list of felonies

list of felonies

As such, it is very likely that you could be looking at significant jail time and heavy criminal fines. The second difference between the two is the form of punishment that a convicted person can receive. Another difference between the two classes is whether the property burned was protected or not. This crime is not a common one in the United States, but a person who Rape This can carry jail time of six months to a year. pay a fine. It can also, in some states and jurisdictions, result in the death penalty. In the United States, when Law, Government Law, Intellectual Misdemeanors are criminal offenses that carry up to a year in jail in most states. The laws of a state and the type of crime committed can also affect the sentencing a defendant receives. means an automatic prison sentence. Traffic violations, trespassing, petty theft, and similar offenses are misdemeanors and depending on the state, carry maximum jail times of between 6 months and one year. Examples of the most serious felony … In almost every state, they will lose the legal right to possess firearms. A felony is the most serious type of crime and covers a vast array of criminal acts. In the United States, the vast majority of felony crimes fall under drug abuse violations. victim are serious criminal offenses. A felony is traditionally considered a crime of high seriousness, whereas a misdemeanor is regarded as less serious. So, what are examples of felonies and misdemeanors? Many criminal offenses are classified as both misdemeanors and felonies. Being convicted of this crime may mean that the punishable by a prison term of more than a year. Here is a list of felony classes in New York if you need information after an arrest, if you are under investigated or there is a warrant out on you. For instance, if the defendant is charged with felony assault, but the victim knowingly consented to the act, then the defendant can assert consent as a defense and may potentially get their sentence reduced. As you can see, the legal system varies from state to state and situation to situation. The attendant fines are also limited to relatively small amounts of money, generally $1,000 to $2,000 maximum. Income Tax Evasion The following is a general list of felony crimes: There are several factors that can influence the sentence for a felony conviction. Thus, felonies such as sex crimes, first-degree murder, and child pornography are typically not eligible for expungement. Your use of this website constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Use, Supplemental Terms, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Felonies that are broken down into these differing classifications include: Murder Rape Arson Sale of illegal drugs Grand theft Kidnapping The judge sentences Randy to four months in jail, three years of probation, and 200 hours of community service. Substantial prison time and fines are just the beginning of the consequences. This information was derived from the Uniform Crime Reports, made available by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The distinction here is one of maximum punishment; misdemeanors are crimes that carry a maximum of one year of jail time and felonies are crimes with punishments in excess of 12 months of incarceration. Although still not an easy feat, it is much more likely that a court will expunge an arrest for a felony than a felony charge. This means that they may have to pay both criminal fines and civil damages. These classifications determine the severity of punishment. offenses are referred to as misdemeanors. That means that 70 to 100 million people are left out of the workforce, unable to get student loans, housing, and face a host of other obstacles.” A criminal charge is detrimental to both your personal and professional life. Stolen property, either buying, receiving, or being in possession of. There are four separate categories for felony crimes, and they all vary in sentencing. Defendants charged with misdemeanors are often entitled to a jury trial. Punishment for misdemeanors can also include payment of a fine, probation, community service, and restitution. They tend to be crimes that involve an element of violence and are considered harmful or dangerous to society. There were 103,000 felony charges filed for forgery and counterfeiting. For states that have other classifications, such as class 5 or 6, those are often considered just one or two steps above a misdemeanor and can result in a minimum prison sentence of one year. Criminal Defense Lawyers, Present What Are Examples of Felonies and Misdemeanors. In California, whether someone’s charged with a misdeameanor or a felony, they will be labeled as a sex offender for the rest of their lives. (Some states have made the maximum imprisonment for many or all misdemeanors 364 days; that change is designed to avoid deportation consequences that would have been triggered if the misdemeanor in question carried the possibility of, or if the misdemeanor defendant actually received, a full one-year sentence.) A felony is a serious crime. used a weapon during the crime and if the victim was maimed or killed. 97-23-93.). First degree through third degree rape or sodomy, sexual abuse, unlawful sexual penetration, and more are considered felonies and result in serious consequences. No matter what led to that charge, it’s important to understand the different classifications and crimes that can be considered felonies. It’s also vital that the individual understands how a conviction can impact the rest of their life. including up to life in prison, such as in some cases of second degree In the United States, offenses that are punishable by a prison term of more than a year. List of Felonies. If your lawyer can't avoid a conviction, he or she might be able to get you a better result than you would have otherwise. On the other hand, if the crime is violent, the defendant is a repeat offender, and they hurt someone during the commission of the crime, then the wobbler will more likely result in a penalty similar to those given for felony offenses. In some states, the information on this website may be considered a lawyer referral service. (this may not be the same place you live), Faulty/Defective Products/Services (Auto, Drug), Investments (Annuities, Securities, IPOs), Post Your Case - Get Answers from Multiple Different states set different age limits as to where the line exists between misdemeanor and felony indecent exposure. Crimes Against Justice … A good example of multiple levels of severity is the general class of crime called assault. Violent offenses: First-degree murder, second-degree murder, and robbery. Acts of forced intercourse on a female or a male victim are serious criminal offenses. their will and keeps them forcibly confined. Jared Justice | Attorney At LawDUI Defense | Criminal Defense | Locations Served | About | Reviews | Results | FAQs | Contact | Blog | Sitemap, 5 Smart Tips for Staying Safe at College Parties, The 4 Different Classifications of Assault Crimes, How To Improve Your Chances Of Winning A DMV Hearing. This charge comes in many forms, including fighting in a public place, bullying others, or mobilizing an unlawful public assembly. The level of damage to the property will also be Armed robbery is another example of a serious criminal offense. 409 Center Street | Oregon City, OR 97045 Call Us At: (503) 722-3981. Assault felonies range from the first to third degrees and all result in serious jail time. Because infractions cannot result in a jail sentence or even probation, defendants charged with infractions do not have a right to a jury trial. Misdemeanor Example. Larceny theft. Assault can be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the situation. The legal penalties for felony convictions can be harsh, but what many people do not consider is the long-lasting impact that a conviction can have on a felon’s life; even after they have already served their sentence. © Property crime, including burglary, larceny, theft, arson, and motor vehicle theft. Unfortunately, the answer to that is not so cut and dry. Please use this information for reference only. Examples of misdemeanor traffic violations include: Felony traffic violations include leaving the scene of an accident and vehicular homicide. You can use Nolo's Lawyer Directory to find an experienced criminal law attorney near you. Every crime on this felony list will also result in the individual charged and convicted with those crimes losing a number of civil rights. Willfully failing to report income or providing false information on an There were over 1.4 million driving while intoxicated (or more formally known as driving under the influence) during that same period of time. Should I just plead guilty and avoid a trial? Ann. Prior to joining LegalMatch, Jaclyn was a paralegal and freelance writer. All rights reserved. Your email address will not be published.

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