kingdom hearts birth by sleep neverland treasure chest locations terra

kingdom hearts birth by sleep neverland treasure chest locations terra

Up in the air. Sora and his party's first stop in Neverland is in the Brig of Captain Hook's ship, where they meet with Peter Pan. Appears after clearing world.Castle of DreamsFlying Balloon Sticker - Passage. In doorway.Disney TownPete Sticker - Gizmo Gallery. AEROGA: Mermaid Lagoon, Northeast corner in a cave at water level . Stickers are trickier and some require special jumps or strategies to reach. Up in the air. Up in the air. This page was last edited on 24 October 2017, at 18:19. Terra is one of the main protagonists in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.Terra, along with his best friend Aqua, were apprentices under the supervision and training of Master Eraqus at the Land of Departure.It was here that he first met Ventus and Master Xehanort. Appears after clearing worldRainbow Sticker - Rainbow Falls Base. AQUAThe Land of Departure Shimmering Crystal - Mountain Path, nookHi-Potion - Mountain Path, nookBind - Mountain Path, near table and chairsFleeting Crystal - Summit, nookCastle of Dreams Magic Recipe - The Chateau, bottom right nookHi-Potion - Palace Courtyard, left side of stairsSlow - Palace Courtyard, leftPotion - Palace Courtyard, lower right cornerFleeting Crystal - Foyer, left sideBarrier Surge - Foyer, right sidePotion - Foyer, upper left sideThunderstorm - Foyer, upper right sideDwarf Woodlands Balloon Letter - Vault, lower level, towards the bottom-left of mapPotion - Vault, lower level bottom of mapShimmering Crystal - Vault, top upper levelMagnet - Vault, south upper level (use Fire magic on the boiler and ride the bubbles up)Shimmering Crystal - Underground Waterway, bottom of the map **hit the first spinner to open the gateFleeting Crystal - Underground Waterway, left side of map **hit the second spinner to open the gateFire - Underground Waterway, top nook **hit the third spinner to open the gateFission Firaga - Courtyard (Double Jump required)Potion - Courtyard, back left nookMap - Courtyard, underneath stairsFleeting Crystal - Courtyard, up the small stairsHungry Crystal - Flower Glade, left of Deep Woods entranceHi-Potion - Deep Woods, near Flower Glade entranceEther - Deep Woods, near Cottage Clearing entrancePotion - Deep Woods, near Cottage Clearing entrancePayback Surge - Cottage Clearing, behind cottagePoison - Cottage Clearing, lower rightAttack Recipe - The Cottage, lower right cornerEnchanted Dominion Map - Dungeon CellAbsolute Zero - Gates, upper level southWellspring Crystal - Gates, upper level southCure - Gates, second area left of Maleficent’s Throne entrancePulsing Crystal - Gates, upper level northSleep - Gates, first area right ledgeConfusion Strike - Maleficent’s throne, bottom of mapHi-Potion - Dungeon, upper left levelIce Barrage - Dungeon, lower right corner, upper levelHi-Potion - Forbidden Mountain, left of bridge entranceEther - Watersisde, directly in front of Forbidden Mountain entranceBalloon Letter - Waterside, lower left nookPotion - Waterside, near Forest Clearing entranceHi-Potion - Forest ClearingRadiant Garden Potion - Central SquareEther - Central SquareHi-Potion - Aqueduct, middle of pathThundara - Aqueduct, end behind machineHi-Potion - Aqueduct, lower levelBlock Recipe - Aqueduct, end behind machineCounter Blast - Fountain Court, upper level right cornerSoothing Crystal - Fountain Court, upper level right cornerXehanort’s Report 3 - Merlin’s HouseZero Gravity - Gardens, lower levelWellspring Crystal - Gardens, second level near fountainStrike Raid - Gardens, second level in nookFleeting Crystal - Gardens, third level left sideMap - Front DoorsPanacea - Front DoorsMine Square - Front Doors, upper areaDisney Town Map - Main PlazaPotion - Main Plaza, behind popcorn machine on leftAbounding Crystal - Raceway, northern area middle levelFira - Raceway, left side lower levelSlot Edge - Raceway, left side upper level (enter from Pete’s Rec Room)Hungry Crystal - Gizmo Gallery, south upper levelMega Potion - Gizmo Gallery, top left corner upper levelChaos Crystal - Gizmo Gallery, top left corner upper levelThunder - Gizmo Gallery, upper left cornerThunder - Gizmo Gallery, lower cornerPulsing Crystal - Gizmo Gallery, lower right nook, upper levelMega-Potion - Gizmo Gallery, lower right nook, upper levelPanacea - Pete’s Rec Room, south nook upper levelAction Recipe - Pete’s Rec Room, south nook upper levelAerial Slam - Pete’s Rec Room, upper levelBreak Time - Pete’s Rec Room, central area (hit all four green Crown icons)Soothing Crystal - Pete’s Rec Room, upper central areaOlympus Coliseum Fire Strike - Coliseum Gates, upper rightCura - Coliseum Gates, upper leftMega-Potion - Coliseum Gates, lower leftMap - VestibuleDeep Space Teleport - Turo Prison Block, upper right nook, highest areaBlitz - Turo Prison Block, upper left nook, highest areaAbounding Crystal - Turo Prison Block, upper left nook, middle areaMega-Potion - Turo Prison Block, lower right nook, middle areaMap - Turo TransporterHi-Potion - Durgon Transporter, centerEther - Control RoomBalloon Letter - Control Room, hallwayFire Surge - Ship Hub, bottom floorPrism Rain - Ship Hub, upper levelZero Gravira - Launch Deck, right side upper levelHungry Crystal - Launch Deck, right side lower levelMega-Ether - Launch Deck, upper right corner lower levelMega Attack Recipe - Machinery Bay AccessNeverland Firaga Burst - Mermaid Lagoon, upper right nook (swim in)Elixir - Mermaid Lagoon, on left islandHi-Potion - Seacoast, left sideEther - Seacoast, right sideHi-Potion - Jungle ClearingMine Shield - Peter’s Hideout, in nookElixir - Peter’s Hideout, in nookMap - GullyMega-Potion - GullyPanacea - Rainbow Falls: Base, left sideFleeting Crystal - Rainbow Falls: Base, northern areaTime Splicer - Rainbow Falls: Ascent, middle area upper levelThundaga - Rainbow Falls: Ascent, middle area lower levelChaos Crystal - Rainbow Falls: Ascent, middle area lower levelFiraga - Rainbow Falls: Ascent, right area upper levelMega-Ether - Rainbow Falls: CrestThe Mysterious Tower Magnega - Outside, backShimmering Crystal - Outside, left of tower entranceMegalixir - Outside, right of tower entranceMega Magic Recipe - Entrance, under stairsThe Keyblade Graveyard Elixir - Seat of War, back of nookMega-Potion - Seat of War, right sideMap - Seat of War, northern trailAeroga - Twister Trench, center left sideMega-Ether - Twister Trench, center right sideMega-Potion - Twister Trench, north in front of Fissure entranceMegalixir - Twister Trench, left wall under Fissure entranceRealm of Darkness Zero Graviga - Middle ZoneBlackout - Lower ZoneBalloon Letter - Middle ZoneChaos Crystal - Lower ZoneSecret Gem - Lower ZoneTranscendence - Lower ZoneTriple Firaga - Upper ZoneMegalixir - Upper Zone.

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