sauna stove pipe

sauna stove pipe

Traditionally stoves don't have damper plates on them, only boilers. Mikka provides a better “seal” between heater and outside. So I looked at what floor plans i could find on the web and for dimensional lumber reason I decided on 4'x8' and settled on a shed roof that would be 7ft on the high end and 6ft 4 on the short end. I searched the web and found a few things but nothing really helpful for building a finish style  wood burning sauna. Note:  Instead of brick, some use metal stud & cement board for a non-combustible surface. I am getting into woodworking its becoming  my after work hobby and this was the largest project i have done and still have a few things ill get to at some point. I really wanted to have this be a legit sauna and cedar was the wood of choice. So I winged it at times but at the end of the day the sucker works as intended. Solidly built and durable for years of trouble-free enjoyment. I sold my wife on the low cost, but we ended up going way overboard and changed the entire scope of the project. Products The “Original” Nippa Sauna Stove This is where it all began back in 1930…a few add-ons have been crafted over the years to assist those that do not have hot or cold water on … Compatible with all models of Harvia wood burning sauna heaters. Sauna has been up and running for 4 months now and gets used about twice a week. Does anyone know of a carbon monoxide monitor that is suitable for a sauna? Wood stoves construction of heavy gauge steel plate with heavy duty cast iron grate. Unit 2 Concord, ON L4K 1H7 Canada. Prices & Currency Differ for USA & Canada. I live in NW Ohio and I may be able to use same source. The tank had been used but was empty so I Took off the fitting with a little elbow grease and let it air out for an hour. Check it out here: Find Owner's Manual you are looking for here: $499.00 $699.00 thanks m. Looks good! The wind also plays a big role in the draft and a slight breeze seems to be best for the quickest hottest fires. NIPPA Building quality wood burning sauna stoves,room heaters, and furnacessince 1930. The wider brick open provides good access. which fit like a glove because it follows the curve of the tank. Most of them can't be used in a heated or humid environment. Mikka 6 / 60 (with water tank) For outside feed, Mikka sauna is placed tight to brick opening. Hope this helps! 10 is 10 too many, none of whom would have died had they had a suitable CO moniotor. and its pronounced SOuna not SAWNA but i still slip from time to time if you arnt a yooper it takes time. Easily fits standard 6” stove pipe ; All models can be installed flush to non-combustible wall for outside feeding ; Effective water heating on models with water tank; Mikka 2 /20. To save $ I cut 2x4's in half and the frame was built one wall at a time. It was a good move, and basically repeated the same process and built some legs and  a larger door than before and cut up the old stove to use as a baffle for the new one. You (and your commenters) have brought up several good points to consider for the project. Lack of damper plates is because it allows sauna to dry after use. This is preferred to a "long neck" wood burner where you are expected to brick around the neck. SAUNA WOODBURNING STOVE HARVIA M3 KIT – Harvia M3 + Chimney Harvia WHP1500+ Sauna Stones ., Reply Oldest saunas(Savusauna = Smoke sauna) don't have chimneys at all just small holes in wall and you'll first carry benches out and heat ton of stones. And never really was hot enough for my liking. Instead of telling everyone how sauna smart and experienced you are, why not just explain why you feel a carbon monoxide monitor is unnecessary for a sauna. i was planning lumber of some sort outside, cedar or pine inside? This protects the stove from the most intense heat. Well it was looking like a sauna and technically did work but It would take 2-3 hours to reach temps of 150 degrees. If you’re looking for a durable, well constructed, approved to UL #1482 by PFS Laboratory, and efficient woodburning sauna stove, our Kuuma meets your needs.The unique front to back burn, baffled and brick lined combustion chamber and precise air control system yield great results for the avid sauna taker. I also found a local guy with a tractor powered sawmill who had white pine for cheep. The Sauna has been up and running for over a year now and been used about ~70 times. Step 1 was complete I had a fire box that seemed to be working pretty good and i was able to do it weld free. But I found a place with a resaw bandsaw that had 5x5x8ft western red cedar blocks that ran $18 per and could get them re sawn to any thickness If this gets you nowhere, disassemble the black stove pipe just above the sauna stove and clean out that area. If you live in the country and dont have major zoning/building code issues to overcome this is a totally doable project. I chose not to ship lap these boards and just lay them on top of each other and use an air nailer to make this step a little faster. I went to the hardware store and purchased 8ft of 6" single wall stove pipe. Brick is easier to access and repair should the need arise. Reply on Introduction. I used alot of scraps from other projects to build this and spent about $325 in supplies. Hey man! Find a window repair co. and ask about getting a piece of tempered glass( it will be more expensive, but won't crack as it is fired to give it a harder glass). Over the summer it didn't get used weekly but now that fall is here it is Sauna season!! you wouldn't take the risk, hence never having a CO monitor. I ripped each board in half and was left a variety from 4.5 to 7.5" wide. I made a cage for the rocks using steel shelving. Hi, just a note on the window. I use a kitchen thermometer to gauge temp and that hangs 6" off the ceiling on the high side of the sauna hit 175 today. Then it got tossed in the fire pit and burned for an hour to remove any traces of propane and the nasty additive that I believe is poisonous. I put on a section or 2 i believe of stove pipe and balanced it while i tested the baffle until i was happy. I also used a section of the old tank where the door was cut and turned that into my rock holding tray. I attached a spring to the door and wall to keep it closed and that heat in!

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