high ballin filming locations

high ballin filming locations

Please specify an ID for the Contact Form in Video Settings > Video Post > Spam Flag-Contact Form 7 ID or Spam Flag-Gravity Form ID, High-Ballin’ is a 1978 Canadian action-comedy film about truckers directed by Peter Carter. Make and modelMake and yearYearCategoryImportance/RoleDate added (new ones first)EpisodeAppearance (ep.+time, if avail. Jerry Reed plays the “Iron Duke,” an independent trucker who stands up to the local trucker boss, King Carroll, who tries to drive independent truckers out of business through intimidation tactics by a gang led by his partner Harvey. Duke then sees a car parked in distress but drives past, suspecting a trick. As the truckers arrive and fight King’s men, Harvey puts Pickup in his car and drives away. The Fifth Wheel Truck Stops was a chain of truck stops, with locations in Ontario, Manitoba and New Brunswick.They also offered motel service, restaurants, and truck/RV cleaning. King encourages Duke to work for him, but Duke declines the offer, then leaves with his cargo of cars. Vehicle used a lot by a main character or for a long time, Vehicle used by a character or in a car chase, Minor action vehicle or used in only a short scene. As Duke leaves the bar to sleep off his hangover, Rane runs into Pickup who flirts but declines to get a beer with him. Pictures provided by: carfan, seventiesman, vilero, James C., antp, no-a, Display options: Display as images Display as list https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:CN_Freight_Train_in_Tampa.jpg. Besides, Slater alerted King to the whiskey deal with Duke, which means that Duke is desperate. Contact us — After dinner, Duke admits to Rane that he is considering giving up trucking, then invites Rane to work with him for the next couple weeks. On 30 Jun 1978, HR reported the movie would open 19 Jul 1978 in southern California. Then he, Rane and Tanker leave the truck behind and run toward Pickup, who returns the hijackers’ fire until she can drive her friends to safety. “Jeff” Jeffries enters his last week of home confinement, bored and ... >>, In 1941, at a boxing match in Cleveland, Ohio, pandemonium breaks out when Jake La Motta, an up-and-coming young boxer, loses a decision to Jimmy Reeves, suffering his first ... >>, At an outdoor dedication ceremony, a tramp is discovered sleeping in the arms of a statue as it is being unveiled before a crowd.

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If you watch the film you will see canadian liscense plates and in the final scene you can see the CN tower in the background. During World War II, Casablanca, Morocco is a waiting point for throngs of desperate refugees fleeing Nazi-occupied Europe. Pickup arrives at the junction and pulls out a gun in anticipation, noticing that Duke is still being pursued by one car. Rane instructs Pickup to check in to a motel and wait for him there, then hides outside where he observes a van stopping in front of the motel, then driving away. We're sorry but jw-app doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. The two then starred together in the Smokey and the Bandit film franchise. High-Ballin', Movie, 1978 Pictures provided by: carfan , seventiesman, vilero , James C., antp , no-a Display options: Display as images Display as list Make and model Make and year Year Category Importance/Role Date added (new ones first) Episode Appearance (ep.+time, if avail.) While another man drags Pickup away, Rane beats the aggressors and runs out of the bar with Pickup, who drives them to safety. The film was acquired by American International Pictures (AIP), which was planning to release the film in the US in May of that year, as reported in the 28 Feb 1978 DV and the 3 Apr 1978 Box. A distress call comes to Duke over his home Citizens Band (CB) radio, but they cannot discern the message or the caller. However, Rane refuses, preferring to continue his biker lifestyle. When Duke learns that the permit that legally allows him to transport the load still has not arrived, King gives him the load anyway and promises to pay Duke’s fine if the police arrest him. Pictures are property of movie companies owner of the respective movies.

Meanwhile, Rane climbs onto the back of Duke's speeding rig and releases the cars so the vehicles will crash into their pursuers. Duke and Rane go out and learn that another truck driver has been hijacked, then join the police’s manhunt to help find the beaten trucker. High-Ballin’ (1978) This Canadian film starred Jerry Reed – a country singer-turned-actor (who also wrote the theme song) – from Smokey, and counter-culture legend Peter Fonda. The 5 Jul 1978 Motion Picture Product Digest had the harshest review, describing the film as “[existing] not to provide any kind of realistic picture of the trucking industry today but to exploit it for a standard action movie with lots of violence.” Harvey and his men look for Rane in the warehouse, but Rane scares them and escapes. High-Ballin' (1978) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Duke picks up Tanker to accompany him and Rane, then starts driving his route. When Rane proposes that they make an illegal haul that will make them a lot of money, Pickup suggests transporting whiskey from a man named Slater to a lumber camp. Although Rane offers to sell his bike for $1000, Duke decides to use his rig as collateral.

When Rane comments on Pickup’s refusal, the male trucker challenges him to a fight outside the diner that Rane wins.

Meanwhile, Harvey intercepts Duke and shoots him in the gut. "High Rollin'," written by Jerry Reed and Dick Feller, sung by Jerry Reed. Even though it is supposed to take in the US. One of the hijackers then climbs aboard the truck and fights Rane, who forces his assailant off the moving vehicle and resumes using the cars as a defense. Text appearing after the end credits states, "The Producers thank the following for their assistance: Canadian Kenworth Company; Chrysler Canada Ltd.; Fruehauf Trailer Co. of Canada Ltd.; Radio Shack; Skyline Hotels Limited; Superior Electronics Inc.; Toronto Harbour Commission and World Trade Centre, Toronto," then "Accommodation Provided by the Sutton Place Hotel." AFI champions progress in visual storytelling to empower storytellers, inspire story lovers and further the limitless power of the moving image. On 30 Jun 1978, HR reported the movie would open 19 Jul 1978 in southern California. He and Rane figure out how to pass under the bridge, unwittingly escaping a trap laid by the hijackers. Comments are property of their authors. Later, Rane accosts Slater, demanding to know Duke’s whereabouts, then races after Duke in one of Slater’s trucks. Simply login to your FREE or Premium account and upload your video by pasting the current video URL from YouTube, Vimeo, Ustream, DailyMotion or whichever site your video is hosted on. After dinner, Duke admits to Rane that he is considering giving up trucking, then invites Rane to work with him for the next couple weeks. Once the paramedics take Duke away, Rane drives toward King Caroll’s place and Tanker jumps on Rane’s motorcycle to get help. At a coffee shop, as the two men discuss a rash of violent hijackings against independent truckers, another trucker rudely propositions a pretty female truck driver named Pickup. Duke radios Pickup for help and she arranges to meet him at a nearby junction. Truck driver Duke Boykin runs into his old friend, a trucker-turned-biker named Rane. Afterwards, at a bar, Rane deduces that the hijackers must know the independents’ schedules, so he volunteers to stay and help Duke. Pickup says they can make $10,000, but Duke knows it costs $6000 upfront to obtain the cargo. As Rane radios King to warn that he is coming for him, Tanker rides to the coffee shop and reports what happened.

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