stasis game walkthrough

stasis game walkthrough

Go back to the cloning vats.There is an electricity pole and a generator on the right side. Pick up Cayne Corporation lighter from the broken cigarette vending machine. Pick up the liquid nitrogen canister. A frozen body falls out of the refridgerator and you can pick up an eyeball from the frozen body. Use the crowbar grappling hook on the dead body in the middle of the cloning vat to reel it on the platform you are standing on. Take the extracted personal data tag from the tray on the left (you need to click on it twice). You come to the medical area safely and exit the specimen transport. Use syringe on mixture to get a full hypodermic syringe. Now use the plasma cutter on the refrigerator. Look at the switchboard to see you need to provide a 3 symbol destination. You will fall through the drain and end up in an area full of dangerous acid.You are hanging from a ledge, so first drop down to the walkway. After you give her the emergency flare, a short cutscene will follow. Reading the entries on the computer will provide useful information about the security situation, but the most important thing is to choose "Product storage security", and change the status of the Maintenance door from locked to unlocked. If you don't remember them or didn't take notes, go back and review them. Use your portable defibrillator on the spilled water when the robot is nearby to deactivate it. Back out from the computer and break the emergency glass box on the wall, then pick up a glass shard. If you try to go through the insect swarm, the insects will kill you, so the first thing that needs to be done is to get rid of the insects. Examine the bed locker of the unoccupied sleeping cot and pick up linen bed sheet. Pick up pool cue. Go through the empty corridor and exit left. Interact with the blood stained glass three times to break it. During the final confrontation with Dr Malan, try to shoot him or stay inactive, in both cases Dr Malan will shoot you. What needs to be picked up is blood and tissue, which is all that remains from the crew who was here. Obviously the point of adventure games is to try figure out the puzzles - but if you are terribly stuck (or need a hint) then head over here: Use this on yourself 2 times A Hole in My Head. However, when you do that, the entire area is starting get flooded with some kind of gas, and you will lose consciousness. For the last three you need to just first put them to some random settings, and then push the lower sewage level button on the console to see if they work. Examine all the exhibits here as well A History Lesson, then keep going left 2 more times. Use the plasma cutter on these. wait for the dialog and cutscenes to finish and you will be in the next area, -> DOOR LOCKED DUE TO ATMOSPHERIC CONTROL OVERRIDE, remember this sequence or at least 2/3 of it since you have to enter it in the next room, enter the code for the [MEDICAL BAY] that you remembered earlier, repeat this until all nodes are popped off, if you are slow then you have to do it again or remember the order, wait for the red smily face to appear over the, after this scene you will automatically run to the, wait for the robot to get on the water then, walk around this room until you hear a loud noise. That may change the way you interpret some events that will follow. You can't use the door from this side either, but you can access the entertainment facilities.There are a few things to do and pick up in this room. Why Are There Methane Tanks under the Crew Quarters. Instead, use the acid-filled glove on the left metal grating and crawl through. The following havoc will cause Dr Malan to fall through the opening on the floor, but you will also get seriously injured. Take the power cell housing key from the inventory and repeat the same steps as before to get another power cell. In case you want to know know which button does what before trying, here are the actions: the first button opens up the back of your plug suit with a laser beam, the next button under it moves two robotic arms onto your back, the third one makes the robotic arms pull the plug suit to the side, the fourth one will again be a laser beam this time making a painful incision on your flesh, the fifth one makes some needles briefly appear, the sixth one is again robotic arms this time pulling your flesh to the side exposing your spinal cord, and the seventh and last one will make a cut that will expose the PDT in the spinal cord.The next thing you need to do is to operate the surgical equipment so that it will remove the PDT. Read the 2 PDAs on the dead crew members here. This time, quickly continue to the top left, avoiding the robot. First, go to the lower left of the screen to find a pool table and pool cue. In the middle of the screen is a dead body in hazmat suit, go there and interact with and a glove will appear on the floor right in front of the body. From top to bottom these should be set as follows: Click the tick button at the bottom and you will briefly meet another survivor. There are also graphical presentations of body parts to show which part of the body the formula needs to be applied to. Head to the end of the corridor again and use your severed hand on the biometric terminal, then go through to the morgue. Use Jukka Cola vending machine four times. There are two computer terminals in this room. In case you can't interpret the clues, or despite your best efforts nothing seems to happen, here are the correct combinations - numbers indicate the dosage and number of dots for the chemical formula: When the fate of the other survivor is known, you can again interact with the environment. Take the vaporized queen pheromone from the inventory and throw it into the fast spinning fan. Each stasis pod has a computer display, that is showing a chemical formula. Head right along the corridor with the ceiling fans, then continue through the Product Storage room and the next room with discarded equipment to reach the infirmary. You will come to an abandoned tram station with inoperative trams and graffitis on the wall. Your task as a player is to gather as many supplies as possible along the way to the concrete underground shelter that … This is another room in the area that creates oxygen, there is a body engulfed in vines on the floor. These can get you killed, if you make any wrong moves, but you will be returned to a moment before the conversation by the autosave feature should that happen. Blood and tissue are spread on the wall, right from the PDA and up from the bloodstains. Now use the stasis pod chip on the broken terminal and it will work again. There is an emergency glass box right next to a huge display that is providing public information about security lockdowns. There is only one thing that needs to be done here, go past a certain point to trigger an event that will enable the story to continue. The other door to the right is locked, as indicated by the red light. Use the sink now and the room will flood. The same colour codes will be used for all doors in the game. Stasis walkthrough . If you studied the pump station diagram earlier, you noticed that the lights were lit for the raised level and under the lights there were graphical presentations painted on the wall indicating correct valve settings. Head to the bottom left to a room with lots of cages and walk around until there is a loud noise. Keep on going to the right. When you get everything correct and push the button a short non-interactive sequence will follow to show what happens. Try to select "Recharge Tram" but the charging system is inactive. Use bandage with the sink and then use the sink to have the water running and flowing over. You can safely move when you are in the accessways to the birthing laboratory or mutagen laboratory. Use this on the organic receptacle. You have only few seconds between each button, the beeping that you hear will first become more fast-paced to indicate urgency, and if you don't do anything, you will die just like you will die pushing a wrong button. Now use this on the power distribution box to the bottom left and the door will start to malfunction. Now you can walk normally and run by double-clicking.After using the syringe you will see a drug-induced flashback.When your mind returns to present time, go back to the breaker box. Back out and climb into the container, and you will be taken to your next destination. Now you are in a room which has access to security area and crew room. Use the high temperature slug gun on yourself 2 times Slug Gun Fun. Use the wet dirty towel on the furnace. Enter the tram to see that it has no power. The first time you will get a can of Jukka Cola which will go to the inventory. The turret on the left will be destroyed and an exposed duct will be on its place, while the turret on the right will remain still active. During that time you will have a radio conversation with Te'ah giving you some background information. The third and last one is the most challenging to describe, but it has vertical lines which don't reach all the way to the top or the bottom, there is only one shape like that, all the other shapes that have vertical lines touch either the top or the bottom. Examine the loose panel on the side of the powered down loaded, then use the eyeball on it, followed by the power cell. Not all inventory items work for suicides, and even the ones that do may need a special environment. Open the tram station B door without venting the atmosphere. Walking in the sewer is a bit slow, as the resistive force of the water prevents running. The hotspot for machine parts.Now you will talk with Te'ah, and a revelation follows, she is not on your side after all. Return to the previous room and use these on the toolbox, then search it to get jumper cables. Pick up the glove that falls down, and use this on the small stream of acid falling down on the right. All suicides work in the same way. If you want to see the entire area, click on top, left of the bloody handprints when the pointer has the eye icon. There will be a cutscene showing Dr Malan taking you some place. Climb up the grating and you will come to the entertainment block that had a locked door earlier. Both are accessible, to have the fastest way to solve the game go first to the service lobby 2, to have the puzzles in the more logical order, go to the service lobby 1 and explore everything there. When you have done this, go through the door.You are in what looks like a madman's laboratory, but you need to pick up one item from here. Exit the entertainment block and go two screens back to the place where you first entered the sewers.This time keep going right in the sewers. This part of the walkthrough contains some screenshots with graphical violent content. Now avoid the machine guns and use the cola vending machine to get a can.

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