bus crash 1987

I thought she was either so okay that she’d gone home straight away, or…but I didn’t think it was that. So I thought “great”, another boring night… depending on his mood tomorrow, we might do something sat. He said he’d ring me & he didn’t. This arvy (Jason drove us home) did artwork of Monique & Erica, but is nowhere near them, like Mark is of his portrait. even worked into little lunch, trying to catch up on one programme (with Mark’s printout) so ½ way thru little lunch, I drop my bag at artroom & race off to give Mark his printout, before he left ..walked back with him to artroom (he needed paint). The act of loving someone bears little influence on their moods.]. before going to dad’s. [Ah, the Ego!] Supply a postal address, if you require a hard copy receipt. SHIT OFF TO THE MAX! I walked back in, myself really pissed off & [privacy omission] outside said Mark went to Freshy school looking for me. I can’t remember everything [he said] & what I do, I don’t have room for!! Please be advised that the proposed book launch of my memoirs, *"The Long ALL WE EVER TALK ABOUT NOW IS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE FORMAL That’s all. Saturday SoapBlog: Elizabeth Hulm - The offensive ... Sausage and eggs and a serving of Bligh - 9am this... Luke wants to sell his Commodore - five and a bit ... Bligh rally this Saturday against public asset sales, Labor keeping their paws clean on abortion, Council debt lecture is such hypocrisy from Labor. [See this post from a fortnight ago if you want a little more detail about the ASAT] Great, huh? woke only after 7:00 (got up around 7:45) this morning – not fair – I can’t sleep in. My appointment was another waste of time today – Mr Inskip hopeless. to remove the offending tissue and my incisors slowly shifted toward each other again. I spoke not a word during little lunch. Before launching into this week’s entries, I thought I’d include a copy of a letter that our principal sent out to us in the previous week. Mark rang tonight – 10 minutes after he got home! But I’m so dead!! Then I went to courthouse to get it & found out I have to send away to Brisbane (will take ages) then I get home this arvy & mum finds out I’ve got it after all. So it’s now 9:45. It’s 11:00; I’ve just finished a few ‘choices’ for my english assignment (descriptive passages) Only 2 that I’m happy with, in fact. (He was just so caught up in the game, I guess.) Hot weather – but still cool at nights & in early morning (to about 9:00) Don’t be angry Mark – I love you too much. So, of course, I stayed home even after making a skirt to wear as well. I took a deep breath and wailed for the world to hear –, I don’t recall how long I cried for, but apparently, I was sedated and slept for quite some time…, [I have to admit I’m disappointed that my father assumed the role of informer before my mother had returned from her business calls. In for 20 mins (shitting ourselves) Recess then Steven L, Sean D & me .. not really scary – I felt like laughing- [laughter is my default stress response…] wanted to be asked more Q’s $31 for it! Fi, & mima went home at little lunch- Joannah wasn’t even at school. Yay! Wonder when he’ll ring? [I can imagine: rolling bus, rolling car… too similar a feeling. Erica Strooper        Elizabeth Zelmer And it’s got nothing to do with the fact that I failed my maths, for sure .. it’s to do with mark. At the end of big lunch, he even joked with me! till about 12:30. Chem. Keith called at home. He thinks Moni would’ve been perfect for him. I can’t accept this. Gorgeous! Mark was really stuffed. Lethal Weapon was excellent (dramatic; suspense!) […I have wondered about this and the simplest conclusion I could come to was that we were the only two girls …and maybe from a (still gender-biased point of view) they were more concerned with our safety, amongst a group of boys …if you catch my drift? The Rwandan adventure is drawing to a I’m confused with my own train of thought here…] God, I love you SO MUCH. Was quite good. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Surely Ms Marsland would take it into account. Night time is quiet time for me. And at the end of the lesson, you should’ve seen him up & out of that classroom, fast as a bullet It was quite obvious he didn’t wish to walk me to art. We went to town around 11:30 (Fi drove in – really good!) [Illogical reasoning! Enter your email address: Donations can be made at any Commonwealth Bank branch, or online. Should’ve slept- am so tired now – need it like anything. I am so hurt. I spent most of the day worrying/working out my T.E. Well, we talked a bit, but after school we had a big talk. by Hamish Sterling (Link HERE) Mrs B visited today – and Mr. G. also dropped in – I thought he’d rev me about my assignments; luckily no! [Yep. And took my & [privacy omission]‘s names, addresses, ages etc. [I wouldn’t say I’m passionate about horse riding, but it’s an activity I would happily do again… even though I know I’d need up just as sore (if not more!) . I ♥ MARK. Caught bus home … got ready for dance around 7:30.

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