is the lament configuration real

is the lament configuration real

Taking on the form of a puzzle-box, this item can be activated by pressing a series of hidden pressure points in a precise order. Behind The Scene of Lament Configuration. Location Countless victims He garroted a woman and used the box as a medium to let his black magic resurrect the demon Angelique. Lemarchand, in the process of inventing a design (the Elysium Configuration) to destroy the demons, is discovered attempting to steal back the box. It stated that Philip LeMarchand was a cruel and morbid man as well as being a mass murderer who made boxes with human fat and bones with the help of an unknown cenobite, called Baron. Aside from the standard function and usage of the Lament Configuration, this magical item can and has been utilized for other purposes. It is known that LeMarchand did live for several years beyond his disappearance from French and British artistic and social circles. He supplemented this income by returning to architectural design. The first story is the original and is mentioned in Clive Barker's The Hellbound Heart. Other puzzles are for example the Tunnel of Love puzzle and The Heart of Damnation. In a flash of insight, Tiffany runs back to the original box and operates it, forcing Leviathan into mimicking the shape of the puzzle box and sealing off the hellscape permanently. You can change your preferences any time in your Privacy Settings. As for Lemarchand himself, his background, physical description and history differ great… No information Weight This gate is opened whenever anyone solves the puzzle, but importantly, the person opening it has to on some level be amenable to the sadistic "pleasures" it has in store. For all anyone knows, this could be the scene of another one of LeMarchand's offerings to the Cenobites. Read our Cookie Policy. Set as the film's adaptation of Pandora's box, it appeared as an antique black lacquered puzzle box of unparalleled workmanship. The Evil Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. The demon princess Angelique is narrated to have created several in Hellraiser: Bloodline. The Cenobites are released, but Pinhead stops the others from taking Tiffany, declaring that it was not her desire that made her open the box, but Channard's. Hellraiser Commit suicide before they can take you to hell. The Lament Configuration, also known as the Puzzle Box and "The Box", and alternatively known as a "Lemarchand's box" and "Lemarchand's Configuration", is a magnificent magical puzzle box with intricate designs appearing in the Hellraiser horror movie franchise as the key plot element. The atrocities performed by LeMarchand made him one of France's most infamous figures, rivaled only by the DeVincouer family and Gilles de Rais (who had a profound effect on LeMarchand's own courting of what he called the "Lords of Order"). This design has been used in subsequent appearances throughout the Hellraiser franchise, especially within the Epic Comics series. He first appeared as a character in the Epic Hellraiser comic series and was portrayed as a much older man, though still a creator of toys and singing birds. Eldritch Puzzlebox, Lemarchand's ConfigurationLemarchand's Box, Ability to temporarily undo the boundary between human world and The LabyrinthCan summon Cenobites. Pinhead the Cenobite appears, warning her she is in danger. Almost all of the information scholars have is based on rumor and speculation. He further describes the sounds in later chapters as "getting louder and smoother with each new segment of the box opening up". The best known of these boxes is Lemarchand's Box, which features prominently throughout the Hellraiser movie series.

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