princess sophia ship dog

princess sophia ship dog

The rescuers again had to move to shelter as winds picked up to gale force. October 24 1918, 11 AM: Sophia high on the reef. Contests and offers from our advertising partners. None of those lists appear to have ever been complete. english@rcinet.caPosted: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 12:50 But it’s only now, 100 years later, that commemoration is beginning. Amidst the celebration, the wreck of the Princess Sophia was forced out of mind. Pugh had survived several previous steamship groundings in his time in Alaska, but this time none of the 350 passengers and crew survived when the Princess Sophia went down on Oct. 25, 1918. “Back then, folks would move back and forth across the border and had a level of kinship that was quite remarkable,” said Coates. Even then, he was researching something else and came across a newspaper headline about the shipwreck. The French connection: How studying in France fundamentally... Glacier Community Media © Copyright 2013-, Three dead, one wounded near Qualicum Beach; targeted killing suspected, More than $3 million bet in B.C. Required fields are marked *. Although the ship sank in American waters, it is considered the worst maritime disaster in British Columbia. The driving winds pushed the Sophia off course in the channel and drove it firmly onto the reef in the early hours of the 24th. Nobody on board survived, save one pet dog who swam to shore. All that remained on the morning of Oct 26th was the ship’s foremast Photographer is standing on the reef, amid calm waters, a remarkable change from mere hours before. The Eagle Lodge will take care of my remains. This list is unofficial and likely incomplete, but may prove helpful for locating a missing ancestor. Boats from Alaska and B.C. Reluctantly in the face of the situation, Cedar turned back, finding its own shelter with difficulty. “People from Alaska would come down in the winter to live in Vancouver or Washington, Oregon or California. She remained stuck for 40 hours, enough time for rescue boats to arrive. The wreck and sinking of the steamship Princess Sophia exactly a century ago has been called Alaska’s worst maritime tragedy. Eric Akis: Three-cheese chicken lasagna with mushrooms and spinach, Eric Akis: Is it a pumpkin or a squash? I am writing this my dear girl while the boat is in grave danger. But stormy conditions and high tides made it too risky to abandon ship. If you have difficulty finding it once it is downloaded, unless you have directed it otherwise, it goes to your default download file. Coates himself, despite a boyhood in the Yukon, a long interest in history, and many hours in libraries and archives, didn’t learn about the Princess Sophia until he was a third-year undergraduate at the University of British Columbia. Slightly off course in bad weather, she was going full steam, rode up onto the rock and stuck fast. Rescue boat crews chose to return to port and come back the following day, the 26th, when weather was expected to improve. Find out what's happening in your community. Vanderbilt Reef in the middle of the Lynn Canal, making a narrow fjord, even trickier with potential high winds and tricky tides and currents. The Maritime Museum of B.C. A lifeboat is lowered to allow inspection of the hull. Although the ship sank in American waters, it was a Canadian ship and carried many passengers from the Yukon, so is considered the worst maritime disaster in Alaskan , Yukon, and British Columbia history. But in the meantime, the Princess Sophia was lifted off the reef and sank, leaving no survivors. “For me it was as though all the ghosts on the ship were waving and telling me it was OK for me to be there,” said Smith. and the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

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