the pillow book fanfiction

the pillow book fanfiction

He used her as a pillow, it was only fair to return the favor. ", Feng Jiu said in a softer voice, "To make a good sword scabbard within 15 days is already a fixed deal, it is no point worrying anymore. To repay this debt/pursue her love, she worked as a maid in his palace for 400 years, changed into an ordinary fox to be his pet and even became a human to follow him when he reincarnated as a human for experience. What's more vital is how many rooms we should prepare for the little fox babies? Depending on the feedback I receive, I may decide to turn this into an actual story. Who was he in the book? Hi little peach, I saw the drama and felt so dissapointed at the ending, I absolutely loved the couple of feng jiu and Dijun, but they didn't end up together in the drama, do they end up together in the book? I'm sorry to be unfair to you for awhile, don't be angry at me for this."

It looks like I'm destined to have Third Prince's porcelain. ", They had just reached the palace entrance, Lian Song Jun raised his fan and laughed, "Even though the bet is equal, but thinking of your situation, it is better if I win." She stroke Dijun's face and said softly and guiltily, " I will definitely quickly convince my grandmother and father and bring you back to QingQiu. For example, the Tao Zhu Sword in her hands, this was personally crafted by her Aunt at her own Weapon Coronation.

However, from ancient times, it has always been humans wishing a lot, the Heavens not granting. They were smart enough to stay quiet and not tease them about it, lest they find out first hand just how devastating and one-sided Glynda's semblance can be.

No matter where he placed it, Dijun would say it was not right. Being the headmistress of one of Remnant's most prestigious huntsman academies was tiring work. Even though the Kingdom of Qingqiu did not have as many ceremonies and rules as JiuChongTian, there were still important ceremonies. Are u sure? She was laying on her side, propped up on her elbow while reading a book. Thank you!!!! What a beautiful chapter! 15 days, 15 days. Glynda remembered her first reaction to the predicament: she threw Jaune into a wall and used her semblance to force choke him. It wasn't hard to see the tiredness in his eyes and hear it in his voice. Feng Jiu just finished a yawn, "But..." Dijun already blew the candle. Dijun's face was covered with a book and he did not say a word for a long time. Dijun gave him an appreciative look and nodded his head, "Yes, moving a bit is also good.

", The Weapon Coronation. I don't plan on translating the Pillow Book since Hamster is doing a phenomenal job, but I've decided to translate Chapter 18 since I've been re-reading it every day (heh). Lian Song Jun saw the dejected expression on Feng Jiu's face and expressed his concern. She then lightly patted Dijun's head. ", After being busy for ten plus days, Feng Jiu reflected that she had neglected Dijun and wanted to speak to him properly. The only thing left was the decoration at the top of the scabbard.

On the third day, Feng Jiu was moved to the small yard, and realised what Dijun was doing at the yard. As for the drama, I heard a different production studio bought the rights for the Pillow Book but it seems unlikely they'll cast the same people or even produce it at all :(, I really like the story of QQ & YH , also FJ &DJ but were I can find the whole pillow book translate? The Crown Prince Ye Hua smiled at her, her Aunt did not even blink, and said, "Ah, it's Feng Jiu. But my previous drawing did not include the bedroom for you and the small fox babies, so I wanted to do a new drawing for Migu (one of the deity helpers) to build. ", Her eyes immediately rose with hope, Ye Hua changed to another brush, "Luckily you came back earlier, if you came back seven or eight days later, you won't even get to sleep.". She was too busy to realise then, but now that she remembered she gulped. The hope in Feng Jiu's eyes flickered, then, vanished. There's still 15 days - just sleep 2 or 3 hours less and you will be prepared. Donghua and Fengjui are such a cute couple! She felt really bad and made sure he knew she was sorry about that. Can someone explain when did they wed? The author would like to thank you for your continued support. He placed one white piece, "I told Feng Jiu to ask you to help her make the sword scabbard, but she said her own matters is for herself to do, she cannot rely on you and become a vegetable. I was so disappointed at the drama's ending too. "What do you want me to do?". There are two volumes of the book. Feng Jiu said, "Third Prince is exaggerating, no matter what, Dijun won't be like that..." They leisurely chatted and entered the palace. Further, Dijun would not want me to be a useless person that only relied on him. *The girl ends up with a guy but it's mixed if you ship the wrong guy. But then the celestial from nuwa came and said they were married at the qingqiu ceremony? A small grin appeared on her face as she crawled up and curled up next to him, laying her head against his chest. Whenever she wanted to sleep, she just gathered the six pointed curtains and it became a bedroom.

can i have the link of pillow book from hamster why do not they author publish her book in english instead??? After staying up for so many days, aren't you tired?

And, after retrieving Ye Qingti's soul, she will go visit her Goddess Grandmother, this is the third thing.

She must as well try her best! Hi!

Feng Jiu was touched by Lian Song Jun's concern and explained the responsibility of her Weapon Coronation. The feeling of him in this position between her legs wasn't uncomfortable either, it was actually quite nice. This blog will be dedicated to Chinese novels ("C-novels"). ", Dijun said, "If how many rooms built will be how many fox babies born, one is enough. You don't have to change the plan, you can give my room to them. Coincidentally, she met Lian Song Jun (Third Heavenly Prince) and they walked together. The Weapon Coronation was fixed on 18 February.

However, one, Donghua Dijun is not from a great family (I found this hilarious since Donghua Dijun is one of. Thank you for that! mil bendiciones. Like in Aunt's house, there is only Little Dough. Feng Jiu begged Si Ming to change their fate,but he didn't have the power over fates of immortals.

When she was about to sleep again, she heard Dijun who had just awaken, "I remembered that you had already painted finish - why are you still painting this late? He was, in his incomparable grace, painting, her Aunt was reading a book and her cousin Little Dough was sleeping soundly in her Aunt's embrace. Isn't not using him at this critical moment to waste a gift from heaven?" Ten days quickly pass, and the scabbard was about to be finished. STORY All viewers please come into The Pillow Book C-Drama erasing everything that you knew about their love story from 10 Miles of Peach Blossom C-Drama because much of that was made up. It's not the same. I've been dreamily re-reading Chapter 18 of Three Lives Three Worlds, the Pillow Book again and again! But, who would have thought, she didn't think anything of the fact that you would not help her. She made a perfect box and exquisite flower designs on the scabbard. She carefully and slowly carried him to her bed and gently set him down. Donghua Dijun (Di Jun is literally translated as King Emperor) is one of the 5 Great Gods, he used to be the Heavenly Emperor. ", At first, Zhong Lin Excellency could not understand, this position was placed outside of the Red Sandalwood Tree's protection, away from the being able to appreciate the flower fields, why would Dijun like this position? This chapter comes at the later part of the book, after Donghua Dijun saves Feng Jiu from Aranya's Dream - basically, a dream landscape where Feng Jiu got trapped when she was trying to steal a special fruit which will allow her to give a heavenly body to a mortal soul she owes a debt to. I originally thought she was just saying formal niceties - girls like to be pampered after all. So, chapter 18 is full of love, because Donghua Dijun and Feng Jiu's love is finally mutual! Suddenly, Feng Jiu's eyes lit up as if she thought of something, "How about we make a bet on whether Dijun will volunteer to help me? How many rooms should we build? Feng Jiu had worked hard for fourteen days and night, finally at 5 am on 18 February, she has completed the scabbard. I plan to stay in the Bamboo building for about a thousand and eight hundred years, so we must carefully plan how many rooms to build. That was not where she thought that was going. They do end up together in the book and it's so cute I definitely recommend it. It also provides a love antidote to all the angst in the earlier parts! Zhong Lin carried the chess table and changed a few directions. Just to see the sweet fox princess smile instead of crying? Was he even a mortal at that time, not his shadow soul, but in an actual trial? He feared she'd never give up her obsession over the Dijun. For example, the Weapon Coronation. She did, and then Jaune walked up and lifted one of her legs up.

This is because he had learnt that they actually had no fate, but because of something in Aranya's Dream, they started to have a weak, very weak, thread of destiny together. ", Song Hua smiled good naturedly, "I didn't drink wine, but I made a bet." Yes, this is my favourite chapter of book 2 because it's so simple and whimsical - as if Dijun and Feng Jiu are finally having the romance they truly deserve!!! Would he be able to guard his heart?

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