why did devante lie about cristobal

why did devante lie about cristobal

EZ's betrayal didn't seem to hurt Angel as much as his father's betrayal did. Undoubtely, there is so much story left to tell. #MayansFX @cardenasclayton @edwardjolmos pic.twitter.com/5r08pfihKq. Angel: What about me?

I never stopped loving you. He even admits he’s been coerced into taking a deal with the DEA, the same sort of deal his father entered decades ago. 8. as his house is slowly getting back to normal after it was raided, Miguel is convinced that they can stay one step ahead by working with Adelita, if they just claim the federal arrest led to nothing, 'Mayans M.C.'

Back at the casino, EZ arrives at room 237. Devante attempts to sit next to Miguel, but Miguel motions him to take a seat elsewhere.

He tells Starr that the King Lords were the closest thing he had to a family, and that they looked out for him in a way no one else could—providing the food, clothes, and protection his mother could not. Miguel and Devante’s final scene together was chilling. delivered a vital PSA here, don't lie to the drug cartel leader that you're working for.

Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. This, of course, also rules out any possibility that Angel is OG Cristobal.

I Loved Sons of Anarchy, but I'm Just Not That Into Mayans M.C. This, of course, also rules out any possibility that Angel is OG Cristobal.

4. Felipe wonders about the US Attorney and Kevin calls him off the chart weird and smart. EZ’s the only snake in the grass Angel wants to hurt, so he tosses the real rattler away. Miguel explains to Devante that Adelita’s family was hacked to pieces and that it was Father Rodrigo who gave up the family’s whereabouts. Do you think Nicole and Azan will ever get married? Devante attempts to stop Miguel from talking, and Miguel silences him. But that wasn’t the only truth we learned about Devante.


While Kimberly Ricci provides her always excellent coverage of the series (here’s her write-up of this episode), here we’re going to endeavor to look deeper into the episode and excavate some of the details viewers may have missed, callbacks to Sons of Anarchy, and posit questions explore theories about the direction the series.

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Miguel tells the club they’re basically moving from the streets to the boardroom.

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She also warns him not to make her choose. He’s not so sure he wants to talk to him and asks for an attorney. Played by American-Cuban actor Tony Plana, Devante makes his debut on the episode "Escorpión/Dzec" in the series' first season. Mayans M.C.

9. About Us | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us, 19 Needless TV Deaths That Made Us Question Everything, Watch Mayans M.C. Photo Credits: Prashant Gupta/FX; NBC, Virginia Sherwood/NBC; Netflix; Pop TV; Robert Viglasky, Hartswood Films; Fred Hayes/Disney+, Fox, PopTV; Bettina Strauss/Netflix; Nicole Rivelli/Amazon, Netflix, Frank Masi/Apple, Disney, Jasper Savage/Hulu; Diyah Pera/CW. WATCH ANYWHERE.

That might not be the only fatality of the season, though.

Later, Devante comes to Miguel as he gets news that Adelita is on her way to talk to the Diocese. Angel, clutching a beer in one hand and one of EZ’s trophies in the other, wonders if his dad thinks he has the life he’s supposed to have. Devante knowing that Miguel would likely choose family over defending the family business, lies to him regarding Miguel's brother death, telling him that he had been kidnapped by Lobo Sonora in order to force Jose to pull back, but that Jose wouldn't relent. After the heartbreaking revelations between EZ and Angel and between Felipe and Angel, He rushes off to warn Adelita that the DOJ has the rebels in their sights. My, how quickly alliances change in this show.

EZ confirms that’s true but tries to convince Angel their dad didn’t have any choice but to go along.

He told him it was because he was kidnapped, and rather than save his life at the expense of the cartel, his father let him die to send the message that the Galindo cartel does not negotiate with rebels or terrorists.

The scene between Angel and Felipe felt especially raw. Miguel confirms they’re working together to outmaneuver the DEA and other federal agencies. Miguel and Devante's final scene together was chilling. But that wasn't the only truth we learned about Devante.

Kurt Sutter has struck again, and this time he means business. “Need some more papers shredded? Walking home, EZ has a flashback to the day he met Coco (, A short time later in Serpiente/Chikchan, Miguel, Emily (, After Devante leaves the room, Miguel wonders if he’s right. They’re leaving the casino when Miguel asks Marcus to ride with Emily, promising they’ll meet back up before they hit the freeway.

Angel wanted answers that Felipe didn’t have. And Potter is one chocolate milk guzzling serpent. No records of what went down remain.

Cristobal’s medical charts from the final days of his life indicate he suffered a slow death from pneumonia. Welcome to our weekly breakdown of the minutia of Kurt Sutter and Elgin James’ Sons of Anarchy spin-off, Mayans MC. It’s pretty rich of Angel to get on his high horse about his brother selling out Galindo when he was doing the exact same thing, and it took some time before Angel divulged that information to EZ, too. #MayansFX @JDPardo pic.twitter.com/WSW9jxOizZ. Check back here each week for recaps, news and spoilers.

Mayans MC, Season 1, Episode 9, Serpiente/Chikchan Recap. Miguel says he needs to speak with Marcus as Devante tries to convince him the Galindo family means everything to him. Responding, Potter tells EZ ‘That’s a little Eye of Sauron-ish, don’t you think? Angel heads through the tunnels to see Adelita. The entirety of "Serpiente/Chikchan" was built up to Devante's demise and it was executed perfectly. Adelita picks up a machete and agrees.

Why was EZ the son Felipe cherished so much more than Angel? Mayans M.C. The Mayans, meanwhile, will be in charge of keeping the peace between the two. However, Jiminez will probably somehow end up dead because Kurt Sutter never just lets a character walk away so peacefully. The episode, titled "Serpiente/Chickchan" dealt with issues of loyalty, as Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) tells Angel (Clayton Cardenas) about EZ's (JD Pardo) deal with the DEA, and an ultimatum that could see EZ leave behind his life of crime.
Potter watches the one-sided fight from a distance.

Also, Angel’s betrayal of the club and his romantic designs on Adelita. Miguel's sudden cold shoulder to Devante seemed a little out of the blue. While all this is going down, the rebels are filling Father Rodrigo’s computer with child pornography. They don’t have to hide any longer. Hopefully, Angel will eventually be able to move past EZ’s lies, and they can rebuild the foundation they once had because their bond was the heart of Mayans M.C. "I want to create a shadow structure, a layer on top of our business, some of it real. After the meeting, Bishop assures Miguel they’ll take the matter up at the club’s table. Devante swears he can protect Miguel if he reconsiders, making sure he knows his family and his legacy are at stake.

Devante is oleaginous as the consigliere to Miguel in the Galindo Cartel — Pic credit: FX. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now.

“How do I even think straight in all of this?

When she uses the term “beautiful mind,” EZ realizes Emily knows about his deal.
Sons of Anarchy and Mayans M.C. Do I have the life I'm supposed to have? “She needs closure,” says Miguel, adding, “That is how we create the trust to make this work.”. Among the paperwork scattered around by the DEA is a folder containing Miguel’s dead brother’s medical records. Please let it be Tig, and as part of whatever favor he does for The Mayans, he gets Chucky back. That means the killer’s local. Galindo held a meeting with all of them including Alvarez and for the first time on the show, all major characters were in the same scene. As much as he’d like to help, he fears it’s out of his hands this time. season one episode nine Serpiente/Chikchan was an extended episode. EZ, Angel, and Felipe spent serpiente/chikchan opening up to each other and being honest about the secrets and feelings they have been hiding. But, they’re in. Read at your own risk!].

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Miguel and Emily disagree, aware of the rebels’ manpower. “Killing a member of law enforcement, that should come easy, EZ.” Potter taunted. It might be useful to have someone remember the details of what we say. What do I do?” asks Miguel? He also assures Devante that he now sees the big picture after clearing his head. He asks Emily’s opinion and she tells him he needs to trust his instincts. Wasn’t Angel basically doing the exact same thing for the Rebels? Bishop: Prospect, the bikes.Miguel: I'm okay if Ezekiel stays. Adelita picks up a machete and agrees. The only question now is who will sign it? But what this secret meeting’s actually about is they’re all getting new tattoos. The title of this week’s episode, ‘Serpiente/Chikchan’ is Hispanic and Mayan for snake, and let me tell you, as someone who has an Indiana Jones-like fear of snakes, I did not appreciate the scene where EZ is nearly bitten by one.

Miguel says that he now has a clear head, and Devante goes on about how he can fix the Galindo's business relationships if they just claim the federal arrest led to nothing. We know we all have one!

The only question now is who will sign it? They also come away with a much bigger stake in the proceedings; they’ve moved from drug running and into the board room.

Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Mayans, MC, Season 1, Episode 10, SEASON FINALE PREVIEW, Harry “Opie” Winston portrayed by Ryan Hurst – Sons of Anarchy, Itzam-Ye – Mayans M.C. While Devante lied about the way Cristobal died, he didn’t lie about Cristobal dying.

The truth is Miguel’s brother did die of pneumonia, something that Miguel discovered by looking through medical records. episode "Serpiente/Chikchan." Copyright 2018 PopCulture.com. Miguel also informs Devante they’re going to work with the rebels. He may have agreed to take Lincoln Potter's deal and help EZ get a clean record, but he doesn't want to see EZ in Santo Padre anymore. After Devante leaves the room, Miguel wonders if he’s right. At first, it just seemed like Miguel was over Devante's old-fashioned ways, but in reality, he found out about Devante's lie that he forced Dita to tell. Potter takes an obscene amount of pleasure blowing EZ’s cover and forcing the brothers into working as his agents. 3. Emily confronted EZ after learning about his deal from Potter. I knew you’d take care of him, you’d watch his back in the MC,” says Felipe.

Devante tells Galindo that he is against the idea.

Mrs. Galindo warned him that if he ever hurts her family and forces her to choose, she won't choose him. Felipe: “EZ could live the life he was supposed to have.”, Angel: “What about me? His name’s been removed from the door and his office has been emptied.

“My advice, Devante’s, it might help but you have to trust your instincts, Miguel. Telling both of you made sense. Way to wrap up loose ends before the season finale! You’ll know what’s right.

It turns out that Devante was also part of the hit squad that chopped Adelita's family into little pieces, and Devante was an aspiring young lieutenant who swung the sword. Cristobal’s medical charts from the final days of his life indicate he suffered a slow death from pneumonia.

But Miguel is someone who firmly stands behind the philosophy of out with the old, in with the new. I guess sometimes loyalty doesn’t pay off, sorry Devante. In the meantime, we know that Kevin is going to San Joaquin, which just happens to be in the same vicinity as Charming, the fictional town where Sons of Anarchy was set.

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