legend of sleepy hollow characters

legend of sleepy hollow characters

She was later found still alive in a tomb in a hidden dimension on the River Styx, having been trapped during a mission to cross the Delaware, but the storyline concluded with her returning to her time, her "later" distance to Crane attributed in hindsight to her knowledge of his future ties to Abbie. Hans Van Ripper. He was Crane's best friend until he found out that Katrina broke her betrothal with him because she was in love with Crane, after which he became the Horseman so he could get revenge. ", "Sleepy Hollow -Season 2- Casting News - Timothy Busfield to recur as Benjamin Franklin", "Spoiler Room: Scoop on Grey's, Blindspot, Murder and more", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Sleepy_Hollow_characters&oldid=952333797, Lists of American television series characters, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, He is a recurring cast member in Season 1, This page was last edited on 21 April 2020, at 18:34. Alongside Luke, he was assigned to protect Macey Irving, and is later killed by his demon-possessed partner. Once the portal was completed, Pandora entered the tree and returned with a figure that she refers to as her 'husband', an ancient Sumerian god known only as 'the Hidden One', using her box to restore his power so that he can purge humanity. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. Initially skeptical of Crane and Mills' assertions, he later discovers the truth when the trio confront, battle, and trap the Horseman. He is most likely the one in disguise as the Headless Horseman. She is unaware that the Horseman's blood mingled with Ichabod's, and that her husband's resurrection also signals the return of the Horseman. Read the Study Guide for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow…, Sleepy Hollow: Remnants of Times Not So Far Past, Ichabod Crane: A Farcical Character, and a Political Allegory, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and Postcolonialism, View our essays for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow…, Introduction to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, View the lesson plan for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow…, Read the E-Text for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow…, View Wikipedia Entries for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow…. His erudition and skill at singing are disputed only by the narrator. LitCharts Teacher Editions. As of the third season, he is applying for American citizenship to legalize his efforts to preserve the archive he and Abbie use to research their adversaries, although the application process is delayed in "Dark Mirror" due to Crane missing an important interview while trying to save Abbie. [4] Henry cursed him to be a wendigo, but was saved from this thanks to Ichabod and Nicks' help using a native American artifact. The wendigo is completely removed when Pandora uses her box to draw out the dark power from him in order to break the barrier that imprisons the Hidden One and Ichabod. Rachel Melvin as Alexandra "Alex" Norwood, a talented engineer who works for Agency 355, and is partnered with Jake Wells. Ichabod Crane; Witches; Pestilence; Famine; Death's Axe ; Fenestella; Pandora's Box; Top 10 Lists Community Helping Out. However, she is unconvinced that her ex-husband returned without a scratch. She keeps much anger from her deceased mother's actions deep inside, as well as nurturing complex feelings over her father's abandonment. The following characters continues to be main characters in season 2. In the love triangle between Ichabod Crane, Brom Bones, and Katrina Van Tassel, which character is responsible for the main conflict? Pandora later seals him in her box to harness his power for her husband, the Hidden One, but Crane later released him from the Box to defeat the near-God-like Pandora, recognising that the Horseman is not an Apocalypse-level threat now that Moloch is dead. He killed Pandora in the end, with the help of Crane. After Abbie and Crane save him from being destroyed by a fallen angel, he reluctantly agrees to leave them alone and abstain from killing in exchange for Katrina being allowed to attempt to return him to his mortal form. Though he was incredibly brilliant, Crane found him arrogant and eccentric, and only agreed to assist him because George Washington assigned him to. His erudition and skill at singing are disputed only by the narrator. Brom Bones. Although initially he has difficulty adapting to the 21st century, by the end of the second season, he states he has acclimatized (aside from occasional mishaps), berating Katrina and Henry for holding onto the past. A native of Connecticut, Ichabod Crane comes to Sleepy Hollow to work as a schoolteacher and singing master. Cynthia Irving (Jill Marie Jones), Frank Irving's ex-wife. the pretty, young flirt of Sleepy Hollow. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Introduction + Context. He rotates between living at the homes of his various students for his food and…, The narrator of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” who apparently heard the story from a, A strong, plucky, mischievous young man and major rival to, An old, ill-tempered Dutch farmer, who lends. Later in Season 2, Henry tricks Irving into selling his soul to him by signing a contract naming Henry as his lawyer. Later revealed to be under Henry's control, Irving is freed but allowed to remain alive once Henry is slain. Jennifer "Jenny" Mills (Lyndie Greenwood), Abbie's younger sister who was confined in a mental institution. “Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. Grace Dixon (Onira Tares), Abbie and Jenny's ancestor who helped Katrina Crane give birth to her son. Recent Changes; Random page; Community; Videos; Images; Discuss. Unknown to Abbie, though, Sheriff Corbin was Jenny's mentor. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Character Analysis | LitCharts. He is boisterous, burly, and the hero of the area, known for his heroics and feats of strength, for which he earns the nickname Brom Bones. Joseph "Joe" Corbin (Zach Appelman), the son of Abbie's and Jenny's mentor and former Sheriff August Corbin. Ichabod Crane is an outsider in Sleepy Hollow, although he does manage to ingratiate himself with many of the women of the valley by gossiping with them and serving as a babysitter. He revealed that the two witnesses would be facing 7 disasters in the episode I, Witness. Katrina Crane (Katia Winter), Ichabod's wife, Katrina is secretly a witch. Despite not believing in the powers associated with the artifacts, he aids Abbie and Crane in their mission. It is revealed over the course of the season that he achieved his fame by making a deal with the Devil, with his plans focusing on finding a loophole that will prevent his soul from going to Hell. Ichabod found Katrina beautiful, and he was also attracted by her family's comfortable lifestyle. Not affiliated with Harvard College. Irving wrote The Sketch Book during a tour of Europe, and parts of the tale may also be traced to European origins. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow [characters] STUDY. He is slain by Abbie. Ichabod and Katrina's marriage is strained by the secrets she keeps, which include compelling a one-time lover of Crane's to suicide. Zoe Corinth (Maya Kazan), a love interest for Ichabod who helps him apply for citizenship. Detective Devon Jones (Michael Roark), Morales' partner. Fortunately, Abbie is able to travel back in time using Katrina's spell, allowing her to keep Ichabod safe long enough for her to negate the time-travel spell and return them to their present, with Ichabod forced to stab Katrina to save Abbie's life. Moloch (D. J. Mifflin and Derek Mears), the main antagonist of the first two seasons of the series. "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Characters". Major André is a real historical figure, but in the story he is also a ghost who haunts Sleepy Hollow. Irving is later killed by the armored form of the Horseman of War in "The Akeda", but is risen from the dead in "Paradise Lost", at which point he's taken back into custody. She was briefly possessed by a demon and killed one person. Recent Blog Posts Forum Recently Changed Pages. Crane even once stated that a bobble head of Franklin was quite accurate, for describing his ego. Henry Parrish / Jeremy Crane / The Horseman of War (John Noble), he is initially seen as a Sin Eater who helped Crane break the curse connecting him with the Headless Horseman. Crane managed to salvage their relationship as a friendship. His spirit appears before Katrina, welcoming her to the afterlife. After killing Moloch, Henry spends time contemplating his life; he comes to see he protected Katrina out of love, wanting to create a "family" by awakening latent powers in the witches' descendants. In 1781, he dies while simultaneously beheading the Horseman, and their blood mixes together. He lends Ichabod the horse on that fateful night. Katrina later causes tension when she tries to restore Abraham's humanity. Katrina appears to Ichabod only in dreams, telling him she is trapped in purgatory, a place between worlds, and can only be freed with the defeat of the Horseman. He leaves town after his god-mother Carmilla Pines (Jaime Murray), reappears as a Vetala and escapes before they can defeat her or restore her humanity. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. [5] She is eventually revealed to be an FBI agent in deep cover who appears ignorant of the true stakes of the investigation, although when she witnesses Crane accidentally summon a demon, she admits that she has been interested in the supernatural since her archaeologist parents vanished on a dig when she was a child. Following Abigail's death, Jenny remains in contact with Crane, following him to Washington D.C., acknowledging that the two of them are the only real family either has left. With Moloch dead, his apocalypse cannot come to be. Baltus Van Tassel. Molly was silent for several weeks after the death of Abbie Mills, but broke her silence when she met Ichabod. When Henry Parish is brought back to serve as the new War, Crane is able to persuade his son to stand down, subsequently making his own deal with the devil in order to acquire a means of disrupting Dreyfuss's immortality. Brom, short for Abraham, is Ichabod Crane’s greatest rival in the fight for Katrina’s hand. In the season three finale, she sacrifices herself to restore Pandora's box to contain the power of the Hidden One, but her soul is subsequently released from the box and allowed to pass on after a final goodbye to Crane, assuring him that there are other Witnesses out there to assist him in his burden. As of "The Sisters Mills," Crane is officially head of the Hudson Valley Historical Society, giving him an explanation for his expertise and a reason for his affiliation with the FBI. Brom Van Brunt (Abraham, Brom Bones) Baltus Van Tassel (Heer, Mynheer, or Old Van Tassel) Jeremy Davies as Malcolm Dreyfuss, an eccentric billionaire and owner of Dreyfuss Enterprises. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow study guide contains literature essays, a biography of Washington Irving, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow e-text contains the full text of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. Sophie Foster (Jessica Camacho), a rogue player in the world of high-end artifacts trading who attempts to retrieve the Shard of Anubis from Jenny and Joe. Ichabod and Abbie are able to free her, but soon after Katrina is captured by the Horseman, revealed to be Abraham "Brom" Van Brunt, a former suitor. It is she who casts the spell of suspended animation on Ichabod, after his supposed 'fatal' wounding by the Horseman. He is briefly killed by the Horseman when Katrina sends the Horseman after Crane, but Abbie's success in undoing Katrina's attempt at time-travel negates these events, erasing Franklin's premature demise and his meeting with Abbie.

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