next generation action network soros

next generation action network soros

Etiam aliquam libero sit amet felis mattis, nec varius massa dapibus. “What’s good about Jewish Funds for Justice is that it sees as its role as a Jewish organization the strength of American society as a whole.”. Pres. They are going to have to develop a durable movement that could operate like the democracy movement in Hong Kong or the movements that peacefully brought down Communist rule in Eastern Europe a generation ago. A GAS STATION. In another lawsuit a Baton Rouge police officer is suing for injuries sustained during a BLM protest. “Our resistance is key in protecting the outcome of this election,” said Arisha Michelle Hatch, Executive Director of Color Of Change PAC. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. Trump’s a loser and will try to cheat, so we’re preparing. The father of the slain officer has seen enough of the Black Lives Matter protests to know that they are responsible for inciting riots and civil unrest. Phasellus eget massa quam. Enrique Zamarripa said he sued because “I want justice for my son.”. On the other hand, Alexander Soros is only a few thousand dollars behind his father in 2012 political giving. © Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “TV-Novosti”, 2005–2020. The lawsuit does not name the Next Generation Action Network which helped organize the July 7 protest or its leaders but it does list leading activists. In 2013, Mr. Soros‘ gave GSA $100,000. Phasellus porttitor metus ut dolor sagittis sollicitudin. She would rather support a group that goes out and riots and loots over the people that are going to save you from danger. Leading Democratic figures have followed suit, laying the ground for chaos and mass unrest. It’s an attempt to cause as much civil unrest as possible; but one father has finally had enough. That campaign, boosted by a viral video starring comedian Sarah Silverman, encouraged young Jews to travel to swing states in support of Obama. FBT and leaders from Protect the Results reportedly discussed their plans in secret during a Zoom virtual meeting last week, with the Daily Beast reporting how they discussed standing up to a multi-state communications arm as well as training for civil disobedience and mass public disorder. The lawsuit claimed that Johnson, the Dallas shooter, was “acting as an agent of and at and under the direction of” the defendants. The organization hopes to undertake expanded activities this year. According to Christine Letts, a senior lecturer in the practice of philanthropy and not-for-profit leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School, family foundations run the risk of growing muddled in the second generation. All rights reserved. Among them Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, Rev. And now Enrique has just filed a lawsuit claiming that both Soros and the Black Lives Matter group, specifically activist Rashad Turner, have incited people to riot. During the protests a police officer had teeth knocked out by a rock. We encourage responsible activism, and do not support using the platform to take unlawful or other improper action. Everyone who has been to school knows that gasoline is FLAMMABLE. Soros has paid protestors before and the Black Lives Matter group is nothing more than a group looking to commit crimes. © 2017 Conservative Daily Post. In 2017, DA developed a “resistance map” — a mix of anti-Trump groups it recommends its members donate to, many of which are now part of Protect the Results. “When we win in November,” says Indivisible’s IE Political Director Lucy Solomon in a video describing the group’s preparations, they intend to ensure that “Trump isn’t able to steal this election in the days afterwards.”, “On November 3rd. A massive network of George Soros-funded activists are plotting nationwide anarchy from Election Day onward if President Trump wins. While we generally do not seek to edit or actively moderate comments, our spam filter prevents most links and certain key words from being posted and the Forward reserves the right to remove comments for any reason. He covers charities and politics, and writes investigations and longform. Cras diam justo, suscipit eu purus ut, tristique posuere nisi. Patrick Zamarripa gave his life to save the people that were under attack by a rogue gunman. And there is some evidence to back this up. The Forward welcomes reader comments in order to promote thoughtful discussion on issues of importance to the Jewish community. He Has Been Funding Some Of The Protestors And Rioters Out There. Veteran's Memorial Desecrated By Protesters, Can You Help Us Find Them? Josh Nathan-Kazis is a staff writer for the Forward. Johnson had sought to join black militant group two years prior to the massacre but was turned down after a background check. George Soros’s children are stepping out of his long philanthropic and political shadow. The lawsuit does not name the Next Generation Action Network which helped organize the July 7 protest or its leaders but it does list leading activists. Defendant Black Lives Matter is in fact a violent and revolutionary criminal gang.”. As George Soros enters his 80s, the five children of the controversial Hungarian-born Jewish investor appear to be emerging from their father’s long shadow. Dallas police officer Patrick Zamarripa, 32, was on bicycle patrol July 7 this year when hundreds of people marched through downtown Dallas, protesting the recent shootings of African Americans by police. NGAN and NGAN Foundation is a 501c4 and 501c3 organization. Donald Trump must go and we must make it happen!” reads a post tweeted in August by the far-left ShutDownDC, an “organizing space” partnering with Protect the Results which plans to “rise up to confront the Trump administration’s attacks on democracy” and offers training sessions for coalition members to prepare to take “direct action.”. He served three tours in Iraq, he protected his country, and he protected everybody. Because that is really what a peaceful group does right? His big March super PAC check was made out to the Jewish Council for Education and Research, the group behind 2008’s Great Schlep. “I identify very strongly as being Jewish, but my Jewish identity is wrapped up in universal values of social justice,” the younger Soros told The Wall Street Journal in September. George Soros, whose role in inciting and fostering unrest in America, is named, along with Black Lives Matter, in a lawsuit over a murdered Dallas cop. The list of defendants also includes Malik Zulu Shabazz, leader of the New Black Panthers and George Soros, an alleged supporter of Black Lives Matter. Seeking to “protect” election results by using its millions of members, the coalition calls to “take coordinated action” and “prepare for a potential post-election crisis.” “Be prepared,” warns a video on its homepage. Johnson had sought to join black militant group two years prior to the massacre but was turned down after a background check. Several Officers Were Injured trying To Secure The Scenes Of Burning Vehicles, Thanks BLM. Claiming that, for years, “Trump has sought to undermine our elections again and again,” Elridge stated, “We would mobilize, take to the streets, put pressure on state and local election officials [to make clear that] the U.S. people are not going to let Donald Trump steal this election.”, Ryan Thomas, a senior spokesperson for Stand Up America, told Newsweek that “Trump poses an existential threat to our democracy and is already working to undermine the election.”. This website uses cookies. Enrique Zamarripa is the father of one of the slain officers in the Dallas shootings. Black Lives Matter Leader Sued By Baton Rogue Cop The broad coalition is calling itself “Protect the Results” (PTR) and it's made up of more than 80 advocacy groups and grassroots organizations. And he gave up his life doing that. While we generally do not seek to edit or actively moderate comments, our spam filter prevents most links and certain key words from being posted and the Forward reserves the right to remove comments for any reason. Next Generation Action Network 1808 S. Good Latimer Expressway Dallas, TX 75226 1-800-521-8220 “That’s the only way he’ll win this one, too […]”, DEFENDING OUR ELECTIONDonald Trump only won the 2016 election by cheating. George Soros, ranked by Forbes as the 22nd wealthiest person in the world, is among the most prolific philanthropists in the United States. The father of the Dallas police officer who was killed by a lone gunman during a Black Lives Matter protest is suing the organization’s activists and George Soros for $550 million. But of course the Black Lives Matter group has gotten some support from the Democrats as well. Nunc scelerisque accumsan sem. But this group has proven time and time again that they are going to do nothing more than incite riots and create damages. But Alexander Soros’s major gift may point to a generational shift in the philanthropic and political efforts of the Soros family. The mother of Zamarripa has distanced herself, and the foundation under her son’s name, from the lawsuit. “And a lot of the time, parents conflate these two things.”. Robert Soros is a board member of an OSF-affiliated group. Read RT Privacy policy to find out more. Activists are reportedly training, organizing, and planning to mobilize millions of Americans in preparation for a situation where President Trump would “contest the election results,” refuse to concede, or claim an early victory. Zuckerberg Denies Facebook Spread ‘Fake News’ To Tilt Election, ‘Inconsolable’ Hillary Blames FBI Director For Election Loss, Copyright © 2020 The People's Voice, Inc. All rights reserved | News Punch, Rudy Giuliani Says “The Democratic Party Has Plans For Joe Biden”, Rush Limbaugh: Trump Base ‘Fed Up’ With The Left’s Attacks On The President & The Country, Amish Create Their Own Horse and Buggy Trump Train, Dead Registered Democrats Caught Voting In New York City, Election Records Show, ‘Largest Political Wager Ever Made’: Mystery British Gambler Bets $5Million on Trump Election Win, on Mass Spraying Of Mosquitoes Linked To Increase Of Autism, on Halloween is Christmas for Satanists, Illuminati (Video), on TEPCO Hid Radioactive Leak At Fukushima For Almost A Year, on ISIS Hackers Take Down Syria War Monitor Site, on Saudi Arabia Executes 47 People Including Top Shiite Cleric, on Obama administration ‘blocking’ information from the press, on ‘Shellshock’ Bash bug threatens millions of computer systems worldwide, on Low Self-Esteem? If the fire wasn’t put out right away there could have been some serious damage done. “We will mobilize to safeguard black people from the chaos and pain that will inevitably ensue should Trump choose to disregard reality in November.”. Ken Moore of the Collective Black People’s Movement told The Daily Beast had been asked to look into Johnson by an unidentified black activist group. “I appreciate their creativity in finding ways to engage younger voters using new media,” Soros said of his gift to JCER in a statement to the Forward. Additionally, several prominent figures have expressed fears of Trump seizing power if the elections resulted in a loss for him, claiming that he is already prepping the ground for a de facto coup. It has been discovered that George Soros, the liberal billionaire, has been funding some of these protests and making them violent. Other Soros-funded coalition groups include MoveOn, Women’s March, the Working Families Party, and the Center for Popular Democracy, a network with over 50 local partners in 32 states, among many others. The group has told their followers “that there is a civil war between blacks and law enforcement, thereby calling for immediate violence and severe bodily injuy or death.”, Enrique did have a comment about this. “The distinction is between whether the founder… actually wants their children to steward their legacy, meaning the parents’ legacy, or whether they want them to become philanthropists,” Letts said. “Trump is already laying the groundwork by declaring the result rigged, so we are sounding the alarm now,” said Sean Eldridge, president of Stand Up America and co-founder of Protect the Results.

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