lore olympus episode 13

lore olympus episode 13

Hera disguises herself as Persephone and has lunch with Demeter. Back at Underworld Corp., Hades brushes off Minthe.

Persephone opens a birthday card from Demeter with 3,000 drachma. When Persephone asks who Minthe is, Hades lies. Hades explains he’s having second thoughts about proposing to Minthe. Thanatos, Minthe, and Thetis recount Persephone’s Act of Wrath to Zeus. Persephone comes home to Hermes, Apollo, and Artemis watching a movie and sneaks into her room. Persephone’s classmates gossip about her because of Hades’ assault of Alex, so she flies to the Underworld to talk to Hades. Kore and Demeter attend a TGOEM meeting in Hestia’s house. When shades overwhelm her, Hades arrives and brings her back to the office. Hades helps Persephone set up a bank account. Apollo calls Artemis to gossip about seeing Persephone and Hades together. Persephone tries to set boundaries with Apollo and tells him they are nothing. Hades searches the Underworld for Persephone, while Artemis, Eros, and Ampelus search Olympus and the Mortal Realm. Persephone sleeps over at Eros’ house and meets his siblings. Eros interviews Persephone’s university classmates, then heads to the Underworld to connect with Hades. Persephone blackmails Minthe into teaching her how to use the computer by bringing up what happened to her in Tower 4.

Stylish and immersive, this is one of mythology’s greatest stories -- The Taking of Persephone -- as it’s never been told before. Hades and Minthe choose to be in a relationship. When shades attack, Persephone grows a forest. Persephone sees Minthe kiss Hades in the elevator. While teasing Hades, Persephone learns to fly. She doesn’t answer the door. Publication date Apollo is waiting at Persephone’s house; he and Hades argue until Poseidon appears to whisk him away.

Thetis finds out Minthe’s relationship status and gets jealous. Zeus calls Hades for brunch; Alex takes paparazzi photos. Hera rejects Apollo’s application to marry Persephone. Rachel Smythe Persephone returns to Eros’ house and bakes a cake.

Persephone and Hades discuss reputation over lunch in his hidden dimension. © 2009-2016 Comic Rocket.

She sees the dick pick Thetis sent. Hecate suspends her and asks Tisiphone to escort her away. Sundays Hades and Thanatos meet about his poor performance. Artemis cuts Persephone’s hair; Eros visits to apologize.

Kore commits an act of wrath against the mortals with a giant scythe, growing large in size and creating a giant tree to impale them on. Hecate shows Persephone the library at Underworld Corp. Hades refuses Persephone’s baklava. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades brunch; Poseidon raises the question of an emotional affair. Her disguise fades away, and they have a heated conversation.

They drive to her home and discuss the tabloid. A reporter (Hera in disguise) takes a picture of them, and Persephone loses her cool. Publisher about 1 month ago

After a conversation with Thetis, Zeus heads to the mortal realm to interrogate Demeter's nymphs about Persephone. Dive through the archives or read the latest page, Shopping in Olympus, Persephone stumbles upon Apollo and Daphne. Eros takes Persephone and feeds her several drinks. Episode 102: I love the way you make me feel.

Zeus and Hera fight about Apollo and Persephone.

and Comic Rocket will keep track of where you left off. Witness what the gods do…after dark. Thanatos checks up on Minthe.

Persephone taps the ground to summon Hades. Helios tells Thanatos the story of Persephone “Bringer of Death.”.

She asks him to stay with her, and he does. Because it turns out, the gods aren’t so different from us after all, especially when it comes to their problems.

Episode 22: A Wolf in the Hen House (Part 1), Episode 23: A Wolf in the Hen House (Part 2), Episode 24: A Wolf in the Hen House (Part 3). Hera talks to Hades when he wakes up and kisses him; Hades takes her home. An elevator ride down shows interactions between Hecate, Hades, Minthe, Persephone, Thanatos, and Hermes. Persephone gets a high grade on the quiz. Lore Olympus Persephone admits her crush on Hades to Artemis and Eros. Persephone tries to text Hades; Hades ignores the text. Hera arrives at brunch and chastises Hades and Zeus. Persephone sets boundaries when Hades walks her home. On his drive home, Hades finds Persephone and puts her up in his guest bedroom.

online comics. Division of kingdoms; Hades gets the Underworld. Persephone returns Apollo’s damaged lyre. The friendships and the lies, the gossip and the wild parties, and of course, forbidden love. Stylish and immersive, this is one of mythology’s greatest stories -- The Taking of Persephone -- as it’s never been told before. Hades searches the Underworld for Persephone, while Artemis, Eros, and Ampelus search Olympus and the Mortal Realm. Thetis sends a dick pick of Zeus to Hera using a burner phone. Lore Olympus is an American romance webtoon created by Rachel Smythe and published by Line WEBTOON.

Persephone meets Apollo and reunites with Hermes. Arrive home, Persephone finds Artemis made her an apology cake. Hades writes Persephone a letter he doesn’t send. Apollo tells Persephone he knows she’s a fertility goddess.

Hermes covers up for Demeter by fudging the records with Hades. Editors Thetis and Minthe talk about their respective relationships with Zeus and Hades. On June 13th, 2020, the Season 1 finale, "The Bringer of Death" was released, concluding the first season with 115 episodes. Artemis breaks into Hades’ house, along with Eros and Ampelus. Apollo takes Thanatos and Daphne to see Helios. Thanatos and Minthe find out who Persephone is.

They discuss spring, and Hades reveals some of his history.

Lore Olympus regularly deals with themes of physical, psychological and mental abuse, sexual trauma, and toxic relationships. Persephone cuts her hand; Apollo heals her.

In October 2019, the Jim Henson Company announced a partnership with Line WEBTOON to create an animated Lore Olympus series.

He goads her anger with his power. Eros finds out what happened between Persephone and Apollo. Persephone fishes out a laptop from a trash bin and invites her classmates for a study session. It can be read here.

Tori studies with Persephone at her house. Thanatos visits Hermes and asks about Persephone; Hermes warns him to stay out of it. Thanatos grabs Persephone and takes her spot on the train. Eros gives Ares and Aphrodite a lecture about discretion. Today I've just restarted it again and… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…, All marks are the property of their respective owners. Psyche’s sisters visit; Psyche tries to kill Eros. Witness what the gods do…after dark.

Romance, drama They learn she is likely still in the Underworld. We link to creators' sites exactly as they're Genres Zeus and Ares fight; Ares accidentally hits Hera.

Persephone meets Cordon Bleu and asks Hades about his dogs. Hermes and Persephone fly to work together. Witness what the gods do…after dark. The friendships and the lies, the gossip and the wild parties, and of course, forbidden love.

Zeus overhears Hera on the phone calling him an “arrogant buffoon.”. LoreOlympians.com is an independent, fan-run fansite exploring Rachel Smythe’s Webtoon “Lore Olympus.”. Apollo threatens Persephone with the pictures he took of the assault.

It is currently the most popular webcomic on the platform, with over 300 million views and 3.9 million subscribers as of May 2020. Ares spends a week with Persephone; They kiss. Eros kills 300 mortals in an act of wrath. Demeter finds out Hades met Kore and decides to give him more to drink. Kore argues with Demeter about being treated like a child and her desire to go to school in Olympus. Hades has a dream about having a baby with Persephone. Lore Olympus Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Zeus and Poseidon crash at Hades’ house for the night. Hecate scolds Hades and reveals Persephone’s age. Bekah Caden (Episodes 01 - 53)Annie LaHue (Episode 31 - 100)Bre Boswell (Episode 101 -), Annie LaHue (Episode 31 - 100)Bre Boswell (Episode 101 -). Stylish and immersive, this is one of mythology’s greatest stories -- The Taking of Persephone -- as it’s never been told before.

WEBTOON Thanatos breaks into Hades’ office then Artemis’ house and takes Persephone’s ledger.

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