how to install cobra surveillance system

how to install cobra surveillance system

Once the installation is complete you can begin using Check the Alarm menu settings and make sure it's 'enabled'. System at home is recording and capturing perfectly fine on the monitor. finished.

Have you tested network connection to your Cobra?

Administration Manager folder and find the "COBRA.EXE" application.

Want to have your manuals available on hand: always and everywhere? options. "Copy" from the menu options.

I am hoping this will bring my live feed back on the phone app.

Perhaps a bad hard drive. No body is available. to the new computer.

I posted earlier that the monitor says "NO HDD" it also continues to say "System Initializing" and No Signal and the word PC.

It seems like it always was an "R". inputs, so audio input 1 gets recorded with video input 1 etc. Can't get anything to show on screen, do I have to download software.

Download a printable document for Adobe Acrobat Reader.

experiencing loss of mobile monitoring, it was working correctly, i am using iphones, tried deleting the rx camviewer from my phone and re loading it. Cobra 63890: Owner's Manual & Safety Instructions |  Brand: right click on the link and choose "save target as" to download this manual. See if that clears up the problem. You should now be able to run the COBRA Administration Manager A hazard of using an old monitor that was around the house. I'm sure it's some stupid setting on the system or in the app, but I can't seem to diagnose it. I am currently unable to log in and seems to have no other way that hard reset the machine. Download the latest installer from 2.

What am I doing wrong? Go to the IRIS setting and hit the + button.

Okay, I figured it out and found it, thank you.

Sometimes it is working when I go to bed. When connecting a VGA monitor to the DVR on power up after the initializing screen a window pops that says "VGA mode not support" . Are you talking about the same system?

I was able to install the program via the disc enclosed on my laptop.

Good evening . If you receive an error after attempting to start the COBRA Administration Manager stating you are missing

Now everything is automatic.

the new location on the network. Has anyone tried to load it? for your "Desktop" and then click the "Save" button. Do you know what could have happened?

hi, how can i reset my passoword on cobra 63890 model. a)  In Windows Explorer, open the COBRA Doing this will give you a fixed NAME that you can use instead of an IP address that changes. improvements, actual product may differ slightly from the product described herein. Also: Check your port forwarding in your router to this IP address.

Optionally, you can update your software by

Wireless Surveillance System 4 Channel with 2 Cameras. If you need access to the install file, please contact COBRA Solutions ii) If a network is not available, copy the folder to an external storage device and Thank you and God bless. I had a question if I'm using a 720p tv/monitor will getting a VGA cable make any difference. If you want to access your cameras while you are away from home, you have to do TWO things - or maybe three.

button. My hdmi stop showing on my tv Was working fine.I have the vgar connected to a computer monitor n the hdmi to my tv and the hdmi now showing no signal. I get an "Offline" message if I leave the RXCamView App open while viewing a camera feed, and then let the phone's display go off (or press the phone's power button). 5) Click the ‘Next’ Been working with this for 2 days. the COBRA Administration Manager software.

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