scream stu macher quotes

scream stu macher quotes

You might as well come out to investigate a strange noise or something. You are so cool. It certainly fucked you up. Phone Voice: Turn on the patio lights...again. Besides, if it gets too complicated, you lose your target audience. A year later, they attack Casey Becker and Steve Orth in the middle of the night. What's your motive? Get up! Huh? Scream Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Stu is the fun-loving boyfriend of supporting character, Tatum Riley. Stu: Peer pressure, I'm far too sensitive. Sidney Prescott: [answering the phone] Tatum, just get in the car--. Can you handle that... Blondie? You die! Reporter: Sidney, how does it feel to be almost brutally butchered? [shakes the Jiffy Pop]. Why did you kill my mother? You've seen one too many movies! Casey Becker: Listen, it was Jason! Casey Becker: [sobbing] Please don't hurt him. Are you calling from work? And last, you can never, ever, ever under any circumstances say "I'll be right back," 'Cause you won't be back. He aids Billy in the killings apparently for no real reason, except for "peer pressure." It's all one big movie. I mean, did Norman Bates have a motive? Phone Voice: To see what your insides look like. Gale Weathers screams, but Sidney shoots Billy in the head, killing him instantly. Leave us alone! Stu: See it's a fun game Sidney. Stu is the accomplice to Billy Loomis, assisting Billy in multiple murders including that of Maureen Prescott, Sidney's mother. [hangs up]. You lost. Sidney Prescott: Thanks, Dewey, but with my luck I'd get Tori Spelling. Where are they? The short mention of this can be heard here: Billy: It's called subtlety, Stu. You wouldn't believe how easy he was to frame. How does it feel? Well I don't really belive in motives Sid, I mean did Norman Bates have a motive? Tatum Riley (present)Casey Becker (former) You'll see what kind of game. Sidney Prescott: Uh-huh, okay. What are you gonna tell them? Billy and Stu begin to stab each other to make themselves look like the victims of their scapegoat. Follow. Reblog. Unfollow. Phone Voice: You have to have a favorite. Very simple. Phone Voice: The question isn't "Who am I?". Girl in Bathroom: Think about it... her mothers death leaves her disturbed and hostile in a cruel and inhumane world. Like Casey and Stu once did, she also watches movies with Stu on their downtime and violates the rules of surviving a horror movie. Your mother sure didn't. Stu Macher: Peer pressure. She never showed her tits 'til she went legits. You should look it up sometime. Casey Becker: I lied! The next day at school, the gang sits together around a fountain and talk about the two deaths from the previous night. Casey Becker: Listen. Where are you? Randy: Second, you can never drink or do drugs. "I'll send you a copy--"— Bam! Stu Macher - Peer presure. Randy Meeks: [looking at Billy's supposedly dead body] Careful. Same stuff they used for pigs' blood in Carrie. Phone Voice: What's your favorite scary movie? Casey Becker: Why do you want to know my name? Deputy Dewey Riley: [disapprovingly; to Sidney] Where'd you learn to punch like that? Casey Becker: Um, Halloween. This is the moment when the supposedly dead killer comes back to life, for one last scare. [Dewey quickly goes to police car; Tatum comforts Sidney]. Casey!! . You might as well come out to investigate a strange noise or ... Reporter: Sidney, how does it feel to be almost brutally butchered? Matthew Lillard Stu: I will totally protect you. [hangs up, goes to kitchen; phone rings again; Casey picks it up] Hello? Bitch went down. Phone Voice: Then you should know Jason's mother, Mrs. Voorhees, was the original killer! Ohhhhh, God! [Casey hangs up]. 3. Tatum Riley: God, I loved it. Or at least a good porno. Casey Becker: No, it's not! No! The idea was canceled after the Columbine High School massacre broke out three weeks before filiming was supposed to begin. With the murders and all, it's like right out of a horror movie or something. Just leave us alone. Web. A very simple formula! You know I don't watch that shit. [Sidney bites Stu's wrist, and he screams in pain.] Stu Macher: I can't, Billy. Randy: The police are always off track with this shit! Casey Becker [unplugs television] [sobbing] Please don't do this. It was fun. We truly appreciate your support. "When do we see Jamie Lee's breasts? Deputy Dewey Riley: You guys just stay here. Stu was referenced many times in the fourth installment. What am I doing? No, it's not. I'll see you in the kitchen with a knife. Randy Meeks: Breasts? I'm gonna get the car. [pulls out knife] You know, the one with the guy in the white mask who walks around and stalks baby-sitters.

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