what would you do if you could travel into the past essay

what would you do if you could travel into the past essay

I’d go back a couple weeks to set my alarm earlier so I wouldn’t be on the waiting list for some awesome workshops coming up at the World Domination Summit! I’m 24 now. If I would instead jump into being myself in that time, I’d just act more confident and make the others see they can’t bully me that easy. It depends if I could switch back time more than once or not. I’d love to see my daughter and her kids and grandkids in the future. I would enjoy this year again with the fall of the “Mauer” at Berlin. With no Hitler, maybe another megalomaniac with better strategic skills would have arisen. My life: Go back to 2006 and instead of going to college, take a year off and travel solo around the world. I would have: Started swimming earlier. The only thing I would love to re-do, are the beautiful travels I made along the way. I’d love to go back in time and visit Abkhazia in the Caucasus. I saw more of the bad side with employees, the pressure to succeed was evident when sales didn’t meet his expectations. I would relive wonderful moments/days we traveled to Hanoi, VietNam to bring home our adopted baby boy. I remember the last time I saw my grandmother, I was trying to make up for an entire childhood of not caring what she had to say and adult years of not being around, and get some of her version of her experiences in the world. You know, soakin’ it up in a hot tub with my soul mate.”, Even though I love me some Uncle Rico I try not to live in the past. They lived their life and faced their death so differently and they taught me so much. I would have risked it all, as my ancestors did, to see something as spectacular as a New World. Go back in time and find out first hand what life was like in the trenches or in one of the great BC empires like Egypt or Greece. Comfortable in knowing that I couldn’t actually change the events that occurred (such as Dad and Grandpa being killed by a drunk driver when I was only 16), I would invest the time and effort into absorbing what time I had with certain people. i was 12 when JFK was assassinated, 15 when MLK was and followed a few months later by RFK, right in my city, a few blocks away from my home. then i’d come back to the present, comforted by the knowledge that my current trajectory is exactly what it needs to be, so that i can continue to take ownership of the present, just like i am now. Back in The Age of Exploration – the period in which sailors from Portugal set off to in search of India – travellers like Vasco de Gama and Bartholomeu Diaz had absolutely no idea of what they would encounter along the way. The past matters; but not that much. If I could get back, I’d go back and see experience the first few weeks of the first performances of Much Ado About Nothing. That younger version of me is who I would want to time travel to meet and know. Being rejected twice? We’re naot starving by any means, but it’s been stressful. As we look back over time, we see how the pieces fall into place. i would go back to when i was 16 at school and in the uk we pick our path in life and choose subjects ( options) and i would drop all the useless subjects that i only did to get qualifications.. history, geography, and i would take the subjects that i actually enjoyed… Drama, Art, music… then maybe my life would have turned out different… instead of re-inventing myself at 40yrs old and following the path i should of when i was young!! Gotta learn the lessons for yourself. I found your blog using msn. He was killed in Iraq by an IED four years ago. No doubt in my mind. This post is now closed for comments—we’ll have another reader forum soon. Tear down all walls! Half of the buildings in Abkhazia stand abandoned and derelict. Hello There. What Would You Do If You Could Travel Into The Past Essay, how to start the ptcas essay, essay in nature writing, formatting dialogue format dialogue essay Never regret anything because at one time, it was exactly what you wanted…. For things I’d go back and do differently, they tend to be things that happened recently. Today no money in the world could buy me 9 months off, of freedom… Time for me… I would go back to last Thursday night so I could pay my phone bill on time. Mr. Johnson had been my principle for the first 3 years of my elementary school, and he was dying of lung cancer, despite never smoking. So much of history I’d love to see for myself, so many things I could imagine doing. ” what if I…” does enter my head. I would go back in time and pay more attention. I would have a sense of purpose and confidence to pursue and realize my dreams as a young person – instead of waiting until my 30s. I’m passionate about the environment, green tea, brunch (the most beloved meal of any urban Australian), travel, books and photography. I was reunited with my birth-sibs in 1995. The biggest thing I’d tell my younger self is to not let let fear make my decisions. They peered into the distance wondering when they would see land. Mistakes give us lessons to learn. This serves me well. It was around that age that I really stopped caring and ate horrible things all the time. Maybe I wouldn’t have my son if I made one little change, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything. After a jousting accident, Henry VIII became very paranoid and unpredictable. I had one opportunity to speak with her at a family wedding in ’99. And when I visited times of struggle and suffering, I’d whisper to myself that everything will be OK. Ah I’m not sure I’d like to see my past again, the person I was then is so different to now, not necessarily in a bad way but I couldn’t resist telling her to get a f***ing grip! I have always hated it but now have the courage to become an entrepeneur. It would be a fantastic, emotion-packed moment and I would also like to add that I’d give anything to see the Hoff perform there, haha. Like alot of the other people who commented on this I don’t believe a whole lot of energy should be wasted on the past but there is one thing that I wish that I could’ve done and that is ask my Gran questions about EVERYTHING and record the entire conversation”s”. I would give higher priority to getting better grades, but more importantly I would focus on building stronger friendships with both guys and girls. You’ll probably have seen photos of it online or read all about it on Wikitravel. I am just fascinated by this huge country. Of all my ancestors, she is the one I am most curious about and would most love to spend time with. I would go back in time and do whatever it took to stop Buddy Holly from getting on that plane. Then when Hitler is out of the picture I will take over and run 3 quarters of the world.

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