siege megatron gun mode

siege megatron gun mode

So Siege Megatron is a tank. [Transformers A TO R video review] - Duration: 15:25. Even more shocked how I like it way more than I expected. If you like GEEWUN then pick up this figure. When I first saw the reveal of Siege Megatron, honestly, I thought he looked good, but I had Toyworld Hegemon and MMC Megatron, so I just didn't think my collection needed another G1 inspired Megatron. But I hate cel shaded stuff, so I'll never get it, There is a second Walmart exclusive of Megatron which is in a silver deco for the WFC Netflix Series, because he just looks like Blitzwing trying to look like Megatron, you can plug Laserbeak on his arm which looks really cool, also, before Christmas 2019, some targets are having a sale on Transformers, which I know somehow they are going to do for Earthrise. He came out in Late December 2018 but didn't hit saturation until about February 2019. Titans Return's fusion cannon didn't look great. But I just don't know if I want another sword for Megatron that doesn't resemble anything he's used in any continuity. Honestly, Hasbro is going to have to do something really special to get me to buy another G1 inspired Megatron. It looks good with him, but it isn't an offical add on. Follow me on Instagram at … Please click here for review. For complexity, I give him a 5.25 out of 10 and for fun, a 7 out of 10. Here we go! I think the only two Megatrons I don't have are Combiner Wars Megatron (because he's way too big) and Titans Return Megatron (because he just looks like Blitzwing trying to look like Megatron). A somewhat Cybertronian or Futuristic tank. It feels like since Armada, another acceptable alternate mode for Megatron is a tank. Megatron is as good as a mainline figure can get. His secondary weapon (see below) turns into the cannon of the tank. Structure Hardness and hit points. Transformation isn't hard at all, but it is very fun. It is a purple sword. He also comes with a secondary weapon (which can plug into the fusion cannon) which is another kind of cannon. I can't express how great he is. This is an amazing figure, I love Siege Megatron. Megatron comes with his traditional fusion cannon which is removable. You can transform it to be a sword. Siege plunges fans into the epic fight to survive on the final day of the Autobot and Decepticon battle to control Cybertron. I give him 9.5 out of 10, There was a Generations Select Arctic Megatron based on an unreleased figure from G2. So the choice is, give Megatron a weird looking Nerf Gun mode (like Classics Megatron), or come up with a different idea all together.

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