michigan impact crater

michigan impact crater

83-99. 1-33. These features were caused by the collision of meteors (consisting of large fragments of asteroids) or comets (consisting of ice, dust particles and rocky fragments) with the Earth. It really frightened us," he told the Free Press in a story published the next day, Sept. 18, 1966. The Calvin 28 structure exhibits this relationship. It was discovered in 1987 by Randall Milstein of the Michigan Geological Survey while examining data from about 100 test wells drilled in the area. At about 8:15 p.m. Jan. 16, a much smaller (2 yards in diameter) meteor arrived with a bright, thunderous explosion over southeast Michigan. No microspherules of similar composition have been reported from other occurrences of later geologic ages. But today, such an impact would affect volumes of human history: Long after the millions of regional deaths, there would be famines, groundwater contamination, altered temperatures and effects on air quality across the world. These included one reported to have landed in Eaton County, near Ionia: "On July 11, 1933, an elderly farm couple, chores and dinner finished, were sitting on their porch watching the sunset. The data presented show that consistent structural and physical analogs exist between the subsurface Calvin structure and known or suspected impact craters.

c Microbreccias occur in deep wells that penetrate the structure. In fact, bad estimates continue to occur: Some people searched for meteorites from the Jan. 16, 2018 meteor in eastern Macomb County, but NASA scientists found them to be dozens of miles away, in Livingston County. (7) The presence of a microbreccia consisting of fractured and unfractured floating quartz grains in a carbonate matrix is similar to microbreccia associated with impact craters in sedimentary targets (Short and Bunch, 1968).

Michigan meteor: Here's everything we know, Meteors can go from pretty ... to pretty deadly, history shows. Milstein (1986) identifies eight characteristics of the Calvin 28 cryptoexplosive disturbance that strongly favor origin by impact. (6) The lack of any magnetic or gravity anomalies associated with the circular structural pattern is a trait commonly identified with impact craters in sedimentary targets. Milstein, R. L., The Calvin impact crater, Cass County, Michagan: Identification and anlaysis of a subsurface Ordovician astrobleme.

Alleged meteorite finds included a rock on a farm near Sweester, Ind., and other fragments near Huntsville, Ontario, about 100 miles north of Toronto. He confirmed the Calvin crater's existence in 1987, when examining information from about 100 gas test wells that had been drilled. The Calvin structure exhibits recognized relationships between stratigraphic displacement and structural diameters observed in impact craters.
1988. There was also a rock and two chips on the garage floor. NASA has a program that searches space for larger asteroids that come too close to Earth for comfort — the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. There was a hole in the ceiling and a dint on a red car.

(3) The structural pattern of Calvin 28 indicates that a large amount of near-surface energy was involved in the formation of the structure and that the energy was released as a single nearly instantaneous event. That one was reported by thousands of Detroiters, as well as people as far as New York. Milstein, R. L., The Calvin 28 cryptoexplosive distrubance, Cass County, Michigan. A. Campbell, Oklahoma Geological Survey, Norman, Oklahoma, v. Circular 100, pp. Some 886 asteroids identified by the program are a kilometer — almost two-thirds of a mile — or more in size. "'His condition was such that he had to be committed to a hospital,' the doctor wrote.
While a considerable body of interpretive data favors an impact origin for the Calvin structure, it is the identification of shock metamorphosed quartz, a characteristic indicative of impact cratering events, that most strongly confirms the Calvin structure as an Ordovician buried complex impact crater. Linke said it was about the size of an over-sized yam or baking potato. They came back out to discover what appeared to be a meteorite at the end of a long furrow, about 18 inches under the ground near the barn. Hidden far below corn fields, a scattering of homes and an RV campground, there's a 5-mile-wide meteor crater in rural, southwest Michigan. Impact Crater Beneath Lake Huron . A strong body of circumstantial evidence links these stratigraphically isochronous microspherules with the formation of the Calvin structure. Telephone switchboards were "swamped" as people called newspaper offices and fire stations to report the 1939 meteor. Chunks averaging roughly 3 inches and traveling at supersonic-to-hypersonic speeds would blast through an area roughly 62 miles from the impact zone.

"They may be traveling horizontally for miles and miles and miles," Linke said. 315-320. © 2020 www.freep.com. "These things fall all the time, everywhere," Linke said. Buthman, D. B., Global hydrocarbon potential of impact structures. 1524-1530. Formed in the late 1990s, the center has identified more than 8,000 asteroids of 460 feet or larger in size that are worth keeping an eye on, because their orbits take them by Earth within 1.3 "astronomical units," a measurement equal to the mean distance of the Earth to the sun. One other possibility for the microspherules’ occurrence is that they represent an extraterrestrial component rich-layer recording a multiple Ordovician impact event on the North America mid-continent. The rest of the movie was awful.". 'After proper care, he recovered.'". Calvin is an impact crater located in Calvin Township, Cass County in the U.S. state of Michigan. "A few moments later, they heard a whistling sound passing over head, followed by a boom and a crash. The Calvin impact crater, Cass County, Michigan : identification and analysis of a subsurface ordovician astrobleme. Suddenly, they were startled to see, hurtling through the sky toward them, a flaming object which they described as looking as large as a harvest moon," according to the article. Milstein, R. L., The Calvin 28 structure: Evidence for impact origin. The Calvin impact crater is an isolated, nearly circular subsurface structure of Late Ordovician age in southwestern Michigan. About 200 impact craters, including Calvin crater, have been identified on Earth, and about 4,000 are believed to be identifiable – even despite erosion and plate tectonics. "Blown over, shredded, burned.". Naeye, R., The hole in Nebraska. He said the owner eventually sold the meteorite. The Detroit-based executive learned of this and wrote to the farmer asking to examine it. Hidden far below corn fields, a scattering of homes and an RV campground, there's a 5-mile-wide meteor crater in rural, southwest Michigan. They didn't see a car, but when they entered the garage, it was a mess of plaster dust with shredded drywall and insulation. [2] The crater is not exposed to the surface. They're observed in the night sky as shooting stars, burning farther up in the atmosphere.

Oblique Impact Crater on Mars with ejecta butterfly We theorize that the impact occurred into a 1k to 2km thick ice sheet, which adsorbed much of the impact energy. Ames Structure in Northwest Oklahoma and Similar Features: Origin and Petroleum Production (1995 Symposium), K. S. Johnson and J. They're not terribly uncommon: "Impact craters are the most common geomorphic landform in the universe," Milstein said. The Calvin impact crater is an isolated, nearly circular subsurface structure of Late Ordovician age in southwestern Michigan. It hit about 450 million years ago, long before humans or even dinosaurs.

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