when an aquarius man has a crush on you

when an aquarius man has a crush on you

I’m a cancer with an Aquarius man. He definetly wants variety and will not even admit he sees others. We weren’t as close as we were before we started this thing. lol. We have known each other for about 6 months now. So I read a few reviews and realized you gotta play with them . It seems to be working… he is starting to show a little of his vulnerable side and last night he told me he showed his mom pics of me on IG and his mom said that I was very beautiful and then he told me he thought I was beautiful as well! He taught me the value of not being a petty person and i m discovering ( 11 months into our friendship) that unemotional does not equal emotionless. When he came back around I could tell he was hurt. He asked if I hv any plans now, I sd no and I wanna meet you as I am nearby your home. He’s into the Stars the universe and just making the world a better place. That was Monday 16th March, 2020. Who ever gets the opportunity to come full circle in life, and actually end up with YOUR 1ST BOYFRIEND CRUSH IN HIGH SCHOOL haha! Mine is mr Y. He doesn’t deserve me. There was a beautiful sunset behind us. He’ll tell you! He is much younger than I am too, difficult to read and hard to trust because we need reassurance. Some points of this article is accurate and well too obvious that he likes me (in my point of view). My only advice if you can be patient enough, wait.. until you see his consistency. My name is Anna Kovach, and I’m a Relationship Astrologer. or cared for such as sending you gifts, sending a heartfelt text message or he will call more often that he normally would do with anyone else. After saying ok, there is no msg, and he never calls me. I thought we were good, beyond being incompatible as lovahs. Well if you can see the issues he has and you don’t know if it’s good for you then that’s a sign isn’t it? Numerologysign.com provides no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information found on this website. Tell him you are not a toy. If you are a emotional and clinging person it’s going to be very difficult. I’ll just simply move on. On the first day of chatting on tinder he asked me to meet at night, that’s when he gets free. It’s almost like you could say we’re best friends! Either he’s just in it for the sex or he’ll actually want the relationship too but if you don’t put your foot down and tell him that, he’s going to expect more of the same and it will never change. We met at age 50 and it was as if we had known each other before (in another lifetime?). He is hard to read at times making it especially hard to tell if he likes you! If that Aquarius man really wanted to be with you then there would be no games, no gimmicks, no running back and forth. I complimented him too.. we enjoyed our dinner and I felt like my light shined brighter next to him. Are u in Delhi? We both have very dry sense of humors but we get each other. When the Aquarius man has a crush on you he will be infatuated by every facet of your personality. and I gave him. All I’m saying is, offer him an ultimatum. Be trustworthy and loyal,, if they don’t open up to you don’t open up to them. Romance him! The secrets Anna reveals are very powerful and should be used ethically. Get to know each other and be happy. Aquarius can actually be very compatible with Scorpio…especially if their moon sign is a water sign….it make them more emotional and have water sign tendencies so a scorpio will actually have more in common with an Aquarius depending on his placements. Neither of us are big on phone communication which makes us pretty distant in that aspect, because I love my space and he loves his so it works for us. This lady even commented, “You guys are beautiful!”, as we walked hand in hand. To cancer girls, hope we are not meeting the same aqua guy? He just recently moved in with me and things are great he treats me like a wife. I’m a Virgo gal who met an Aqua man last year through friends. If it happens, it something that comes as a pleasant surprise; otherwise, I had to work these things out by myself and stick close to my girlfriends. So ive put those food pics on and he has started asking me questions y u putting those pics, y thi n y that and I said y u looking at my status and if u r looking that watever I put it shoildnt be bothering u couse u broke up with me. They will text you once you stop texting. Omg Pisces in love with an aqua for 13 years just recently he’s been around more and my bestfriend met him after 10 years she’s convinced he’saddly in love with me but won’t commit. Have your topics ready and do not be afraid to debate with your Aquarius love interest! It took me a whole year to regain my life to a reasonable degree. An Aquarius man typically has a deep love of film and the artistry of this craft. I understand him which ironic, because he’s the complicated one, I can be complicated, but he doesn’t understand me. No kissing just cuddling. If an Aquarius man has an interest in you, he will openly flirt with you. Ok honey. I’m not putting up with this. I’m a libra woman going through the samething with my aquarius baby daddy‍♀️ we’ve been together for 9 years yet still I can NEVERRRR figure this man out and that is why I’m here too smh he keeps telling me to find someone but he’s not allowing me to find anyone,he keeps coming back after an argument he gives me no time to find somebody else but yet still he keep saying it in every argument. Aquarius men will sit and ponder for hours trying to think of the answers to the questions you evaded. Don’t wait and linger. However when we are face to face the chemistry is off the charts. We fell for each other about 6 years ago or that’s atleast what I think, he tried to make a move multiple times but I believed it was only because he was on and off with his girlfriend at the time now his Wife for almost 2 years and I just acted like I wasn’t interested but somehow he knew I was into him and even tho his married now I can’t get over the feelings I have for him. Write a date down on your calendar of when you will move on if he doesn’t pick up the pace.

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