staedtler pigment liner vs micron

staedtler pigment liner vs micron

You should be able to find many of the fineliners mentioned at and Utrecht Art Supplies (USA). Personally, I rarely use watercolours and fineliners together, but I am aware that a lot of artists do. So keep your hands off the paper or be prepared to deal with smudges. Those sharpie pens surprised me with how decent they were. How I mourn thee. Staedtler’s Pigment Liner is said to rival the Sakura Pigma Micron in a lot of ways, but the Pigment Liner’s tip is slightly longer. There was some smudging with the Uni-Pin Fineliner which made the yellow look a little dirty but compared to the Stabilo Point 88 this was miniscule. If you want a super fine tip or a range of tip sizes, start with the Sakura Pigma Microns. Staedtler Pigment Liners ($3.30 each): Available in five tip sizes, black ink only. I tested a few of the colored ink variations but, to be honest, I almost never reach for them on a day-to-day basis. Id like to invest in the colored Copic Multiliner SP set but I can’t really justify spending in the triple digits, even if it is refillable. The India ink is also what you’d expect—smudge-proof, acid-free, and water-resistant. Again, I found the plastic edge where the lid sits to be uncomfortable, but this is something that does come down to the user rather than an overall problem. I’ve found the 0.1 nib size holds up much better over time. Four of the fineliner brands that I’m reviewing come in colours other than black. I found that it does have a slight resistance on the paper and can feel a little scratchy when sketching quickly. For example this link has 4 black or assorted colors:, Also this back of 12 pens (10 colors) of Fine Sharpie Pens can be hard to find in the stores, at least around me: - Ink takes a while to dry when layered on For this test we are looking at how black the ink is. Of course as one draws with ink more often, tastes will become more refined and specialized fountain pens might be in order. Perhaps due to the negative experience I’ve had with the more costly Multiliner SP series. Pens That Disappointed The .05 mm is one of the most popular and is best suited to those with light hands. They are based upon my personal experiences, requirements and expectations.

I’m after the thinnest available alcohol based fineliner or something like Sakura Pigma Micron but smaller, one that doesn’t bleed and is definitely alcohol based. Mike. 6. I would recommend using a finer nib. There is a slight grain but it’s mostly smooth and most fineliner pens take to this paper well (they’re not scratchy). Many drawing pens have interchangeable tips, but you won’t have to fuss with all that if you opt for Tombow’s Dual Brush Pens. The price point is a bit lower possibly because its been around for a long time. The lid has a clip and a little window where you can see the nib. I’ve been using all of these to draw as well as write and the waterproof qualities mean I can add watercolor, markers or paint to my drawings without losing the pen marks.

I sold my Faber and Copic pens, as I found the Faber ones to to feather out and the Copic pens had very sharp nibs that tended to grab the paper more than Sakura and Staedtlers. + Transparent window on pen cap helps with identifying right size - Pen clip can slide off cap easily. + Works well with markers As I said before, I’m using a cartridge paper so the results may vary on different paper, but I was really impressed by how black the Stabilo Point 88 pen was considering it is the cheapest in the range. This pen also has a clip on the lid and the barrel has a glossy finish. Pigment Liner technical pen by Staedtler is a quality, disposable pen with indelible, lightfast and waterproof pigment ink.. Nib sizes: 12 According to Staedtler, these technical pens can be left uncapped for at least 12 hours without drying.

The grey Faber Castell stands out for its distinct grip area compared to the rest of the fine-liner pens. + Robust build, feels solid in the hand, The refills are super easy and a decent price. Feather resistance water and alcohol I have some Staedtlers and they are not waterproof – I rather like the bleeding that occurs when adding water!:). Fineliner pens are normally disposable and are a much cheaper options than technical pens. Immediately after, I rubbed my finger over it.

A fraction of a moment lingering leads to a noticeable bleed. Heavy users of fine-liners, like me, often end up having piles of plastic tubes lying around after the ink has run out. The chassis is a nice, shiny black but could get slippery in your hands. Learn more about our review process. This could be due to the textured barrel. for me a very important topic is refillability. If you’re new to using fine-liners, I hope this article did help inform you of the options you have out there. + Works well with markers Prismacolor premier Illustration pens are ok as well. Find out all about fineliners pens here.

If you’re just starting out with pigment/felt-tip pens, I’d recommend starting with the Sharpie Pen. Kathy Drawing pens were once solely the domain of engineers and architects, but that changed when illustrators, cartoonists, and other artists discovered them, too. Submitted by Tina on February 17, 2020 - 5:39pm. The Winsor & Newton Black Fineliner is another fineliner pen that I’ve had some experience with before. You have a choice between five different tips.

Copic multiliners come in the SP variety which are refillable AND you can replace the nibs too.

lol. Tried and true. Met ons systeem maak je eenvoudig een professionele webshop, zonder HTML of codeer kennis. Window - Uni-Pin Fineliners and Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils By Sophie Knight. The Copic pens did better than some brands in the same price range. Submitted by Sheryl on October 3, 2017 - 5:30am. Initial costs for a set of Fine-liner pens beats the more expensive Isograph/Rapidograph technical pen sets and makes it very attractive to switch. +Smooth flowing + Nice, clean black ink when dry (Overgenomen door Bruynzeel) Wat ons betreft zijn de Staedtler en de Bruynzeel zeer aan elkaar gewaagd. I was quite surprised how every pen did fade slightly in this test. They are still a really good product in my opinion and plenty of fellow illustrators still swear by it if they have to go back to a fine-liner. Most of these are permanent fineliners, but I did use the eraser quite soon after drawing so maybe the ink hadn’t had enough time to completely dry. The 03 Micron is actually 0.35mm. Just discovered and found this very thorough review to be well-written and comprehensive. Sometimes really dark areas of a drawing or sketch can really bring it to life.

You might wish to create a smudge in one area whilst avoiding smudges in another. You have your choice of various tip sizes and colors, and the ink is of good quality and won’t fade. Which fineliners are your favourite? Submitted by Riley on June 16, 2020 - 3:21am. If you want to go full rainbow your best choice is going to be the Stabilo Point 88 Fineliners, with a whopping 25 colours. The Staedtler only come in one sized tip which for me is an issue, but the colors are fun. Then again like most of the pens on this review, price dictates quality. Pigma microns ,you should bear in mind are thicker than their stated thickness compared to other pens because they are talking about the tip width & not the line width they actually give. Most of these fineliners are the use-and-throw type. One issue that I did have with this fineliner was the plastic edge where the lid sits. The right kinds of paper should be used however. The Uni-Pin Fineliner is a good all-rounder pen but it’s not the only fineliner pen out there. Submitted by Melinda Brooks on May 19, 2019 - 5:01pm.

The whole reason I am looking at different pens is that there seems to be a pretty serious decline in quality of the Microns lately - the last batch I got leaked, and the last few batches seem to dry up faster.

It’s not the best option for professional work as the ink may fade in direct sunlight, but great for general doodling and bullet journaling.

This is by far the best performance for the money IMHO. The best fineliner to use with alcohol-based Markers like the Winsor & Newton ProMarker and Copic Ciao, is the Pentel Pointliner. It really does feel nice on the paper as the ink is very smooth and flows effortlessly. Three of the pens that I’m reviewing do have a finer nib (The Winsor & Newton Fineliner, the Sakura Pigma Micron Pen and the Stabilo Point 88).

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