how to wish birthday to long distance friend

how to wish birthday to long distance friend

I’m lucky I was given a chance to meet someone like you.

Near or far, I know where you are.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Happy birthday, babe! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

I am sending a beautiful message for a friend who is far away but is still very close to me. Good morning to a friend who has given me the most beautiful friendship that money can’t buy or that distance can’t break.

Missing you so much and love you loads.

Thank you. It’s time to wake up and shine as bright as you can.

Looking for a birthday gift?

Ha, ha. It’s a miracle that our relationship grows stronger and stronger each day despite the miles separating us. And after that, I feel very lucky to have someone so special like you to miss. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Though I miss you every day I love knowing you are just a call away.

Promise me!

Hope, this day will also be filled with surprises and you’ll be the happiest one. Happy birthday one more time! Here we present lots of birthday messages for miles away friend, long distance boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife. Even far apart I love knowing that I made the best friend in the world. I’ll wait for you back and when we’ll have amazing your b-day party. Make this long distance birthday seem like just another day closer to your next adventure by tripping down memory lane with your travel buddy! Have an amazing birthday celebration because you make my life truly amazing, no matter how far apart we may be!

Though the miles have torn us apart, we are not apart in heart. Sunshine or rain, friends always soothe the pain.

Wishing you a very happy birthday. We may not share the same space anymore but we have shared some of the most colorful memories in our lives together. Happy birthday wishes for husband (with Images).

Wishing you Merry Christmas from far away! 50. I still cannot get used to my days without you.

No matter how many miles you are from me, you still are my best friend. It is far away but not by heart. Morning or night, best friends make everything alright. Miss you so much. It’s your day and no one can make you sad. I have a heart and that is true, but it can’t be separated from you. Hope to see you soon.

I know I should let you be there today, But it’s just so far away, I hope you have a great day, And wish you the most awesome birthday! Happy birthday wishes for wife (with Images). Happy birthday my beloved friend. I hope Santa will bring the best for you because you deserve it. We are miles apart but our hearts are strongly connected. To me, you are like blossom honey with a root larger than the life itself. Happy birthday, and thank you for making our long-distance relationship work. Birthday wishes for long distance friend. Happy birthday. Best wishes and have a great friendship day! Merry Christmas!

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I wonder how the Lord has created you, I wonder how kind-hearted you are; a friend like a blood sister. Who am I kidding?

As the breeze from the morning air touches your face, always have it in mind that someone far away is thinking of you and wishing you a great day ahead. You may not know how much your presence in my life has changed my life; you are the best of every human I have come across as a friend. Love you.


I appreciate you for what you have achieved in my life. 22.

Happy birthday to my lovely friend. We should remember and care about our friends not only while we’re together, but when they’re far away. My wish for you is one – more free time that you can spend with me. From the bottom of my heart I wish you the most special birthday and amazing year!

Friends are like a second family, do not let the distance or lack of time keep you away from them. Such is our friendship that no distance can impact it. I hope you’re having a lovely friendship day.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas! You are so special, nice, wonderful and the most interesting friend in my life. People are often overwhelmed with joy whenever they are plus one. On your Big Day, my friend, I‘m sending you my warmest greetings and lots of kisses!

With our experience and lessons learned we want to help you keep your long distance relationship as strong as ever and ultimately last the distance! We are miles apart but our hearts are connected. Enjoy this day and don’t forget to send me pictures of your B-day! Long Birthday Messages for Best Friend - Do you need to send long birthday wishes on best friend's happy birthday? Hope your birthday will be funny and full of our beautiful memories. I want to wish you a very big happy birthday as you are plus one today. Happy birthday! And I believe you can. To my very best friend, today is your birthday and I wish you long life, prosperity, good health, success and happiness. My heart is joyous because I have a real friend, indeed. Even we are miles away, but today I’m really happy for you, buddy. I hope to see you pretty soon. A friend like you is rare to find, maybe that’s the reason why I have not been able to forget you, though I have never thought of so at all in my life.

I wish you a very big happy birthday that will never stop coming forth.

29. I thought that being far away was easy, but now when you’re not here, I know it’s not, I hope you have a great birthday and have a happy day! Hopefully you now have a collection of messages and ideas that you feel happy sharing with your long distance best friend. I have this feeling in my bones that despite the distance, your birthday will be blessed. 48. Wishing you a very wonderful birthday; may you find everything easy for you from this day until the end of time; I pray that your entire life is filled with endless love, passion, and prosperity. Keep in touch with me. Happy birthday.

Today marks a very important day in your life; and as such, I am wishing you the most important thing you desire in your gentle heart. Please, don’t be sad today.

14. 41.

Not even the greatest distance can end a friendship as beautiful as ours, I am sad you are so far away but I know that we will always be very close. Just don’t be sad because I need to see you happy on Skype call.

Know that even when I’m not with you, I still think about you, and I hope that you have an amazing day, because if you aren’t smiling and being happy, neither am I! 21.

A very happy friendship day to my long distance friend who is very close to my heart. We’ve put together over 101 quotes that perfectly symbolize a long distance friendship.

I hope you’re having a great day, my friend. I wish that your birthday will bring all the joy and happiness that you deserve. You are the most beautiful gift that the Lord has ever brought into my life. I wish you the best of the day, good morning.

Sending you love and Christmas cheer! Distance doesn’t matter till the relationship is as strong as a rope! Even now that I am so far away from you, the entire moments we share together will never for one day be erased from my memory. We’re not too near in miles but you’re close in my heart.

Love you and need to see you ASAP, babe. To my dear long distance best friend, I am sending warm birthday wishes to you.

*** Just wanted to send you best wishes and lots of love your way to say you are always in my thoughts. Happy birthday! You are the sweetest guy that ever appeared in my lifetime. Kiss you, dear.

You are simply my hero. Pingback: Happy Birthday Mom Quotes from Son 40th Birthday - I Love U Messages, Cutest Funny Good Morning Message for Him, 115+ cute happy birthday aunt-funny happy birthday aunt, 80 Precious Good evening quotes for girlfriend, 80 Precious Good evening quotes for girlfriend - I Love U Messages, 80+ friendship messages for girlfriend - I Love U Messages, Birthday Love Messages For Her From The Husband -. I want to tell you that no one could replace you because you are still my favorite friend, and I hope to see you soon. I am looking forward to that great day we will meet again. As for me, I wished our friendship to last forever, whatever the distance!

You are special. Love you. Love you! Our friendship doesn’t depend on being physically together, as long as we understand each other. Wish I could be near you, so that I could give you a warm birthday hug and tell you how incredible you are. Good morning! This day marks the first day you set foot on this earth.

I love every moment that joins us together.


You’re the only one man in my life. Their loved ones also send them lots of gifts and text messages that could be best wishes, prayers, love text messages, romance, and so on. Love you.

Conversations may be short and the distance long, but friendship makes for life’s most beautiful song.

I wish you a very lovely life ahead.

Send long birthday wishes to make your best friend feel very special on this special occassion. Take care, my best friend! I used to think that I can do anything without you by my side until now, I realize that a second without you is like a natural disaster. May your birthday be as fantastic and heavenly as our friendship. Congratulations! I’m with you, no matter how far you are.

Wishing you a very happy birthday.

You’re my best friend. Gifts are important in a long distance friendship.

Have a memorable happy birthday, my best friend.

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