txt fandom color

txt fandom color

Thanks for this list! The Boyz fandom name is The B, is short for ‘The Boyz’ Vitamin’. Topp Dogg: ToppKlass / – , Golden Child just now release the name of the fandom, it is Goldenness, For Golden Child’s fandom name, “Goldenness” They released it not too long ago Btw, hi to my co-Goldenness, I noticed that you forgot to put some of the colours for some groups and artists: 1 on the Billboard Emerging Artists, World Albums, and World Digital Song Sales chart and debuted at No. there’s no difference? ZE:A: ZE:A STYLE (the fans call themselves ZE:A’S) / Pearl Gold, Note: Please don’t copy-paste the content of this page to other sites/places on the web. Sliver Gray ARMY Kang Daniel: DANITY / – NU'EST • MCND: GEM / – This library serves two purposes: It provides a list of the most important colors on the current page, so you can easily adapt your addon's appearance to the host wiki's color scheme. Jimin Park: BabyJ / – I forgot to mention, you all missed SPEED off of here and their fandom is DEEPS! its not babyz. Thanks for the comment. It is also responsible for the logo design.[10]. Eric Nam fanbase is NamNation.No “official” color yet but his early unofficial lightsticks were blue. and their color was lilac breeze (pantone 15-3720 TPG) and aqua sky (pantone 14-4811 TPX), @humairasaras:disqus JBJ official fandom name is Fantasy and official colours are #787FFF and #FFF787 , Light’s fandom colour is still dark grey, same as when we were still b2uty ^^, Nu’est’s colors are ‘Deep Teal’ (HEX: 00313C) and ‘Vivid Pink’ (HEX: E31C79), please add (sorry for my bad english), I wish ARMY will have an official color soon!!! thy announced their fan color officially? FAVORITE: Dear / – Listen to TXT Latest Comeback, 5시 53분의 하늘에서 발견한 너와 나 (Blue Hour), Homme • Now, its YellKies ( YellowKies ). ONEWE: WEVE / – Red Velvet:  ReVeluv / Pastel Coral UNB: UNME (sounds like “You and Me”) / – 24U’s official colors are Glitter Gold and Yellow Gold, please update it! ARGON: Arang / – Miss A: Say A / – And Monsta X – Mon bebe’s Colours are black and Light Pink(: PERFECTION – 24K: 24U: Glitter Gold and Yellow Gold. JYJ: – (JYJ fans still use the Cassiopea fandom name (DBSK/TVXQ’s fandom name)) / Pearl Red BTW, B.A.P as a whole call their fandon Babyz not just Baby! I didn’t see VROMANCE on here. Thank you for the comment! And could you add Holland to the list? Saturday: Sunday / Energy Yellow, Cerise Pink, and Royal Purple If we forgot someone, feel free to drop us a comment. MOMOLAND: Merry-Go-Round / – 140 on the Billboard 200 chart for the first time, making them the fastest K-Pop group to appear in the charts and highest-charting debut album by any male K-pop group. As Melted is one of the greatest Kpop songs ever and they self produce, I think they should get a mention. Here you can also discuss the members, shippings and share your views/opinions with other TXT fans like you. , After School’s official color is Pearl Metal Periwinkle. My Day N.Flying: N.Fia (a combination of the words “N.Flying” and “Utopia”) / – If you would like to add appropriate contents to a new separate page, feel free to create a new page! official colour ; none, I’m a very proud Army, Monbebe, Once, Carat, Vip, Ikonic, Blink, Reveluv, Exo-L, Universe, Shawol, Buddy, I GOT7, NCTzen, ELF, Starlight, Wannable and InnerCircle And also i love (G)I-DLE, but they dont have a fandom name yet‍♀️❤️, Kim chungha already have a fandom, it named Byulharang. The official fan colors for GFriend has been updated with Cloud Dancer (Pantone 11-4201), Scuba Blue (Pantone 16-4725), and Ultra Violet (Pantone 18-3838). 2. TVXQ: Cassiopeia / Pearl Red Rainz: Rainzer / Lilac Breeze and Aqua Sky I would’ve added photos but I don’t know if it is possible here. Akdong Musician fandom is Still Young. TXT Members Profile: TXT Facts, TXT Ideal Type TXT (투모로우바이투게더), also known as TOMORROW X TOGETHER, is a 5-member boy group under BigHit Entertainment. They weren't too inspired picking this name! This site uses cookies to guarantee its high functionality. Or if you would like to share something exclusive with us, write your own blog! Please help us by creating or editing any of our articles! 3. , IN2IT’s Fandom is IN2U https://twitter.com/IN2ITSINGAPORE/status/931480850239143936 Jung Sewoon: LUCKY (Haengwoon) / Pantone 531, Pantone 134, and White silver sparkle Thank you for the heads up, it has been added! , @garrickollivander:disqus I’m not hung up on it. IU: Uaena (You love me) / Neon/Lime Green It’s not really official, but every ARMYs understand ‘I/we purple you’. Pantone 16-4725 Scuba Blue ^_^. (the fans call names “White Angels”) / White , not sure which one it was. ONF: Fuse / – They have been added! , sechskies fandom name has changed! chungha’s fandom name is byulharang/byeolharang! FIESTAR: Let⭐s / – UNI.T: WOO U / – Sorry for the late reply, and thanks a lot for the heads up! @disqus_SRyIFpS5JF:disqus (they spelled it the first way on her official instagram but that’s the other way of romanizing). Their Fandom name is HIgh and I dont think they have a color yet, @honeydewykins:disqus Poll: Who Owned ATEEZ’s ‘The Black Cat Nero’ Performance. Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet In April 2019, TXT announced its first-ever tour, a six-show debut showcase in most major U.S. markets, including New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Orlando, and Atlanta. Poll: Which Songs Released in September 2020 were your Favorites? On January 19, it was announced that the group would be making their Japanese television debut with first-ever appearance at on TV Asahi’s Music Station, where they would be performing the Japanese version of "Run Away", making TXT the first Korean artist to perform on the show for 2020. @p101boys:disqus On November 27, 2018, it was reported that Big Hit had plans to debut a five-member boy group at the beginning of 2019, being the first group to debut in six years, since BTS' debut in 2013. Girls’ Generation (SNSD): S♥NE (So-One) / Pastel Rose Pink You need to fix that! - TXT (투모로우바이투게더), T TIME Where is the MOA? The greatest way to start off is to join our community. Or perhaps this is an assumed fandom name like Exotics was for EXO before they officially named the EXO-L’s. High4: High5 / – Thanks! monsta x’s fandom name, monbebe meaning: mon is my in french and bebe is baby, so it means my baby (monbebe), and extra info: monsta x means: mon in french is my, sta represents star and x is the unknown. omg SF9 comes up with hologram color?????? the fans are called BBs c: i don’t believe they have a color yet, though, Actually A1ST (BP RaNia & RaNia fandom) stands for “Asia NO.1 , Team & RANIA Supporters”, It was confirmed by their former manager on his Instagram. Korean Name Girlkind: Fanforce / Mint Green What fandom do you belong to? Jessica Jung: Golden Stars / Gold Her fan club name is “MIN,US”, which symbolizes the meanings “Hyo, m in us” in English and “We rest in Hyomin” in Korean. T-Ara: QUEEN’S (Korea) & Sweet Treasure (Japan) / Pearl Ivory And I was never aware F(x) had MeU as an announced official fandom name! their fandom name is Fineapple~, “The name “LEGO” is taken from the familiar phrase “Let’s Go” as EXID is hoping to create many memories and keep moving forward together with their fans.”, @silvermiley:disqus VIXX: ST☆RLIGHT (Starlight) / Navy and Shining Gold I think A Pink color is now Strawberry Pink. ONEUS: To Moon / Earth (PANTONE 7691 C, PANTONE 7724 C), Moon (PANTONE P 10-1 C), and White Glittering Space no colour though, @disqus_M7S12ZVdRN:disqus Could you add Sunmis Fandom name and colors? Thanks for the heads up! , 100%: PERFECTION / Crystal Seas, Starlight Blue, and Cloud FT Island: Primadonna / Sunshine Yellow and Black Dreamcatcher: InSomnia / PANTONE Black 6 C, PANTONE 7623 C and PANTONE P 10-6 C Gugudan: Dan-jjakn (Dear Friend) / – NOIR: Lumiere / – Thanks for the info, it’s really appreciated! Fan club name is A+ and balloon color is Pearl Chocolate. He doesn’t have a fandom color yet, though! Red Velvet fandom color: Coral Pink, Superjunior and Seventeen proud to be CaratElf . uhmmmm you forgot to include akmuuuu [ akdong musicians ] ; fandom name – aunts / uncles f(x): MeU / Pearl Light Periwinkle AOA: Elvis /  – which means like my star, the unknown. And it provides a bunch of functions for manipulating colors, so you can build your own color scheme on top of the host wiki's color scheme Note: This library is meant to be used by JavaScript developers. We added VAV’s fandom name, thanks for the heads up! Cosmic Latte EXO-L is DIA’s and KNK’s fan club name legit? Bulldok: Hotdok /  – Baek Yerin BLUEs / – VARSITY: UNION / Niagara, Amethyst Orchid and Silver glitter [9], The name of the group was derived from "PLUS X", a Korean creative agency company that has recently been gaining recognition over their design project of the BTS Youth League. S♡ne was never Pearl Pink but they are Pastel Rose Pink.

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